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How To Prevent Facebook From Sharing Your Personal Data

With this help of this informative blog, people will get to know how to prevent their Facebook from sharing and leaking their personal data.

By Radhika

Updated on 31-08-2022

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Being a Facebook user, it is a general thing to keep yourself aware of what kind of information you are providing to Facebook and with whom it is being shared. As per information, it was Dec. 18 when Facebook got caught in illegal deeds regarding sharing the private messages of its users with its selected partners. Therefore, here you have the downward information that will help to instruct you on how to remove third-party access to your Facebook account. 

Check The Apps You Have Connected-

Firstly, open the page to see the list of apps connected to your Facebook account. And remember, each can fetch some information if there’s one whose trustworthiness can't assure you, so try to cancel it as fast as you can. 

  • Start by clicking View and edit in an app’s box to see the permission, which you can see with the editing options. 
  • Next, you will learn about an app's permissions and edit them. Then, you can click Save to exit. 
  • Now, check the box next to an app. And then click Remove to prevent an app from connecting to your Facebook account. 
  • Afterward, click Remove to disconnect the app from your Facebook account. Moreover, check the above box if you are thinking of deleting the app's content posted to your account. 
  • Finally, click on Done, and that’s how you have finished removing an app. 

Use Incognito And Private Browsing Mode-

Another helpful trick to prevent Facebook from sharing your data is to send or share minimum trackable information to Facebook. Also, by only accessing the site via Chrome’s Incognito mode and similar private-browsing modes. Suppose you are a Mac user; while Chrome is on a PC, it is easy to access by hitting Shift+Ctrl+N. Besides, on Firefox, it is necessary to hit Shift+Ctrl+P. Furthermore, as per resources, Facebook has recently added a new extension called the Facebook Container Extension that automatically lets you open Facebook in a private browser. And remember, if you are already on Facebook, click on a non-Facebook link. Doing this will open the link in a regular tab.  

Log Out Of Facebook When You Are Not Using It-

Remember, staying logged into Facebook on your desktop browser enables Facebook to track your movements across the web. Specifically if you are not actively using Facebook. Furthermore, it might share information about your online and third-party ongoing activities.   

Use A Tracker Blocker-

Alternatively, to stay logged in without remembering a complex password, using Facebook’s two-step authentication process can prove to be time taken for you. But there's also another way to skip Facebook’s tracking arms. 

And that is a Tracker blocker, such as Disconnect and Privacy Badger. Both provide the digital wrenchers into the systems created to track your online mode. Furthermore, remember these services do not give such a facility to protect you from Facebook’s spying eyes when signing out of the service when you are not using it. 

Opt Out Of Facebook Platform Api Sharing-

Specifically, if you need or use Facebook for fun purposes like keeping up with friends and family, avoid signing into other apps and services. Moreover, switching this option makes it impossible for those programs to connect to your account. And to begin with, open the page and click Edit under Apps, Websites and Plugins. Furthermore, click to Turn Off, so you can sign out of all the websites, apps, and services connected to your Facebook account. Remember, doing this will not delete your data from those services. Therefore, it becomes necessary to reach out to them manually.       

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