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ChatGPT Vs Google Bard Vs Bing: Which AI Chatbot Gives The Best Answers?

Expand the creativity of work beyond limitations with top most AI Chatbots: ChatGPT, Bing Chat & Google Bard. For more check out what’s below and bring the best one.

By Radhika

Updated on 08-06-2023

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It takes time to make a choice when it comes to choosing between the leading AI Chatbots such as ChatGPT, Google Bard, or Bing to ease your work. But you can still make a choice if you make a comparison as per their dataset, specific task, and context. To understand choosing the best AI chatbot in a more precise manner, let’s understand the need and their specification. Undeniably, AI(Artificial Intelligence) has become an inseparable part of today’s daily work life. Moreover, it results in transforming our working style by entitling almost anyone. Via AI tools, today, people have the ability to generate or create art, write code, and make investments.

Apart from it, the people who indulge in some professions are specifically drawn towards these AI tools, such as ChatGPT. Regarding ChatGPT, it has an advanced capability of creating content on the subjects or topics given by the users. Furthermore, without making things too comprehensive, here you have the prescribed information on all the three best AI chatbots. After going through differences, it is advised to choose the one that functions best to generate text, write code, or build resumes.

Review: Bing Chat Vs. ChatGPT Vs. Google Bard

We tried our best to make you understand all three AI Chatbots by focusing on their specifications and relevance. Hence, it is advised to go through all these three if you want to make a better decision. Now, without any further delay, let’s have an eye on all these three:

Why ChatGPT? 

  • One Of The Most Popular AI Chatbot

The first and primary AI tool we have on the list is nowadays a popular one, ChatGPT. Suppose you are involved in some content-related work life. In that case, this ChatGPT AI Tool created by OpenAI can be extremely productive for you. It was released in November 2022, and as time passed, it gained 100 million users. The appearance of around 1.8 billion users only on its site on a monthly basis remarks it's worth. There was a time when it came into controversy due to its over potential resulting in job replacement and overdoing schoolwork. 

From its release date to till yet, it has had the same user-friendly interface, but a few minor changes have been seen. For instance, adding a copy button and ease of account access makes it an improved version.    

But the downside is it is a man-made AI tool that works on the data up to 2021. Consequently, it proves to be imperfect for large language models(LLMs). Another downside is that it responds incorrectly when it comes to answering math queries.

  • Want To Try An Upgrade On Extra Bucks

You might know the basic version of OpenAI, “ChatGPT,” powered by the GPT-3.5 model, is available for free with a registered account for its users. But if you want to try the Plus version, you can opt for GPT-4 only at $20 monthly. 

GPT-4 is the largest LLM you can use compared to other AI chatbots. It has more than 100 trillion parameters; however, GPT-3.5 has over 175 billion parameters. Here, more parameters talks about the model being trained on more data. That brings the ability in it to be more answerable towards most of the questions.  

Moreover, there’s a possibility that you get most of the answers correctly to math queries using the GPT-4 model. Which you can easily obtain via a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

Why Bing Chat?

  • Looking For A Generative AI With Internet Access

The next and second one on the list is Bing Chat, which comes with a “Chat” option that works to format the search results in a conversation with an AI chatbot. The results come out whenever you have a conversation with an AI chatbot. Consequently, Bing Chat proves to be more efficient as compared to other AI tools like ChatGPT. The fact is ChatGPT’s working efficiency is limited to 2021’s information-based text-generating style. 

Another reason that makes Bing Chat specific is that it is powered by GPT-4. Which is known to be OpenAI's largest language model, available for free to access. But the downside is that the available interface to access “Bing Chat” is slightly tricky as compared to ChatGPT. However, when it comes to navigation, you will find it quite easy and smooth. Also, Bing Chat is an unavoidable option; if you are looking for more accurate and updated results.

  • Desire For More Than Sufficient Visual Features

As per the recently upgraded series to its platform, there’s an addition of visual features to Bing Chat by Microsoft. You probably might not find this series of visual features in both ChatGPT and Google Bard. Using these visual features makes you answerable to tricky and purposeful questions. Moreover, you can even ask to create an image by using Bing in chat mode. If you are craving more options in the image to choose the best one, add a tiny description to Bing. 

Remember, Bing Chat is also known for different conversational styles to opt for while interacting with the chatbot. And these are Balanced, Creative, & Precise, which bring flexibility and make the interaction even more straightforward. As per the information, Google Bard will soon welcome different LLM and some big upgrades. So, get it now; if you want to know more about what lies ahead and its accessibility.

Why Google Bard? 

  • Dive Into An Unlimited & Fast Experience

The Google Bard AI chatbots might be famous for a lot of public criticism for shortcomings in different areas. But besides the ongoing criticism, people will definitely choose to pick Google's AI chatbot if they are looking for a speedy process. Google Bard doesn’t take too long to respond to or answer queries compared to other AI tools. Especially if you see “Bing Chat” or “GPT-3.5 version of ChatGPT.” Thus, if you have any of these, change them from “Google Bard.”

Moreover, it is a little uncentered when it comes to solving math queries. It's better to throw out the idea of making it reliable for solving your math queries. Also, Google Bard welcomes its users to have unrestricted long conversations, unlike “Bing Chat.” It is so because the limitation of “Bing Chat” is restricted to 20 replies only. On the other hand, ChatGPT Plus is limited to 25 messages every three hours for its users.

  • Want To Add 'Google' Essence While Using

The best thing related to “Google Bard” is that it is related to Google. Consequently, it adds the advantages or benefits of Google, including AI updates and plans to boost Bard and its search engine. Recently, Google has updated Bard to PaLM 2, which is the largest version of Google's LLM. After upgrading “Google Bard” to PaLM 2, users can take support of 100 plus languages. Plus, give huge improvement to its debugging, coding, and math skills. Moreover, it has become competitive with other Al Chatbots available in the market, as ChatGPT now supports 80-plus languages. 

Like “Bing Chat,” Google is also planning to add more visual elements to its Bard platform. Hence, users can gain the ability to upload photos via an integration with Google Lens. Furthermore, it can easily upload image generation using either Kayak, Adobe Firefly, Instacart, OpenTable, or Wolfram Alpha plugins. However, these changes are still in process and possibly can be live within the upcoming few months.

Bottom Line: 

You will find ChatGPT very engaging when it comes to making conversations and generating responses. On the other hand, Google Bard works to improve search engine capabilities by understanding context. Last we have is Bing, a search engine; it provides information and search results from web pages. Hoping for the best outcomes is unjustified, as it depends on the given task and context. So it's better to switch to one which stands out on your needs and requirements.

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