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Basics Of Computer Networking: Internet, World Wide Web, Intranet, & Extranet

We know the Internet, World Wide Web, Intranet, & Extranet are well known in the world of Computer & Internet. Let’s know more about them from the scratch.

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Updated on 16-03-2023

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Living in the current digital world makes the computer & Internet an undetachable part of our life. Thus, the numerous requirements for Computer & Internet make internet computer prices consistently exceed. The fact behind this is the immense usage of networking variants such as the internet, World Wide Web, Intranet, and Extranet all the time globally. Moreover, as we already know, hundreds of millions worldwide spend a big chunk of their net worth on internet computer prices. And by spending bucks like this on Computer & Internet services, they keep themselves connected with the outer world. 

So they can read their favorite blogs, enjoy watching videos and keep themselves in touch with family and friends via chatting. Plus, enjoy online shopping to buy and sell things and even run their businesses. Furthermore, your laptops, desktops, smartphones, smartwatches, and even smart televisions are the destinations for these networking services. If you want to navigate and collect some more information on the Internet, World Wide Web, Intranet, and Extranet their functionality, let's begin with the downward information. 

What Is The Internet?

The first one is the Internet, also known as the Net, which is the easiest way to interconnect computer networks. By using internet connectivity, your and other devices can easily connect to the networks. Moreover, owning the internet lets you use many networks, such as business, government, and private networks of various sizes. To accelerate the internet services on your device, you can use ethernet cables, optical fiber cables, and wireless technologies for connecting. 

As per the information, network technologies have improved a lot in the sector of internet speed and reliability of communication over the past few years. If you recall the old days, people could only communicate and share information with each other once and unless the internet service was introduced. But today, computer & Internet services connect billions of desktops, mobile devices, laptops, and other electronic devices with each other. 

And even let people seamlessly access information and communicate with each other without experiencing any issues due to their distant geographical location. And that’s how, today, via high-speed internet, it is possible to communicate and share information in the form of data transfer, emails, video conferencing, etc.

What Is The World Wide Web?

If you don’t know, the web server is the very first component of a basic worldwide web model. Besides, the World Wide Web is a computer design that is used to store and share information. You can find the World Wide Web always connected to the Internet. Moreover, it becomes extremely helpful for people who are in tune with jobs like making websites, as it provides them space on web servers from companies called web hosts who own those web servers. 

After owning a webspace on web servers, it lets you fill in the information, even if it is linked together in an organized way. Doing so will let people on the web access and understand it easily. Keep in mind that the information stored on the webspace or website is written in HTML and Javascript web languages. Thus, the web browser on our device converts all of the codes on the website into images, words, and videos. So we can easily get information without having any need to learn the computer language. 

Don’t forget about the DNS, which is an important element of the world wide web. Apart from this, using a domain such as lets us access resources over the Computer & Internet. In a nutshell, you can consider DNS as a user-friendly phone book of the Internet. Using this, you can translate the domain names to IP addresses, enabling the web browser to load the correct resource. In one line, there’s no meaning to owning the World Wide Web, similar to the Internet. 

If you are new to it, then you must know that you have to pay an internet service provider (ISP) to gain access to the Internet. Don’t worry if you don’t know about ISP, as it is a hosting company that provides rent web space. And even it acts like a registrar to store our web address. Considering ISP as a service provider can be a big mistake. Compared to the internet computer price, owning web space on the World Wide Web is a little cheaper.

What Is An Intranet?

The term “Intranet" might be something new to you. But if you see its usage, then you may consider it similar to the other Computer & Internet service providers. However, an intranet is a private network that is usually created and controlled by an organization. Moreover, they primarily focus on the aim of helping employees to access company resources securely. Have you ever heard about the Local Area Network (LAN)? 

If yes, then you must be aware that an intranet is part of an organization's internal Local Area Network (LAN). That lets access to it be restricted to authorized users only via a combination of username-password. Intranets are driven by IP protocol and File Transfer Protocol (FTP). And owns a minimum of one web server to provide its users access to corporate resources.

What Is Extranet?

Another lesser-known term is an “extranet," which is similar to an intranet in many ways. One of the major ones is that it is also created and controlled by a single organization. But unlike intranet, it allows limited access to its entities outside the organization. Moreover, it is responsible for offering a way for organizations to provide partners, customers, and vendors access to specific company resources. And these companies can be catalogs or training materials oriented. You may be familiar with wide area networks (WAN). If not, you must know that Extranets are usually created using WAN technology. Furthermore, when it comes to accessing it, you will find it restricted through authentication mechanisms. And we use it on a daily basis while using the Computer & Internet services, and these are username-passwords.   

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