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Structuring A Link Building Campaign

Start with the best link building campaign and SEO strategy for greater results. Read here and know how to bring more web traffic.

By Himanshi Gupta

Updated on 24-03-2022

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From the first two chapters of this series, you must have realized various link-building techniques. Moreover, different link-building campaigns impact your website differently. Some will affect your website majorly, and some will only benefit it slightly. However, as we have mentioned earlier, there could be even a negative impact if you choose the wrong link building campaign. Furthermore, you have to plan many things when you are creating the strategy for your link building techniques and flow. Please remember that good link building techniques take time and show results for the long term. Hence, you won't get the success of the results overnight, and you will reach your target slowly but steadily. Thus, in this blog, you'll receive all the significant factors and elements you must think about while strategizing.

Set An Objective

Like any goal in your life, you must also set a goal for this strategy. Therefore, before you actually start with your link building campaign, you must be patient and develop a realistic goal for yourself. Moreover, to up your chances of reaching your target, you must create a marketing strategy and wait patiently for results. In addition to this, you must realize that your overall goal with this campaign is to make your business a success. Thus, you will only be able to do that when you keep that in mind while building links. On another note, you must have heard of the term "Quality is better than quantity," and it applies here as well. As a result, you need to follow a strategy and link building campaign in a way that has a significant impact on your business.

types of link techniques

Thus, put your priority on quality rather than quantity. For instance, your goal shouldn't be "make X number of links today." Instead, it should be "make quality links that have a positive impact on my business." Hence, this is how you increase your chance of success. Now, the problem or the downside of this plan is time. That's right! As we have mentioned, you have to be patient enough for this campaign and strategy. Additionally, building as many links as possible helps since they help with the PageRank. However, easier said than done, right? Good things take time, and so does this. Therefore, don't raise your expectations to think you will gain rankings the day you start building links. Thus, if you are fighting with a huge crowd, it's going to take you a while before you get the trophy. Hence, be patient.

Your rankings are essential since they help you generate a certain amount of traffic to your website. Moreover, you start gaining traffic only when your link building campaign is a success after the time of struggle. However, this becomes a headache when you've been doing this for a significant amount of time and still cannot get visible results. Sometimes it happens that you won't even realize, but your campaign is slowly and steadily moving towards success. In addition to this, your progress rate sometimes slows down because other activities are going on your website. Such as content being added with new keywords, different promotions or ads, improvements for optimization, technical and on-page SEO.

Therefore, your primary goal must be to positively impact your website and ultimately get traffic and an audience for your business. Since the more traffic you get, the better conversions (sales) you will get. However, keep in mind that content is king, and nothing will make a difference if your content and products aren't worth buying. Thus, ensure that once you get your target audience on your business website, they only leave after giving you sales. Moreover, your objective should be a long-term success rather than a quick one since SEO strategy doesn't produce instant results overnight. Focusing on realistic goals keeps you on a level that doesn't demotivate you. Hence, you must let people around you know about this as well.

Duration Of Link Building Campaign That Produces Better Site Rankings?

link building campaigns

Many factors depend on the time in which your website will reach that level. Again, be patient since it takes time to get a positive result from a quality link building campaign. However, the factors that affect the results are plenty, and you need to consider many things. For instance, you must know the competition within your industry, the activity of your competition websites, the difficulty of your focus keywords, the optimization and spam score of your website, and the quality of the links you're creating. Therefore, you must consider all of these before building your overall strategy for online marketing. Moreover, these elements implement that it can take a reasonable amount of time or a short amount of time to show results. Henceforth, your expectations must be aware that getting instant results is as tricky as it could be.

In addition to this, we suggest creating data with all your keywords and where you rank on those keywords before starting. And then you can see how well you're doing by checking after you've worked for some time on those keywords. Moreover, plenty of tools let you track your keywords and show you how much you've achieved in what duration. Consequently, if you keep working for improvements with focus, you will definitely see a rise in your business and results. Additionally, please remember that link building campaign alone can not help you. Therefore, instead of facing disappointment later, you must partner your link building strategy with your overall online marketing strategy. Hence, it's time to focus on the content of your website. The content with graphics, response, and social media image helps your business and marketing like no other.

seo strategy for backlinks

Henceforth, everything combined and coupled is bound to give you excellent results and build a reputation for your business out there. Staying patient, focused, and motivated will go a long way down this road. Moreover, do you remember the editorial links discussed in the second chapter of the series? If you don't alter your footsteps and keep working with the same enthusiasm keeping everything in mind, then you might get links naturally. That's right. The links you don't ask for are the best type of links you can get in the eyes of google. Therefore, if you build a website good enough for a user with good link building techniques, then you're golden! Since the more the users like your website and products, the more they will share your products with others and endorse you naturally.

Figure Out Your Catch

link building campaign

You must have a catch in your techniques that you can use to attract an audience and get links. Basically, you need to show people what you're offering to them in short but clear words and what they'll benefit from it. This will attract them towards your service and product, which will lead to you getting a link and sales from them. Moreover, every business has different products and services. Therefore, your catch will also be different where you need to figure out how to use it and bring people in with interest. For instance, it could be creative content, interesting graphics, quality products, stellar services, and much more. Thus, you need to find the catch in your business and website that can attract people to buy your service.

Moreover, there is nothing to worry about if you don't seem to have any catch or bait in your services. Think of it as a fresh start and come up with the idea to attract people to summon a huge target audience to your website and profit your business.

Types Of Links You Need To Acquire

types of link

However, we thoroughly discussed the types of links and your link-building strategy in the last chapters. But this is different. Here we are talking about the type of links that you should link to get sales and conversions. For instance - you should link to the homepage of your website, products, services, or category pages. Moreover, you should include your brand name and target focus keywords in the hyperlinks. In addition to this, you can also use your brand name as the keyword and link it to your deep link or homepage. Likewise, you could make combinations according to your need and relevance. Henceforth, you must use some legitimate tools that show proper analysis about your competitors and how they are making links. That way, you will also know where you're lacking and where you can improve.

Therefore, look for an affordable and relevant tool that can help you with keyword research, analysis, and more. Using that tool, you will see which page of your website is ranking where on which keyword. Likewise, you can check how your competitors link and which keywords they are using. Thus, you could build and improve your strategy to target your deep links( products or category page) and keywords. Next up, please wait for our next chapter in the series, which will tell you more about the linking techniques and how you can find crucial links. Till then, keep following these tactics and be patient.

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