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How To Schedule Emails In Ios 16 Mail

With the help of this information, you will able to manage scheduling emails in iOS 16 mail app in your iPhone.

By Radhika

Updated on 01-09-2022

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Now being a user, it will be easy for you to schedule emails in the iOS 16 mail app so that you can send emails in your meanwhile time. Besides, as everybody knows, possessing the ability to schedule emails in iOS is a delaying process. But still, there are many available best email apps for the iPhone that allow you to schedule when outgoing messages are sent. Moreover, here you have Apple's Mail app, which changes with iOS 16. Also, using this will let you send ‘schedule emails in iOS 16’, so messages can go out whenever you want them to.

Apart from this, sending ‘schedule emails in iOS 16’ gives you the facility regarding emails hitting the inbox related to anyone at the same time when they are checking the messages. Apart from this, you can write emails whenever the inspiration hits via sending ‘schedule emails in iOS 16’. Still, you can only send them at a more reasonable hour. Furthermore, it is easy to use the ‘schedule emails in iOS 16’, while it is not easy to find. More precisely, you can follow the downward steps to learn how to send ‘schedule emails in iOS 16’ mail so that each and every message you send arrives precisely on time.  

How Can You Schedule Emails In Ios 16 Mail?

  • Firstly, once you have composed your message in iOS 16 Mail, you need to tap and hold the Send button. Moreover, that’s the arrow located in the upper right corner by the subject line of your email. Also, make sure to hold on to that arrow, avoiding merely tapping it, as the email message can go out frequently. 
  • Next, you will see a pop-up message appearing on your screen. Now, you can opt to send the messages, whether you want them now or later. After that, a Send Later option also allows you more liberty and options while scheduling. Further, you need to tap on one of the options you will use to send ‘schedule emails in iOS 16’ later.
  • Now, you will see a calendar appearing while processing. After that, you need to tap on the date on which you would like to send the messages. Also, you can leave it on the current date if you want to send the message today.
  • Further, to select the time on which you want to schedule your email, you need to tap on the time. Also, to set the hour and minutes, you can use the rollers. Then, click on the Time Zone icon to select a specific time zone if needed. 
  • Afterward, tap on the done button once you have picked the right time. Doing this enables your message to be scheduled now. And to confirm that, go to the Mailboxes screen and tap the Send Later option to view your email queue. 
  • Finally, if you want to edit the time to schedule emails in iOS 16, click the messages and select edit. Furthermore, to delete the scheduled email, you can swipe left on the message and tap on the Delete icon. And that’s how you can schedule emails in iOS 16.   

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