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How To Fix An Apple Tv That's Not Working — And Fix Apple Tv Remote Issues Too

With the help of this productive information you can resolve the issues regarding the Apple TV remote, if it is not working.

By Radhika

Updated on 24-08-2022

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Before you jump onto the solutions on how to fix Apple TV remote issues, it would be best if you go through or know about what causes an Apple TV remote not to work. Therefore, following the complete information can help you best to see the problem right from the core. So generally, the two primary reasons behind these are a battery problem and a connection problem. 

Precisely, when it comes to the battery in the remote, it might be too weak or worn out, or maybe a few issues prevent the remote from connecting to the Apple TV.  Moreover, to fix Apple TV remote, it may need to be paired, or possibly there may be a source of interference that you may need to remove. And another reason could be that either the remote or Apple TV could have suffered a hardware failure. 

How Can You Fix Apple Tv Remote-

To fix Apple tv remote not working issues, first, plug your Apple TV into the power, then turn it ON on your TV. After that, switch it to the HDMI port your Apple TV is connected to. On the other hand, you can follow the downward steps or tricks to fix Apple TV remote and get your Apple TV working again:

  • Restart Your Apple Tv: To restart your Apple TV, first, unplug it from the power for at least six seconds, then plug it back in. Doing this will cause the Apple TV to reboot. And remember, you can check to see if the remote is working or not once your Apple TV is completely restarting. 
  • Check The Battery Level Of Your Remote: To check the battery level of your remote to fix Apple Tv remote issue. Primarily, via your iPhone or compatible third-party remote, go to the settings on your Apple TV, and navigate to Remote and Devices > Remote. Suppose the battery level is zero, then charge the remote for at least 30 minutes, or you can replace the battery. Now, remember that if it continues to show zero after charging, you can switch to a different lightning cable or USB charger. 
  • Check Whether Your iPhone Can Control Your Apple TV Or Not: To check the controllability of your iPhone over your Apple TV, whether it's functioning correctly or not. Also, doing this enables you to use the Apple TV app to control your Apple TV from the iPhone. Moreover, you can even use a compatible TV or Universal remote to control your Apple TV. Furthermore, if your Apple TV remains unresponsive after doing such things, it must have a hardware issue. 
  • Restart Your Remote: This is another trick to fix Apple TV remote, restarting your remote. And for doing this, the applicable conditions are, being a user, you must have a black or silver Siri Remote or Apple TV remote. As doing this, enables you to try to restart it. Moreover, for processing, start by pressing and holding the TV/Control center button and Volume Down for at least five seconds. Then, after releasing the buttons, you need to wait for a Connection Lost message to appear on your TV. Suppose you see a Connected notification on your TV once the remote restarts, showing it should start working again. 
  • Remove Sources Of Interference: To remove sources of interference, you can fix Apple Tv remote issues. First, make sure the Apple TV remote is connected to your Apple TV via Bluetooth so that it can avoid wireless interference. Furthermore, always remember to remove any sources of interference. Such as wireless devices, or shut them temporarily, and check to see if you can connect and use the remote.  
  • Pair The Remote: Pairing the remote is the easiest trick to fix Apple TV remote issues. And to apply it, see if your Siri Remote or Apple TV remote didn’t reconnect automatically, so you can try to pair it manually. And To do this, you need to hold the remote about three inches away from the Apple TV. And after that, press and hold back/menu + up for at least five seconds. If possible, place the remote on top of your Apple TV to accomplish the pairing process. 
  • Replace The Remote: Replacing the remote is another simplest way to fix Apple TV remote issues. Suppose you can control your Apple TV with your iPhone or a third-party remote. But, at the same time, if you cannot get the Apple TV remote to work, it might be possible that your remote may have a hardware fault. Furthermore, you can contact Apple for further assistance or replace the remote with a compatible one.

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