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Amazon SEO: How to Rank your Products on Amazon

If you are looking for upgrading your sales using Amazon SEO. Then, you're at the right place. Learn how to use Amazon SEO here.

By Shivangi Mehra

Updated on 01-03-2022

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In order to upscale the product ranking or listing, the seller should have to grasp the concept of the A9 Algorithm. Furthermore, most sellers know how to optimize your product listing righteously. Sellers also have the idea that optimizing their product listing will significantly impact their product ranking and sales. However, most sellers fail to accomplish it. Also, they do not know how to make an engaging and grasping Amazon SEO using Amazon seo strategies. Therefore, there are a lot of misconceptions about how to make a winning Amazon SEO and how it works. Hence, we are here to enlighten you about the whole concept of Amazon SEO and its A9 Algorithm. Thus, without further ado, let's start with its topics.

How Do Amazon Seo Works?

amazon seo strategy Amazon works in a very comprehensive way with algorithms. Furthermore, Amazon analyzes the search results through its Algorithm using bunches of factors. Moreover, its underlying search engine is A9, which uses various parameters to compute the relevancy of millions of products. These products are stored in its database with the search queries entered by the users.  Before diving further into how to list your product on Amazon, therefore, let's know about how Amazon SEO(search engine optimization) works. Henceforth, it usually comes under the Amazon SEO page. Also, learn about how the different categories work on the search result page, sponsored products, and search filters.
  • Amazon Result Page
Amazon's result page deals with categorizing its products in a complex way. Furthermore, when a user or buyer searches for something on Amazon, there are two sections in which the products are displayed. Therefore, the first section is the "List View," The layout type features about 15-16 products on every result page. The second section is the "Gallery View," The layout type has about 24-25 products on every result page. Thus, it is necessary to categorize the product appropriately using these filtering processes. 
  • Amazon Sponsored Products
The most fundamental category in Amazon's search results is the 'Sponsored Products.' Furthermore, the sponsored products are visible on different pages and other places. Also, sometimes, these products can be seen on top of the product page or organic results. Therefore, you have to upgrade the sponsored product listings using the right keyword bidding tactics for Amazon SEO. Henceforth, using the correct Amazon SEO strategies and PPC campaigns, you can list your product on top of the sponsored products. 
  • Amazon's Search Filters
After the above procedure, you can find filter fields on the left-hand side. Furthermore, the Amazon Algorithm has various filters like seller rating, shipment method, brand, color, product condition, etc. Moreover, Amazon has an "optimized listing" criteria. In 'optimized listing,' it is necessary to list your product categories as mentioned by Amazon. For instance, the design of algorithms is likely to detect if the product is any color, but only when you mention it in the product listing copy. It further displays the qualified product in the buyers' window. One more example is that if you are selling a white dress from ABC brand, you have to list your product's characteristics to get it on top. In this manner, your product will reach a larger audience. Therefore, 'optimized listing' plays a vital role in the SEO strategy of Amazon. However, if you fail to enhance these listings, your product will never be on top in search results. 

Know About The Amazon Search Engine Ranking

Amazon SEO, The Amazon Sales Ranking works so that when a product is generating more sales, it will rank higher in Amazon's search results. Similarly, when a product generates fewer sales, it will rank lower on Amazon's search results. Moreover, there are a few essential factors that a seller should have in mind before performing Amazon SEO and Amazon seo strategy. 
  • With the right Amazon seo strategy, your product will rank higher on Amazon SEO. Furthermore, potential buyers might check your products out because your product will get on top with the correct Amazon seo strategy. Moreover, it improves the ranking of your product and the sales. 
  • However, if you are still learning Amazon seo strategy, you can look up a guide and start with your Amazon SEO. SEO has a significant impact on your product; therefore, this is the appropriate time to start immediately. 
  • Moreover, every Amazon seller is enlightened that performing SEO strategies is the fundamental element to rank your product higher on the search results. Being on top means that the more people will see it and the more engagement will be. 

What Is Amazon's Algorithm?

A9 is Amazon's Algorithm, also known as Amazon's Product Ranking, which exhibits the result based on the queries or keywords entered in the search box. Moreover, the results shown are filled by customers' past purchases, shopping preferences, and other factors. Henceforth, now let's move further to the topic of "how does the A9 Algorithm work?" The A9 Algorithm detects and chooses what products to showcase to future buyers. Likewise, it also sees how higher those products can rank based on these criteria below:
  • Applicability to the keywords or search queries
  • Keeping an eye on prior buyers' preferences and behavior
  • Furthermore, the quantity of previous purchases 
Thus, these are the few elemental factors behind the A9 Algorithm of Amazon SEO. However, the full-functionality of the A9 Algorithm has not been discovered yet. But, it is the foundation part of Amazon SEO.

Factors That Can Assist You To Rank Your Products Higher

amazon seo strategy There are various fundamental factors through which you can rank your products higher on Amazon SEO. Therefore, let's dive into a few tips and tactics through which you can engage more buyers and increase your sales.
  • Amazon Product Title
According to Amazon seo strategies, the product title should incorporate a few things: Brand, Product, Material, Quantity, Color. Make sure to add two-three keywords, and it is the foremost step to engage more customers.
  • Amazon Product Price
To rank your content higher, you have to make sure that your product matches or tries to beat your competitors' prices. Moreover, more significant price gaps never win if you do not list luxurious products.
  • Amazon Product Image
Make sure to set up an engaging and vibrant picture of your product. Furthermore, use HD images to put up because buyers might zoom them out to have a closer look at pictures. Moreover, keep in mind that pictures tell many things, so do not compromise with images. 
  • Amazon Product Description
Describing your product authentically is crucial for ranking it higher on Amazon SEO. Furthermore, highlight the positive characteristics of the products and place the right keywords with them. Moreover, mention the features in bullet points and note the stock availability. This is because the potential customer may get an idea of when the product will be in stock, and they then check out the upcoming development and book it. Ensure that your products get positive reviews and ratings to upscale their ranking. An essential factor is putting the backend keywords in the right places. 
  • Try To Use Fba For Your Product 
Try using a professional seller account, which will further benefit your business. The seller account assists you with Amazon seo strategies to get more sales. Therefore, these are all the steps and factors which will guide you to rank your product higher in Amazon SEO. Furthermore, it increases your product's desirability and discoverability. Make sure to keep up with trends and algorithms to maintain top results. Hence, with this manual, you can learn about Amazon algorithms and rank your products on Amazon SEO.

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