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Xiaomi Has Published A List Of Devices That Are No Longer Supported

Xiaomi has published a list of devices that would no longer be updated or supported by the brand in future. Check out what's in the list.

By Dhruv Kapoor

Updated on 16-05-2022

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Xiaomi has released two lists of "dead" devices that the company will no longer maintain. Furthermore, one of the lists is Xiaomi End of Life, referring to smartphones that will no longer receive software upgrades. Such software updates include security patches, new versions of the MIUI shell, or Android OS. Moreover, this list has an extensive line of models to be banished for any future updates. You can see all the models in the list below. Redmi Go, Redmi Note 7, and Redmi Note 7 Pro are the "new" lineup to replace the existing models. .

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