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What Are The 7 Essential Software In Computer?

Now increase the productivity of your computer by installing these 7 computer software to make it work smartly and efficiently.

By Radhika

Updated on 01-02-2023

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Undeniably, Windows 10 is the popular driving force in today's computer software operating world. The reason behind it is its advanced computer software or Windows 10 software in computers. Moreover, the best thing you can conclude about software devices of computers is the downloading availability of both paid and free versions of  

the computer software. Plus, both paid and free versions are accessible for the Windows operating system. Most amazingly, the availability of free accessible computer software is higher than the paid version. It will be easy for people to choose the software that fits their requirements. Hence, here you have the list of the seven most essential software that you must have on your computer.   

What Are The 7 Essential Software In Computers? 

  • Google Chrome Browser

The very first is the Google Chrome Browser, provided by Google, which is also famous worldwide as the best freely accessible browsing software. Besides, you can easily use this computer software on devices like Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android. Amazingly, using the Google Chrome browser offers you different user-friendly extensions to fulfill your need. Also, you can avoid going out and searching for other software on the computer. Moreover, you can better understand it as a place where you can enjoy endless and glitch-free browsing. Apart from this, it can be made to customize with plugins. Also, it can easily be accessed via your google account. So that it will be an easy task for you to synchronize preferences, history, and bookmarks.

  • Microsoft Security Essentials

The next one is the Microsoft Security Essentials computer software, launched by Microsoft itself. Besides, this computer software has built-in antivirus software, which helps protect your computer from several malware and viruses. Moreover, you can use this software on a computer like Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 7. At the same time, it is not compatible with Windows 8 software devices of the computer. If you don’t know, Microsoft has recently released the latest version named Windows Defender. Not only this, Microsoft Security Essentials software provides its users with free accessibility on both personal and professional grounds. Furthermore, besides you, it is also there to monitor your activities while working on the computer, including scanning the different downloaded files and removing files that can harm your system.

  • Google Photos

Another free computer software is Google Photos, made by Google to facilitate its users with software in which they can edit and store their pictures and videos. Also, being a Google Photos software user, you can experiment differently with your images and wallpapers. Moreover, using this software on the computer allows you to use multiple tools to manage your creativity. As a result, you can make your photo or video more attractive and creative. 

  • Free Download Manager

The Free Download Manager is the fourth helpful computer software, which lets you download your favorite software very easily. If you don't know Free Download ManagerMore precisely, you can consider the as the best accessible free download manager, which is free. Not only this, you can easily access the Free Download Manager, using all the Windows versions of Windows available. It lets you download your file using a torrent if you don't know. So there will be no need to download a separate software by downloading via a torrent.

  • VLC Media Player

Now the fifth computer software is VLC Media Player, which is known to be the best free accessible media player. Amazingly, you can access it for free on different platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, etc. Moreover, you will find the availability of VLC Media Player on different digital distribution platforms. And these are Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Microsoft Store, etc. Also, you can easily use it on different file formats such as CDs, DVDs, or streaming via an internet connection. Notably, the VLC Media Player can stream the media and transcode the files. That's how VLC Media Player became popular for being the first player to support encrypted DVDs on MAC and Linux. Another reason to consider VLC the best computer software is its ability to support all media and video content. 

  • Team Viewer

The sixth one is the Teamviewer computer software, which is also available for free for all its users using the Windows Operating system. Moreover, by using this software on computers, it will be easy for you to control the other computers in order to provide them with Technical assistance. Furthermore, you can assist your friend via voice chat using this Team Viewer software.

  • CCleaner

Last but not least is the CCleaner computer, which you must have; if you are looking to download lots of software on your system. And also, if you don’t want your device to slow down, you will definitely need to switch to CCleaner software. Doing so will help you maintain the speed of your system. Moreover, the CCleaner helps in automatically removing junk, temporary files, unused, and cache files from your system. Furthermore, in order to prevent impacting your system performance and its life, it helps in clearing the bad registry files.  

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