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Top 10 Digital Marketing Blogs You Should Read in 2022

Learn new tips and tactics of digital marketing from well-known entrepreneurs. Here is a compiled list of digital marketing blogs for you.

By Shivangi Mehra

Updated on 17-02-2022

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Are you a budding entrepreneur or have a small business? Are you stuck deciding what to do and what not to do to run your online business? Therefore, do not hassle and look up to these top 10 Digital Marketing Blogs that we have brought to you. These digital marketing blogs are A1 in providing assistance and guidance to digital marketing fanatics. Those who are into digital marketing and money-making can rely on these blogs to boost their sales and revenue. Moreover, these authentic blogs will enable you to understand digital marketing and its concepts more profoundly. Also, check out SEO Strategy tips for new websites. Thus, without further ado, let’s start with digital marketing blogs you should read in 2022. 


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digital marketing blogs Quicksprout's blog is run by Neil Patel, with Ahrefs ranking 2990. Furthermore, its domain rating (DR) is 87, and Monthly Search Traffic is 160K. Moreover, Neil Patel is a well-known webpreneur who built two major SAAS viz. (Software as Service) companies like KISSMetrics and CrazyEgg. In the Quicksprout blog, you will get all digital marketing-related blogs. Beginners and small business owners can track and rely on Quicksprout for the best marketing advice.  Hence, to help build a successful business online. Besides, Neil Patel responds to each and every query and comment by the users. He teaches about the best digital marketing blogs and their uses and assists you in growing your business.


digital marketing blogs Seth Godin is an entrepreneur and more like a teacher. He runs his blog, Seth Godin Blog, which assists aspiring digital marketing students in acquiring knowledge. Furthermore, his blog is one of the prominent digital marketing blogs worldwide. He is well-known for his writing and speaking on topics about digital marketing. Moreover, he focuses on effective marketing and practices and guides the aspirants on their ideas. In addition, his book 'This is Marketing' is famous across the world. He is the founding member of two companies, which Yahoo acclaims. With his contemporary thoughts, he has created a persona of himself in the digital marketing domain and assists budding entrepreneurs. Therefore, Seth Godin Blog is hundred percent reliable for every intel on digital marketing.


mobilemonkey blogs MobileMonkey presents the best articles on digital marketing.  Also, MobileMonkey founder Larry Kim, delivers the best digital marketing blogs and campaigns. Furthermore, he teaches a few tips and tricks for aspiring entrepreneurs out there. Larry Kim provides crazy shortcuts that you can use in your campaigns to start a successful business. Moreover, the MobileMonkey blog guides you to increase your sales and revenue through digital marketing. Similarly, it assists you with the best SMS marketing hacks. It also provides you with marketing tools to learn for your small business. Henceforth, you can check this blog out if you seek digital marketing assistance online.


buffer blog Buffer Blog provides you with the most beneficial digital marketing blogs online. It has blogs on 'how to flourish small businesses and various tactics.'  Furthermore, it guides you on social media content ideas for your blogs. Moreover, various blogs present reliable content for you to learn about digital marketing. People with tech start-ups and small businesses can read their content and blogs available online to learn new ideas. From Adwords to SEO and SMO, several blogs on this site relating to your issues and how to resolve them. Therefore, now is the time to track Buffer Blog and its authentic content. 


digital marketing blogs G2's Learn Hub is an educational resource for digital marketing blogs you can find online. Furthermore, it is exclusively for users to learn about marketing, sales, and tech criteria. Moreover, you can find it globally and have catalogs of the most enriching content for digital marketing. G2's Learn Hub lets you get in-depth knowledge about marketing. It explains its key topics such as Adwords, AdSense, SMM, SEO, etc. It contains 100% authentic writers who are in the constant process of providing you with reliable blogs. Additionally, users with small businesses can look at their marketing blogs for assistance with campaigns and tools. Henceforth, track G2's Learn Hub for their upcoming digital marketing blogs. They present numerous fantastic blogs for budding entrepreneurs to learn. 


hubspot blog Hubspot blog is well-known for its informative digital marketing blogs. Furthermore, it provides details of inbound marketing and its difference from digital marketing with tools and tips. Moreover, HubSpot tells you about cost-friendly advertisements, campaigning, and marketing. Also, it enables you to check your growth daily and helps to focus on your prospects. Alongside providing you with tools and techniques, it also offers strategies to grow your small business. For instance, “The Who, What, What and How of Digital Marketing,” “How to Create a Successful Blog Strategy,” etc., helps you learn about digital marketing. Henceforth, it posts one of the most reliable  marketing blogs to guide you through your marketing journey. 


digital marketing blogs Anil Agarwal is the man behind ‘Bloggers Passion,’ an expert on blogging and search engine optimization (SEO). Furthermore, he started Bloggers Passion in 2010 and gave his expert advice on digital marketing. He allows his users to create new blogs through his page. Moreover, it has digital marketing blogs of recent trends which are also informative on tech and AI. Therefore, users interested in these fields may look on Bloggers Passion for spectacular updates. Besides, there are beginner-friendly blogs that they can rely on.  


digital marketing blogs Duct Tape Marketing is by John Jantsch, who promotes social media marketing, content marketing, etc. Through Duct Tape Marketing, John Jantsch started coaching young entrepreneurs to multiply their sales and income through their businesses. The impact of his blogs is enormous on its users because of his insights on marketing strategies and consultancy. Duct Tape Marketing guides you through the elements of a small marketing system. Therefore, it builds, trains, supports and teaches small business marketing strategies and techniques to many as possible. Hence, grab your devices and look for reliable digital marketing blogs available online. 


digital marketing blogsIf I had to start a blog from scratch, I would..” is a famous blog by Neil Patel. He is prominent among webneurs trying to spread knowledge on marketing strategies. He is making people aware of various SEO tactics and techniques from his digital marketing blogs. Beginners can rely on his blogs because he explains everything with its pros and cons step by step. Thus, check his blog out to understand everything more profoundly. Small business owners and budding entrepreneurs must track it down for more exciting updates.


Convince and Convert blog is a consultancy and social media strategy blog. Furthermore, they create strategic plans that will automatically boost your content, social, email, and website programs. Moreover, they enhance your NPS/Customer satisfaction and start conversations online and offline. The users can visit ‘Convince and Convert Blog’ to create search reports, ebooks, B2B influencer marketing programs, podcasts, and whatnot. Also, Jay Baer, renowned marketing and CX expert, runs ‘Convince and Convert.’  Therefore, if you want any of these tools, visit their blogs for interesting facts.  Therefore, with this, we sum up the search for your digital marketing blogs and how to use and run it. Check these blogs out, understand the hindsight, and implement the ideas to sky-rocket your online business. Follow What's New Dawg for the latest SEO News, How to, tech guide and mores, also keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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