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This Email Says Your Google Account Will Be Marked Inactive – Is It Real?

Google is sending out emails like this one to some users. Learn what it means, and what will happen to your Google account if you get one.

By Dhruv Kapoor

Updated on 29-04-2022

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Google account users have raised an issue that is concerning them day and night. The issue is that they have received an email stating that their account will be listed as inactive soon, potentially indicating a hacking attempt. And the concerning factor is that several Google account users use their accounts daily. Furthermore, professionals who share communication on email and have logged in on various devices are more concerned. Moreover, some are implying that this can be a mistake with Google. 

Consider if you are locked out of your Google account, or anything of importance can be exasperating and become a nightmare. After that, people rush to resolve the issue as soon as possible and contact strangers while panicking. Therefore, first, relax and avoid sulking out of helplessness. And don't contact strangers who promise to assist you in regaining access. Instead, reach out to the reputable services available and other associated resources. Similarly, if Google authorized the email, then it will help with the next. Furthermore, Google has the best customer support and helpline globally, whom you can reach for professional assistance.

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Here's The Backdrop

Phishing is a technique when an attacker threatens anyone with fraudulent tricks and deceiving information to make them share their essential data. Furthermore, this information can be any login credentials, ID & password, credit card number, or personal information. Moreover, these scams happen regularly nowadays, with people impersonating brands or corporations to obtain personal information or money from victims. Generally, these attempts take place via email, text, or social media. A recent incident occurred with the customers of Mailchimp. Unfortunately, they discovered this after the service was hacked. 

Some individuals recently reported the notice on Google's help forum. Furthermore, many quoted the sentence from the email in the help forum. "Your Google account will soon be inactive," one guy wrote. Another person stated, "what's up with Google's spam filters not catching these phishing emails." However, Google has given assurance that "an inactive account notification will not impair access to Google apps or result in any data loss." 

Use the Google Inactive Account Manager


If you are taking a break from your work life and don't want the process to lag behind your presence, use the Google Inactive Account Manager. Furthermore, if you are temporarily unavailable from your Google account, employ the Google Inactive Account Manager. You can alert your trusted contacts and grant them access to your account using this. You can specify how long your account will be inactive before Google itself disables it. Moreover, the email was by the Inactive Account Manager to the accounts approaching their inactivity date. Therefore, that email was a reminder by Google, as Google does typically send reminders. Henceforth, check your settings for Inactive Account Manager and ignore the mail if you receive one.

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