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The Best Vr Headset In 2022

In this blog you can get the relevant information on the best VR headsets introduced in 2022 from well known brands.

By Radhika

Updated on 28-10-2022

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If you are looking for the best VR headset, then knowing the best facts about the number of VR headsets can make it possible to choose your desired one. Besides, if you start from scratch, VR headsets stand for virtual reality handsets. Those are even responsible to represent the strength of today’s advanced technology. When it comes to its working efficiency, using a headset and motion tracking technology, VR takes you to a fantasy world where you can feel like you are in an actual gaming field. As per recent years' records, VR headsets are gaining popularity because of their advanced new, and compelling games. 

But at the same time, it’s still facing fluctuation in its growth due to the rapidly coming and going of VR headsets in the market. As a result, you can experience great confusion while buying one. That’s why you have some of the most preferred VR headsets by the people to unload your burden here. Last but not least, the trustable brands you can find here are Meta, Sony, HP, HTC, Valve Index, etc.      

Best VR Headset In 2022-

Here, you can end your search, whether you need a standalone VR headset or one that tethers to your PC or console. Therefore, stay tuned till the last to grab your one after knowing about their highs and lows. 

1. Meta Quest 2

Quest 2

Meta Quest 2 is the very first name that can be taken in the world of VR headsets. Relevantly, you can buy it best if you want to enjoy a standalone VR experience at least once. Besides, the Meta Quest 2, formerly known as the Oculus Quest 2, came out as an improved and original headset, this time with an affordable price range. Moreover, its reasonable price range of $300 makes it an easy choice for newbies and even experienced users. Apart from this, the best feature it offers, such as not requiring any cables while using. Also, its sharp display will breeze your eyes whenever you look at it. 

Furthermore, its powerful processor enables you to enjoy endless performance. Also, it provides an accurate motion tracking built-in feature with optional PC tethering via an accessory cable. On the other hand, the one this that can bother you is its short battery life. You can best buy Meta Quest 2 VR Headset from Amazon and Meta Quest at $399.99 and Walmart at $394.00.          

2. Sony Playstation VR

Sony VR

This Sony PlayStation can meet your expectations if you are a PlayStation Gamer. Besides, using it brings out compelling virtual reality with built-in motion control support if you use PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Moreover, the best you can fetch from this Sony PlayStation VR Headset. Includes an unforgettable VR experience with flexible working ability with non-VR apps and games. The other best things are motion control support and an affordable price range compared to other entry-level PC-based headsets. Furthermore, the downsides you will face while using, are the requirement of a PlayStation Camera, which is not even mentioned. Also, you will find it is a little less powerful compared to others. And try not to avoid using bright rooms due to some motion-tracking glitches and disturbances. Additionally, you can best buy it from Amazon at $345.58 and $269.99 from BestBuy.

3. HP Reverb G2

This time, the HP reverb G2 VR came out redesigned with a more comfortable fit and reliable experience compared to its predecessor. Besides, the two things you will find repetitive in this HP Reverb G2 VR headset are its sharp picture quality and reasonable price range. Moreover, you should go for it if you are looking for simple and Tethered VR headsets. On the other hand, the highs you can enjoy in it include its High resolution, comfortable headset, and controllers, and smooth working ability with StreamVR. 

Furthermore, the downside that can bother you, such as getting alternate glitches in camera-based tracking, seems expensive as compared to others. And also the complete dead position of Windows mixed reality as a VR platform. Additionally, you can easily get this on Amazon at $473.00 and on HP at $599.00. 

4. HTC Vive Pro 2


Your search can end here at HTC Vive Pro 2 if you are looking for a VR headset enriched with high resolution. Besides, it can work best for you if you seek an exceptional VR headset experience. Moreover, it is suggested not to mind mixing and matching components to bring the best out of them. Apart from this, its best resolution, smooth motion tracking, and flexibility to work with Valve Index controllers give you a reason to buy it. Furthermore, the downside is its expensive price range and unavailability of necessary base stations or controllers. On the other hand, you can best pick it up on Amazon at $1,399.00 and also from Lenovo at $799.00.

5. Valve Index VR Kit

VR Index

If you were waiting for a VR headset with exceptional finger-tracking controllers, then your wait is over here. It is so because the Valve Index VR Kit is the one that can provide you with this option. Moreover, the best features that can impress you apart from its finger-tracking controllers are its high 120Hz refresh rate, responsible for delivering smooth motion, and several VR software available on PC via SteamVR. Furthermore, the downsides are, first, its expensive price range, and second, it is meanwhile frustrating tethered design. Last, you can easily buy it at Amazon for $1,499.99 and on Steam for $999.00.  

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