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The Best Smart Locks In 2022

Smart Locks integrate seamlessly with your existing locks to provide additional security and peace of mind.

By Dhruv Kapoor

Updated on 23-06-2022

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Every smart home needs better and improved ways for overall security. Therefore, using smart locks, video doorbells, and other smart home devices can be beneficial. Furthermore, devices like smart locks, security cameras, video doorbells, and doorbell receivers are some primary measures for more secure homes. Also, long gone are the days of regular locks and keys. On top of that, the standard lock & key can be easily evaded. Plus, leaving home without your keys is nightmarish. Thus, a smart lock eliminates the need to fumble for your keys at the front door; simply hold your smartphone close to the lock for a hassle-free entry. However, there are numerous varieties of smart locks on the market to select from. Hence it is hard to pick which one is ideal for your home. Furthermore, from a low-key model that hides its smarts from the outside world to a more high-tech version that totally replaces the physical key with a keypad, you'll find everything. Smart locks replace the regular lock on your door and are pretty straightforward to install. Moreover, they are easy to operate; all you need is a smartphone. In addition, you can set up a voice modulation as your passcode to unlock. Therefore, we have collected some of the best smart locks you can invest in for a secure home.

The Best Smart Locks To Buy Right Now –

1. Nest x Yale Smart Lock

innovative home devices Starting the list of the best smart locks is from yours truly, Google. The Nest x Yale is a premium smart lock in the market. Furthermore, it has a clean design with a big keypad on the outside. The setup and installation are not that big of an effort, plus you can simply enter your home by submitting a code rather than a fidgeting key. Although it only works with other Nests smart home products, such as the Nest Learning Thermostat and its line of home security cameras, including Nest Cam Outdoor, the Nest x Yale lock is one of the finest smart locks.  Apart from that, there are several color finish options like Satin Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Polished Brass. Also, if your hands are busy, you can lock your door with one push of a button. Tap on the Yale logo of the smart lock to secure your entry. Specifications -
  • Dimensions: Exterior: 2.59" X 4.59" X 0.08" and Interior: 2.78" X 7.03" X 2.02"
  • Power: 4 Aa Batteries (Included)
  • Weight: 2.42lb
  • Price: $279

2. Schlage Sense Smart Lock

The Schlage Sense is one of the best smart locks if you have a lot of visitors. Furthermore, if you are not around or have a full day job, the pairing app of this smart lock can help your guest generate and delete passcodes to enter the house without a key. Moreover, Schlage Sense works with Apple's HomeKit. Thus, you can control your lock from your Apple TV, iPad, or HomePod speaker using the HomeKit app. In addition, the lock also works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing you to open and lock the smartphone with just your voice. However, the setup and pairing process can be a little annoying as the connection might fail initially. Specifications -
  • Dimensions: Exterior: 3" x 5" x 1" and Interior: 3" x 8" x 2"
  • Power: 4 AA batteries (included)
  • Weight: 3.4lb
  • Price: $327 

3. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

home security technology The new and better August's smart lock is all you need if you are looking for something compact and easy-to-operate smart locks. This intelligent lock looks all-natural and has a part of the door where people don't realize it's a lock. Furthermore, it also comes with built-in Wi-Fi, eliminating the need to install the August Connect bridge to pair your lock with your home network. Moreover, this smart lock offers a straightforward installation process and features like DoorSense (alerts you if your door is left ajar). In addition, it is compatible with a wide range of other innovative home systems, like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Xfinity. The August Wi-Fi also allows you to use the keys. Specifications - 
  • Dimensions: ‎2.8 x 2.8 x 2.75 inches
  • Weight: 1.54lb
  • Power: 4 AA batteries (included)
  • Price: $198

4. Kwikset Obsidian Smart Lock

innovative security device The Kwikset Obsidian smart lock has a chic design with a glossy finish. Therefore, it can be a great addition to your door, giving it an elegant touch while keeping a low profile. Furthermore, this intelligent lock solely relies on the device's screen and has no keys and keyholes. Moreover, you can establish up to 16 login access for your family and close friends. More importantly, the security factor of this lock makes it one of the best smart locks for hiding your codes. The lock also contains SecureScreen, a proprietary Kwikset safety feature that stops others from seeing what code you have entered. For that, it generates random digits that you have to press before entering your actual entry code. Also, it is compatible with Alexa but doesn't support HomeKit or Apple. Specifications -
  • Dimensions: 3.5" X 5.4" X 9.9"
  • Power: 4x Aa Batteries (1x 9v Battery Emergency Backup)
  • Weight: 3.01lb
  • Price: $167

5. August Smart Lock Pro

Smart Locks The security is better when you know it's there, but it perfectly camouflages. This is what the August Smart Lock Pro is appropriate for. It is one of the most discreet smart locks that you'd never know it's there from the outside. You can use the lock both with simple keyless intelligent access and regular keys. Furthermore, to use the August Smart Lock Pro to its full capacity, you'll need a Wi-Fi connection. However, the August Connect bridge is included when you buy the lock. It's also a cheap smart lock compared to others on the list. But it totally offers value for money. Specifications -
  • Dimensions: 3.4" X 3.4"
  • Weight: 0.8lb
  • Power: 4 Aa Batteries (Included)
  • Price: $123
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