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The Best Alexa Compatible Devices In 2022

The smart speaker Alexa is making its way into more places. Find out which Alexa compatible devices will be available in 2022.

By Dhruv Kapoor

Updated on 12-05-2022

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Amazon's Alexa and Alexa compatible devices are mapping their way in the whole world. Furthermore, since its launch in 2014, Alexa has been everywhere, not to say the obvious. And nothing is stopping them from being everyone's first choice or option while looking for excellent smart home devices.

We are in the second quarter of the year, and things are looking just fine; no further covid wave is nearing us. Hence, it is safe to take your chances with experimentation and challenges in life. Technology is something that is significantly and consistently growing in everyone's space. Therefore, you can get everyone's favorite Amazon talk-back speakers and the best Alexa compatible devices. By including technology and smart home devices, you can make changes in life for a good while learning to walk with trends. Plus, it is easy to get good intelligent home technology and Alexa compatible devices if you have talk-back speakers.

Best Alexa Compatible Devices To Buy In 2022

1. Amazon Smart Plug:

amazon Smart Plug

Starting the list with some simplest and most inexpensive Alexa compatible devices are smart plugs. Amazon has its own product, which is an Amazon Smart Plus. Furthermore, these plugs are a great purchase considering their viability and cost. With its application, one can instantly turn on and off gadgets like fans, heaters, and table lamps. However, it is only Alexa-specific and does not work with any other AI speaker. Therefore, you can consider it both good and bad in terms of connectivity. Although, it's cheap, guaranteed to work, and easy to set up using the Alexa app.

You can input voice commands or ask Alexa to turn something on or off when it comes to its functionality. Furthermore, a shining plus point is that it works brilliantly with routines and schedules. Therefore, you can set up timings accordingly and get your heater to warm the bathroom before you wake up. You can get them from the Amazon office website and Amazon stores at $24.99.  

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2. Amazon Echo Show 8 (2nd gen):

Alexa Compatible Devices

The latest in Amazon's inventory is the Amazon Echo Show 8 (2nd gen) for $110. This device gives you an 8-inch screen with the highest resolution of any Echo Show to date. Furthermore, it is coupled with a camera shutter and all of Amazon's innovative features. Moreover, the display has an in-built Alexa speaker programming, through which you can command it for digital assistance. You can pair it with security cameras, apart from your regular playing music, asking for weather information or jokes and recipes. On top of that, you can connect with your smart camera doorbell. Therefore, when someone is at the door, you can ask Alexa to "answer the front door," and you can even talk to them via the display.

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3. Amazon Fire Cube:

Amazon Fire Cube

The Fire TV stick was a revolutionary technology in terms of streaming devices. However, now you have the sensational and game-changing Amazon Fire TV Cube. With Amazon's assistant, it allows you to control your TV, cable box, and other streaming devices. Furthermore, it has an easy-to-use UI and outstanding 4K HDR picture quality. In addition, it has all your favorite streaming apps, including Hulu, Sling, and DirecTV Now.

The Fire TV Cube is one of the best Alexa compatible devices with improved Alexa control. Thus, you can manually navigate if Amazon's speech assistant can't find what you're searching for. The Fire TV Cube is comparatively more expensive than your regular Fire Tv stick, costing around $120.

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4. Philips Hue White LED Starter Kit:

There is no doubt that modern homes are incomplete without smart lights. Furthermore, with hundreds of options that connect with Alexa, the Philips Hue bright lights are the best Alexa compatible devices in this category. Philips bulbs are available in many kinds and types, plus the Hue app can help you alter and access the lights effortlessly. Moreover, you can do other things with the lights of different brands.

Again, you have the choice to pick the color that suits your preference and the interiors of your house. Furthermore, Philips sells a variety of intelligent light kits, but the basic Hue White Starter kit has a classy feel. This kit comes with two bulbs and a small hub that connects the lights to your Wi-Fi. After that, you can tell Alexa to dim the lights, and the bulbs will comply. However, the bulbs in this kit do not change color as this is more for the minimalist vibes.

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5. Ring Video Doorbell:

ring video doorbell

Smart doorbells are an investment for home and personal security. Ring's smart video doorbell is an ultimate choice for intelligent doorbells with premium visibility and viewing resolutions. Furthermore, this doorbell can easily connect with phones and Alexa compatible devices like speakers and echo displays. Thus, you can soundly hear, see, and talk to the people at the door. Its functionality goes as someone presses the button, and you will receive an alert. Moreover, you can set up the bell with both wiring and batteries. In addition, you can enable the message feature, as when you are not present at home, then visitors can leave a voice message.

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