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StackPath CDN Review, Details, Pricing, and Features

Take a look at our full review on StackPath CDN which provides users with fast, reliable and secure content delivery.

By Dhruv Kapoor

Updated on 05-03-2022

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Content Delivery Network refers to a geographically distributed group of servers functioning together to provide fast delivery of Internet content. A CDN is an incredible way to transfer the assets needed for loading Internet content instantly. This includes stylesheets, javascript files, HTML pages, images, and videos. A CDN is very crucial to keep your data activity and transfer under complete protection. We have already posted a blog on the best CDN service providers. And without any surprise, StackPath CDN is the one that came first.  Henceforth, this is our take on the StackPath CDN Services to explore that is really worthy of that number one spot. 

StackPath CDN: A Brief Overview

best CDN services StackPath CDN is a robust content delivery network and a relatively easy platform for beginners. Furthermore, the company owns an extensive network of servers on all continents. And this CDN service provider is capable of supporting people with enterprise-level features. Moreover, the service network has 50+ PoPs (point of presence) worldwide. The StackPath also offers a whooping capacity of 65 Tbsp, which is surprisingly higher than other CDNs in the market. StackPath in 2016 took over the MaxCDN to multiply their magnitude. In addition, this content delivery network has a vast number of data centers across the world, allowing you to optimize your website's loading speed.  

StackPath CDN: Features

StackPath has already scaled itself globally and provides an expansive DNS (domain name system). It also includes services like load balancing, DDoS protection, traffic management, and Web Application Firewall to support and protect enterprise websites and applications. Stackpath software is easy to integrate into your system. The program provides a full and uncompromised service level agreement (SLA) and helps to reduce server load. Moreover, it's a gamers recommendation for high productivity.

1. Delivery of Large Files –

StackPath includes additional capabilities like segmented file downloads to speed up massive file deliveries. Therefore, your website users won't have to wait excessively for files to download. Furthermore, this feature is handy for installing software and games. Moreover, the StackPath never alters its quality and quantity. Thus, it allows users to download high-resolution and 4K videos more quickly. Also, StackPath doesn't have a file size restriction; you won't have to worry about exceeding it.

2. Website Acceleration –

StackPath has a global network of high-performance servers. It has more than 50 edge sites and 35 high-population markets. In addition to that, it has a total throughput of more than 65 Tbps. Therefore, speeding up websites is never a problem with StackPath CDN. Henceforth, accelerate page loads, video and audio streams, API interactions, and more to keep the visitors' engagement high. Also, enhance SEO scores, and minimize the performance overhead that has prevented you from providing a more engaging end-user experience.

3. Content Customization –

StackPath allows you to customize your content and delivery pattern for your consumers. Furthermore, you get the ability to tailor the end-user experience effectively. You will have complete control over the distribution of the assets on your website. And you can monitor how and where they are going. StackPath also allows you to define policies and manually set up delivery behavior. Therefore, you can check how requests are handled and what content is sent. Apart from that, you can fine-tune your CDN to have greater content availability with sophisticated cache-control tools.

4. Analytics in Real-Time –

Tracking the website traffic is necessary. Furthermore, the analytics of that interaction helps you plan better for the next step. With StackPath, you'll get precise data on content delivery and traffic after installing on your site. Therefore, this StackPath feature helps you track and optimize your site's performance. You'll view critical CDN, content, and origin performance variables on your dashboard, including:
  • Requests
  • Bandwidth Usage (bps)
  • Cache Hit Ratio
  • Delivery by Geo/Network
  • HTTP Status Codes
  • Hit Ratio Request

StackPath: Customer Support

Every big company always has a lot to scale about. Similarly, StackPath keeps a tab upon everything to comfort its users and alleviate the end-user experience. Furthermore, the StackPath CDN is a proud provider of big and efficient customer support. The company has customer support teams available in their every network center. Moreover, it's simple to get in touch with them through phone, chat, and email. Also, these services are available 24/7 for all customers. And you don't have to pay any penny from your pocket for professional assistance. You can access the services through your control panel and the official website. In addition, StackPath provides a ticket system as "My Request," to which the support team will reply via email.

StackPath CDN: Pricing

StackPath CDN We very well know that the plans of various CDN providers are complex. And that sometimes affects the customer's decision to buy one. However, you won't need a calculator with StackPath CDN. The pricing and plans are straight as a line. The plans are prices are as follows:
  1. A small starter plan for $10 a month gives you 1TB of traffic and unlimited requests. And you can upgrade the plans by paying extra as per your requirement. 
  2. $20 a month for professional blog websites, standard content, and digital stores. This plan includes a web application firewall (WAF), DNS, and service monitoring services.
  3. $200 for a Business plan. This plan offers restful API, more locations, additional zones, origin shield, custom caching rules, and more.

Bottom Line: Is StackPath CDN Worthy?

If you are ready to skyrocket your content distribution, then we would totally recommend the StackPath CDN. Furthermore, the StackPath CDN is one of the easiest CDN services to establish on your site. And you get complete control over the management of the site and features. Therefore, it is an excellent beginner-friendly option as it gives its users an overall tech-savvy feel. The features are result-oriented, considering the functionality, uptime, and speed-boosting operation. Also, not to forget it's the most affordable CDN starting from $10 per month; it's hands down the most affordable CDN service on the market. There will be some speed-breakers or bumps in the way, but you won't feel a thing with StackPath CDN. Henceforth, you can start with something and somewhere small with StackPath CDN because you won't get such unique features at lower rates.

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