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SiteGround Review 2022: Uptime, Performance, Pros & Cons

If you're about the SiteGround Hosting provider then stress no more. Here's the siteground review you need to read and decide.

By Himanshi Gupta

Updated on 14-02-2022

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SiteGround is a superior WordPress hosting and does not allow users from Brazil, East Asia, and some more countries. The first and foremost service the US and European public. It was founded in 2004. And is a liberated web hosting company. It is a Bulgaria-based company which serves around the world. SiteGround Data centers are in the UK, Singapore, USA, and Amsterdam. They have ranked themselves as "well-crafted" hosting solutions and are pretty much active in the community events. The below features will help you in SiteGround review or SiteGround hosting review. 

Features Of SiteGround

siteground review and its features

1. Automatic system backups

Backups are the most important and helpful aspects of hosting. You have to be secure every time as anything can go wrong. As it automatically backup your whole system every day and keeps every backup for 30 days. There are a few more hosts that provide this feature in their basic plan, and some do not have this at all. Also, check the top 10 best web Hosting providers of 2022 and choose the best.

2. SuperCacher performance booster

Caching is very good. The web server creates copies of your site. Instead of reassembling each and every page for each and every visitor, it sends them the cached versions. Allowing you to invite more visitors and do it fast takes a massive load off your server. It limits the power in the basic plan, but SiteGround does offer this option. However, you'll get some basic caching. Therefore, to enjoy the real thing, you'll have to upgrade to one of the advanced plans. 

3. Automatic website migration

 You can use the automatic migration option. If you have a website hosted elsewhere. Install a plugin on your current website and enter the generated token in the SiteGround forum, as the process is so simple. It will work for simple websites, but if your website is too complex (many plugins, custom additions, special fields, etc.), there's a chance of issues. Furthermore, you can select to migrate via FTP, File Manager, or MySQL- or you can pay extra for a "professional migration" and have SiteGround's experts who will take care of everything for you and SiteGround hosting review.  


1. SiteGround's Uptime - good or bad?

The site visitors do not care about easy use or hosting features. All they care about is that your website loads in a flash. There are a few severe demands, but they are also applicable to your competitors. Visitors' hearts will win whichever does the better work. Furthermore, SiteGround has recently started using the Google Cloud platform. It gives data center locations in the UK, Asia, the US, Australia, Germany, Netherlands. The data centers are environmentally friendly, which is a plus point. 

2. GTmetrix

GTmetrix too has been used for measuring our website's loading speeds. We use Dallas, TX but GTmetrix has many global locations as it was closest to our data center location in Iowa. Moreover, SiteGround maintains data centers in various places like Singapore, the Netherlands, and a new facility in Australia. Therefore, the verdict was in after multiple tests for a long time. However, an average loading time of 2.02s, with 1.4s being the fastest it got and 2.5s being the slowest. Other hosts try to be at the same time faster and cheaper.

3. Sucuri time load tester

Things got a bit sorted with the Sucuri Time Load Tester, which tests global performance by utilizing a worldwide network of testing servers. Sucuri is always faster than GTmetrix when it comes to measuring speed. 

Pros of SiteGround

1. Good performance

Since last year SiteGround's Uptime has been perfect. The 99.99% average brings them in the most reliable hosts we have reviewed. This Uptime keeps the website visitors happy. Mainly, it means your site is almost guaranteed to be working around the clock, so you don't skip out when your customers want to make a purchase, either. This will include in a good SiteGround review. 

2. Above-average load time

 When choosing a host, site speed is the second most critical thing. If your page doesn't load within three seconds, for starters, research by Google shows that 53% of the people will leave your site. Furthermore, to fix a slow host, you can not do much. You can compress pictures to lighten their weight. To take some pressure off your server, you may be able to load them through a CDN. Suppose your host is not delivering excellent speed, then that would not make any significant difference. It comes in the first in good SiteGround review or SiteGround hosting review.  

3. Good customer support experience

It gives a knowledge base for customers to find their quick answers. You can even use the 24/7 live chat, or you can call in over the phone. For the current exam, we chose the live chat option, and we were connected with their customer continuously. It is the plus point when you give a SiteGround review. 

Cons of SiteGround

1. Renewal rates were high

It starts at $3.99/month advertised price on its website. However, it is still reasonable but not the lowest price we have seen among other hosts. This comes in minus for SiteGround review.

2. Limited plan

When you look at it, SiteGround's price in their lowest plan is comparable to the competition, so it seems like a nice deal. Moreover, the plan feature does not line up as such. This eventually lowers the SiteGround review or SiteGround hosting review.   

3. No free domain name

For attracting new customers, most web hosts throw in 'freebies.' In addition, services like email or migrations. It often includes a low introductory rate. For the first year, a free domain name is always on that list. They will charge you for one from day one if you do not have a domain name. 

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