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Samsung Galaxy S22 Review

If you are look to shop a mobile which is all together a perfect gadget for you. Then you must go with Samsung Galaxy S22 for sure.

By Tanya Verma

Updated on 07-04-2022

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The Samsung Galaxy S22 is a strong offering from Samsung that looks a bit costly on the surface. But provides all the premium features you will expect from a flagship in a compact form factor. However, its Dynamic AMOLED display is punchy and vibrant and does a great job in gaming. Therefore, Its factor is probably the main point to take it, as it's small enough for one-handed use and also bundles in enough battery life to last you a whole workday and other stuff.

By all means, the cameras do an amazing job in daylight and low light, and the same goes for video recording, which is supreme. Furthermore, one downside is that the phone does heat up when stressed. Moreover, the Galaxy S22 gets quite hot when using the camera, which may turn out to be a deal-breaker for some.

Samsung Galaxy S22 review: Price and Availability

The Samsung Galaxy S22 has been on sale since the end of February. Although, you will find it on every main wireless carrier, also a few MVNOs like Xfinity Mobile, Visible, and Google Fi. Even so, retailers like Amazon and Best Buy sell the phone, too, and you can purchase it straight at Where the Galaxy S22 is available in four Samsung-exclusive colours.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 starts at $799 for a base model with 128GB of storage. Then, you can bump that up to 256GB for another $50. Further, the Galaxy S22 deals can help you lower that price tag. As, you will need to trade in a current phone or sign up for a limitless data plan to attain big savings.

Samsung Galaxy S22 review: Design

By experimenting with a polycarbonate back for the Galaxy S21, the Galaxy S22 sports an upgrade in materials. With an aluminium band around the middle and a glass back that's made out of Gorilla Glass Victus Plus. As well as, that must bolster durability. Then, dropping the glass of any kind onto hard surfaces can lead to disastrous consequences. We did recommend getting one of the best Galaxy S22 cases to cover your new phone. Though, at least the new materials make the Samsung Galaxy S22 feel like a more elegant phone than the plastic Galaxy S21 FE, which is available for $100 less.

As a matter of fact, the materials can be different from last year's Galaxy S flagship. Still, the design is the same, right down to the contour cut look for the rear camera array. In which the three vertically assembled lenses on the back of the phone are contained in a bump that mixes into the device's side. Even though, the difference here is that the Galaxy S21's camera array was a different colour from the rest of the phone's back on the Galaxy S22, Samsung matches colours.

Afterwards, as for those colours, you get the same choices available to the Galaxy S22 Plus- Phantom Black, Phantom White, Pink Gold, and Green. Though, ordering straight from Samsung lets you also select among Sky Blue, Violet, Cream, and Graphite options.

As, the Samsung Galaxy S22 houses a 6.1-inch display, smaller than the 6.2-inch panel on the S21. In addition, It's certainly easy to use with one hand and comfortable enough to slip into a pocket. If, like me, you've got away from big phones because you've found them too cranky, that's certainly not an issue with the Galaxy S22.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 review: Display

Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung looked to enhance display brightness across the board on the Galaxy S22 lineup. However, while the Galaxy S22 Plus and S22 Ultra get the better end of the deal with a high brightness of 1,750 nits, the S22's 1,300-nit peak brightness is nothing to sneeze at. As, In SDR, we used a light metre to measure high brightness at 672 nits, as with HDR turned on, that reading reached 1,152 nits. Therefore, to put those numbers in context, the iPhone 13 hit 795 nits of brightness when we tested that display.

Furthermore, In empirical terms, you won't struggle to see the Galaxy S22 screen in bright sunlight. But you may have to crank up the brightness all the way to get every detail. Additionally, when you do, Samsung's Vision Booster technology adjusts brightness and colour contrast. So that colours aren't dulled at the expense of a more visible screen. Moreover, the feature certainly allowed me to double-check the sample photos I was snapping on a bright, sunny day without compromising colour.

Samsung Galaxy S22 review: Camera

Samsung Galaxy S22

The Galaxy S22 features the same normal camera setup that Samsung used for the Galaxy S21. But with some prominent heightening to the hardware. According to, the main camera now has a 50MP rating instead of the 12MP wide-angle shooter used in last year's phone. Henceforth, the sensor is 23% larger, too, to let in more light. As Samsung makes a push to enhance camera performance in low light.

Samsung Galaxy S22 review: Performance

As I'm testing the Galaxy S22 in the U.S., my Samsung phone version is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. The exact chipset found in other S22 models. So, In other parts of the world, Samsung uses its own Exynos 2200 chipset. As our Galaxy S22 Plus benchmarks indicate the same performance regardless of the silicon.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 review: Battery life and Charging

The screen size isn't the only thing to shrink from the Galaxy S21 to the Galaxy S22. However, there's also a little battery in this year's model — a 3,700 mAh power pack instead of a 4,000 mAh one. Therefore, Samsung was hoping that a more efficient chipset and another year of an adaptive display would improve battery life on the Galaxy S22. If so, it was a big miscalculation.

Samsung Galaxy S22 review: Software and Special features

The Galaxy S22 launched with Samsung's One UI 4.1 interface for Android 12. Furthermore, If you like former iterations of Samsung's One UI. This edition will suit you just nicely, particularly as Samsung has added customization and privacy features. Moreover, you can see which apps are requesting permissions, and managing those permissions is a bit more streamlined.


Here no one would consider the Galaxy S22 a giant surge forward for Samsung's phones. Thus, I'm not sure it really has to be. Though, the fact that Samsung is increasing software support for an extra year. It indicates the phone creator knows people are holding on to phones longer. And that anyone with last year's Galaxy S21 is unlikely to be focusing on an upgrade.

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