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Samsung Galaxy A53 Review

If you are also looking to purchase a new phone and is confuse what to choose, then here is the Samsung Galaxy A53 review you can see.

By Tanya Verma

Updated on 10-06-2022

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Like the Galaxy S22 family members, Samsung Galaxy A53 has a beautiful screen. Furthermore, the S22 and the A53 have the same resolution and refresh rate, with only a 0.1 inch difference in screen size. Moreover, many people won’t be able to differentiate the A53 from the larger Galaxy S22 Plus without comparing both phones side-by-side. Though, it’s possible the A53 gives the perfect camera experience you can get on a phone at this price point. Hence, its four rear snappers mix with a long list of photography and videography modes that Samsung offers to let you take some surprisingly fabolous images.

Sure, the A53 images won’t compare to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, but images were bright and colorful, making them ideal for posting on Instagram or other social platforms. Although, that was also the case for selfies. Thus, you can get all of that for a relatively low cost: the handset starts at $449.99 which leans toward ‘affordable’ in the mid-range market. Moreover, you can also check the Samsung Galaxy S22 review. 

1. Samsung Galaxy A53: Price and Availability

Samsung Galaxy A53

The Samsung Galaxy A53 is significantly less expensive than its S-series competitors. Additionally, it has 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage and costs $449.99. Other versions are available in different countries, but only the one is available in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. In some regions, the phone is less costly than its predecessor, the Galaxy A52, which costs $499; it’s also considerably more affordable than the S22, which starts at $799. Henceforth, it’s not the cheapest phone in the world, but it undercuts other devices you might be considering.

2. Samsung Galaxy A53: Design

Earlier, the phone’s design got appreciation majorly because of the color. You can pick up the phone in peach, as well as white, black and blue. In addition, Samsung prefixes each of the color names with the word ‘Awesome’, but we’d feel too embarrassed to write that more than once. Also, your color of choice affects both the plastic back panel and the metal frame. Then, the phone measures 159.6 x 74.8 x 8.1mm and weighs 189g. Thus, it’s not so huge that it’s uncomfortable to use, so long as your mitts aren’t massive.

3. Samsung Galaxy A53: Display

The Samsung Galaxy A53 has one of the best-looking screens you’ll see on a phone at this price. Furthermore, it's a 6.5-inch display with FHD resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, with a maximum brightness of 800 nits. Moreover, the A53 doesn't stand out from other phones with identical features, but Samsung's display technology shines through, with the Super AMOLED display looking lively and colorful.

4. Samsung Galaxy A53: Cameras

A 64MP f/1.8 wide-angle lens is the primary camera. Which is joined by a 12MP camera with an f/2.2 123-degree ultra wide lens, a 5MP f/2.4 macro, and a 5MP f/2.4 depth sensor. Though, the users take images that are bright and colorful, which makes shots of wildlife, food, landscapes or people pop. Additionally, there’s high dynamic range for a phone at this price and pictures are sharp too, as long as you take them on the main camera.

5. Samsung Galaxy A53: Performance and specs

Samsung Galaxy A53

The Samsung Galaxy A53 may beat similarly priced competitors in terms of camera and display. Still it comes far behind in performance. In addition,the processor in question is Samsung's Exynos 1280, a home-brew piece of mid-range equipment that leaves a lot to be desired. However, the phone received a multi-core score of 1813 on the Geekbench 5 benchmark test. Placing it only below the Oppo Find X2 Lite, OnePlus Nord, and Honor 9X Pro, three other mid-range phones that were launched in late 2019 or early 2020. So, not so good.

6. Samsung Galaxy A53: Battery life

Samsung Galaxy A53

The Samsung Galaxy A53 has a 5,000mAh battery, which is on the large side. But many mid-range phones have similar capacity. Furthermore, it comes in handy here, though, because the 5G connectivity and dazzling screen require as much power as possible.


The Samsung Galaxy A53 takes bright pictures that take less time to edit into Instagram or YouTube ready packages. Moreover, if Netflix, Prime Video or YouTube is your most-used app. The Galaxy’s good-looking screen will fantastically complement your use habits.  

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