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Link Building: The Free SEO Beginner's Guide

The best link building SEO guide is here. Check out all the steps in this blog and know what you must do as a beginner in SEO.

By Himanshi Gupta

Updated on 18-02-2022

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If you are a beginner in SEO, you need to understand the importance of link building. Therefore, when you compete within your industry, link building helps majorly bring organic traffic to your website. It increases your chance of ranking on number 1 in Google rankings. However, please remember that link building alone can not help. Thus, you need a good core of on-page SEO, technical SEO, relatable content, and an optimized website, along with link building. Henceforth, you will have mind-blowing results and can drive more traffic to your website. Again, this is only possible if you opt for high-quality and relevant link building techniques. Therefore, if your success goals are long-term, you must opt for "White hat" instead of "Black hat" techniques. To ensure excellent and effective results, you must go for high-quality, relevant, and valuable content. Apart from that, you will hear from many people that spam link-building techniques work a lot. It's true! They work fast but for the short term only since they are low quality. Henceforth, it should not be included in your link-building strategy. Moreover, it would help to focus on marketing your products or company. When you market your company or brand digitally, it has a higher chance of bringing traffic to your website. However, you must be feeling overwhelmed? Well, don't! We are here to help through the long but steady link building process. Thus, follow our free SEO beginner's guide, which will help link building. Also, check out the SEO strategy and tips for new websites which might help you to gain traffic on your new website.


Link building is a procedure of leaving your hyperlinks (link) on different websites or acquiring links from other websites to your own. Therefore, this is the way through which google crawler finds and crawls your website from time to time. Link building is a way to find different website pages on the internet. However, you want both users and Google crawlers to crawl through your entire website. That is why you build links. Thus, building links is crucial, internally and externally, to crawl all the pages of the website and the links between the websites as well. link building Furthermore, have we mentioned that content is king? Content makes a main difference and impact when it comes to results. For instance, if you're selling any product or service that has an excellent user experience and customer reviews, then you're guaranteed to get traffic on your website. How? When people link to your website or service for referring to other people, you get organic traffic to your website. Thus, building links yourself for your website is one thing, but getting links on other websites you didn't ask for is entirely different and makes a huge difference.


hyperlink link building Along with link building for SEO, you must also know how to make and leave links, right? Thus, you have to create hyperlinks and leave those on websites. Additionally, hyperlinking focuses your link on a particular keyword so that your website ranks higher for that keyword in the search results. However, don't worry. We will explain the whole anatomy of a hyperlink here. Hence, you will perfectly understand making a hyperlink with your keywords and links via this image.


Do you understand your main motive for link building yet? You want Google to notice, find, and crawl your website and all its pages via its crawler. Furthermore, when Google finds how strong you are linked to external websites, it would only think how credible your website is and rank it high in its results. Thus, you have two main agendas - First is to get your website discovered by Google, and the second is to make Google use its information and rank it higher. Moreover, once Google has discovered your website, it uses its content as information to mention it on their index. But how does Google decide if your website has the quality to get ranked on relevant and valuable keywords? Along with looking at the content on your website, it also focuses on the number of links mentioning your website on external websites. Therefore, it also deciphers the quality of those external websites. Thus, the better the quality of the external website where you left your website's link, the better impact you leave for Google to track it back to your website. Since the quality of links and websites matter, you are likely to rank higher if websites that link to you have good quality. The point behind this is that Google decides if your website and the content it has deserves to rank high in the search results. Therefore, if many credible and good resources mention your website or have links to your websites, it would leave a good impact on Google, showing it that your website is good in quality. In addition to this, a more significant factor in determining rank for your website is the quality of those links. Therefore, there is a particular manner in which google wants you to opt for excellent and high-quality link building techniques. As mentioned previously, there are two types of strategies or techniques while building links. Thus, you can either opt for low quality and black hat strategy or high quality and white hat strategy. However, Google keeps coming up with new updates on its algorithm and deciding how to determine the worth of a website and its links. Hence, opting for low-quality link building techniques is not only a waste of time and effort, but also it could damage your website's worth forever, never letting it rank higher. Obviously, no one knows Google's secrets and how exactly they decide to rank your website. But they find out when someone tries to manipulate its algorithms by creating poor links for fast results. Over the years, Google has gotten very good at finding the difference between all types of links and spam links. Moreover, they love nothing more than rolling and filtering out the websites that are leaving poor links leading to spam. In addition to this, you want to focus on never over-optimizing. Elaborating - Google might recommend an SEO technique of link building at some point, but overusing it to the point that it leads to spam and over-optimizing will backfire on your website. Google has penalized so many websites ( god knows how many) because of over-optimizing and overusing these techniques. Now, you might be wondering how to make good-quality links, right? Since Google is focusing more on filtering out websites with low-quality links, you must look into it. Therefore, your primary focus must be on the quality of your SEO and link building strategy. Hence, we will discuss more about the good quality links that will help your website rank in our next blog. FYI, we are creating a series for the beginner's of SEO where they can learn about the link building techniques.

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