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How to upload music to Spotify?

Find out how to upload music to Spotify to create your own playlists and reinvigorate your music. Add custom music to have your own library.

By Dhruv Kapoor

Updated on 04-06-2022

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Spotify, is one of the best audio streaming subscription services and a music transforming platform. Spotify has 422 million users and 182 subscribers, widely available in 183 markets. Including, you can discover, manage and share over 82 million tracks plus four million podcast titles. Moreover, it is available on computers, phones, tablets, speakers, TV, and cars. Even with the help of Spotify Connect, you can easily transit from one to another. The Spotify app basically works in two ways: first, Spotify Free-here you can listen to music without subscription but with ad breaks. And on the other hand, Spotify Premium- for using advanced features in streaming music online without ad breaks, offline music and songs with improved sound quality. Additionally, you can upload music to Spotify and this will groove you enjoy listening to music.  Furthermore, you can install Spotify from the google play store, app store, etc. Then after installation, you can sign in to the app for non-stop music. Spotify charges up to $9 per month for individual plans, and for duo plans, it requires $12 per month.

How to Upload Music to Spotify through PC/Computer-

best music streaming platform These are some of the primary points to know before uploading music to Spotify. First, you can upload local music from your PC and phone to Spotify by starting from the settings menu. After finishing the uploading, Spotify Premium subscribers can listen to the music in their mobile app. Spotify has 70 million plus songs in its streaming library, but many songs do not appear on the platform. Now, how to upload music to Spotify with the help of a PC/Computer. Here, you have to use the Spotify desktop app, freely available on both Mac and PC. 
  • Begin opening Spotify on your PC, putting your account name by clicking in the top-right corner, and then going to the Settings.
  • Afterward, scroll down to local files in the Settings, then tap on the toggle to see Show Local Files. Furthermore, a new menu titled Show songs from will appear. Suppose your local songs are in one of Spotify's default folders, toggle on it. Otherwise, if not, click on Add a source and pick up the folder where songs are saved. After doing this, all your files will be uploaded to Spotify from that folder. 
  • Now, after the completion, restart Spotify. Then click Your Library in the top-left once re-opened. Following this, you will see a playlist named Local Files on the opened page. Click this to open the song list that you have uploaded to Spotify.
  • One thing to remember, you can play these songs and even add them to another playlist; besides, you can't add them to your  Liked Songs. Here, you know how to upload music to Spotify through a PC/Computer.
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How to Upload Music to Spotify on Phone-

upload music to Spotify Following steps to upload music to Spotify is similar for Android and iPhone phones. Initially, it would help if you had a premium subscription to Spotify because only premium members are allowed to stream local music in the mobile app
  • If you also want to add all of your local music to a playlist rather than the default playlist. Here, you cannot open that default playlist in the phone app; despite doing this will make your songs visible.
  • Further, if you are an iPhone user, first, you need to enable local files on your phone. Afterward, open Spotify and tap the Home in the bottom-left corner, then tap the gear icon in the top-right to open the app's settings. Following this, tap Local Files, then tap toggle for Local audio files option.
  • Connect your iPhone or Android to the Wi-Fi network once everything is set up. Then open the Spotify app and move ahead to the playlist where you stored the local songs. Moreover, tap the download icon under the playlist's name.
  • Once the downloading is complete, Spotify will save every song on your phone- including the uploaded ones. Now, you can move them to another regular playlist. And, remember, songs will be there on your phone until you tap the download icon to delete them. Here, the upload of music to Spotify through the phone ends.

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