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How To Test If Dolby Atmos Is Working On Your Soundbar

Are you experiencing any issues with your soundbar? Learn how to test if Dolby Atmos is properly working on your soundbar.

By Dhruv Kapoor

Updated on 09-06-2022

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To check whether a soundbar is compatible and working successfully with Dolby Atmos is worth checking. When introducing Dolby Atmos, primarily, it is an audio format that boosts and enhances the surround sounds. And make you feel indulged in the 3D audio music. Moreover, it is compatible with soundbars, game consoles, TVs, and even smaller playback devices, including laptops and phones. It proves it is a must-have audio format.  Dolby Atmos is a native to those who are always looking for something surprising and expect a TV and music listening experience at the next level. As per sources, it is said that Dolby Atmos does not work well while implementing it with streaming platforms. At some points, more than describing it as a drawback. But on the other side, it creates curiosity within people to give it a try, at least to check whether you are properly getting Dolby Atmos sound or not.    So, lighten up your work by checking if your latest sound tech is working on your soundbar or not. Here's an already viewed experience of Dolby Atmos on three testing items-
  • Firstly, you can check it on your soundbar's app
  • Secondly, you can test it on your TV
  • Finally, your god gifted ears are the best testing tools to check

Check Your Soundbar’s App

To know whether you are genuinely experiencing the Dolby Atmos audio format along with the sound being played by the soundbar app. Instead of this, AV receivers often have informative front panel display screens, which help users recognize what audio format is decoded over there. Usually, soundbars have less informative displays, which do not show information. Hence, this impacts the user-friendly or helpful ways.  But, SONOS S2 soundbars are best compatible with Dolby Atmos, which displays audio decoding as helpful and worthwhile. However, the settings have audio format information within them. This is how Dolby works with the SONOS S2 soundbar. Also Read: How To Set Up Google Chromecast

Check Your TV's Settings

The other way to confirm whether your TV is compatible with Dolby Atmos or not. Moreover, how do you feel the Dolby Atmos's audio signals after sitting before the TV's screen? And start by proceeding with the Status buttons. Using these status buttons, you can take the information regarding display resolution, its fresh working rate, and processed audio. Furthermore, if you see the "Atmos' ' written in full or reduced way. Your TV has started sending Dolby Atmos audio format to your soundbar. You can also discover it in the advanced audio settings to see what sound format has come out.

Use Your Ears

The above two technical ways can help you as an indicator, but there's no competition for sense organs. Yes, your ears work best as a natural indicator that can help you feel confident about the audio format that you are receiving from a soundtrack. Moreover, you can use your ears as a tool to know whether your Dolby Atmos is compatible with your soundbar or not. You can feel your audio format sound by listening and detecting it and moving from one room to another room.  If you successfully listen to the sound of the rainfall, bullet firing, aircraft landing, and even car crashing. Then this is the true indicator of the capabilities and potential of multidimensional sound. While taking a progressive trial, you will feel like the sound flows from side to side and front to back. But sometimes, it feels like the sound is coming from overhead or above the screen.  There are multiple parameters available to confirm the Dolby Atmos, but when everything has failed. You can freely trust your ears to work best while connecting with streaming or other objects. Thus, it will be easy for you to be confident and expectant. .

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