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How To Get A Sling Tv Free Trial

By this available information on how you can get Sling TV free trial will help you to experience sling TV worthiness on trial basis.

By Radhika

Updated on 17-08-2022

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If you are fond of streaming but want to take the free trial to test whether the channel lineup, DVR, video quality, and other features are properly working or not. Then, this sling TV free trial would help you the best, as the Sling TV free trial offers this free trial to its new subscribers. Besides, with the help of the Sling TV free trial, you can get enough time to check all the features; whether they are worth it buying or not after taking a Sling TV free trial monthly subscription. Furthermore, as nobody can wait for the perfect time to come, switching to an over-the-top (OTT) video streaming service platform becomes necessary. Therefore, in the information provided below, you will get all the possibilities to try the Sling TV free trial before you buy it.  

What To Know About Sling Tv?

Before you start digging into the process, you must know a little about Sling TV. So basically, Sling TV is meant to be a cable alternative streaming service, unlike Netflix, which works more like a traditional TV. But by switching to Sling TV, you can jump into live programming from national networks like HDTV, A&E, CNN, FOX News, etc. Moreover, you can get the three plans into a Sling TV free trial. Such as Sling Orange, available at $35/mo., Sling Blue is available at $35/mo., and Sling Orange + Blue is available at $50/mo. 

Besides, via Sling Blue and Sling Orange, you can get access to different channels. While selecting Sling Orange for Sling TV free trial, you can get more than 30 channels, including AMC, CNN, and more. On the other hand, if you select Sling Blue, you can enjoy more than 45 channels, such as NBC Sports, FOX, NFL Network, etc. And, by choosing the Sling Orange + Blue, you can enjoy all the channels. Remember, you always have the option to switch between plans by configuring or customizing your account settings. 

Furthermore, the Sling free trial service also has several ads; if you don’t want them to stream, you can choose the premium channels. Also, if you are not finding the standard 10 hours of DVR storage enough for you, then there is the option regarding an upgrade to 50 hours of recording space for $5/month. 

How Can You Sign Up For A Sling Tv Free Trial Service?

First, as a user, if you sign up on this web page, the free trial will not appear as an option while doing the sign-up process. But, as per information, the seven-day trial is still available as an option. All you need to do is sign up via a Sling-compatible device. And for doing this, go to the App Store or Google play store to download the Sling TV app to your device. Once you download the app, open the Sling TV app and click on the Watch Now 7 Days Free Trial button. After that, enter your payment information to start with your sling TV free trial. 

Moreover, a few names of devices that match the compatibility with the Sling TV app. Such as Android tablets and smartphones, Amazon Fire TV devices, Android TV, Apple TV, etc. 

Furthermore, you need to download the Sling TV app on any of your compatible devices to get started. Remember, once you open the app and find the button that says ‘Watch Now 7 Days Free, you have completed the signup process, including the payment information.   

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