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Google will kill call recording apps on Android for good starting May 11

Google wants to make your life easier and more secure by moving forward with call recording apps termination on Android devices.

By Dhruv Kapoor

Updated on 25-04-2022

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Greetings to all the Android users! We have news for you; however, it is for you to decide whether it's good or bad. Google has announced plans to kill all the third-party call recording apps. In this new policy of the Google Play Store, no third-party apps will no longer be able to offer call recording services. Furthermore, these new developer policies will take effect from May 11. Any of the call recording apps available on the Google Play Store will not be able to record calls on users' smartphones. However, these modifications will not affect the native call recording feature that comes pre-installed on some phones.

Call recording apps have employed a workaround that involves connecting to the Accessibility API since Android 10. Therefore, Google has finally decided to take action against this practice. Furthermore, this policy change was observed by Reddit member NLL Apps (via Android Authority), who elaborated on the present situation. Google was already on the path to gradually making call recording more difficult and started with Android 10. Moreover, the corporation imposed an exceptionally vexing limitation on customers. Henceforth, third-party apps began to rely on the Accessibility service as a workaround.

However, smartphones like MI, some Samsung devices, and Google Pixel phones all have pre-installed call recording capabilities. These devices can obtain any authorization and continue to work usually because the call recorder is pre-installed. For a long time, Google has been attempting to prevent call recording on Android smartphones. On Android 6, it limited access to real-time call recording, and on Android 10, it severely hampered call recording over the microphone. And now, the digital behemoth is putting in place the necessary policy reforms to ensure that all developers are working toward the same goal.

Google stated that "the Accessibility API is not designed for remote call audio recording and cannot be requested for the same." Furthermore, Google clarified the implementation of the policy in its recent webinar. Moreover, throughout multiple Android releases, Google has been disapproving APIs that enable call recording. In addition, it is a crucial step considering privacy and security. And the fact that call recording rules vary significantly from country to country. Also, we know that Google is now adamant about its policies concerning privacy, as it removed the app secretly collecting your data. 

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