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Google Maps Could Be About To Get Much Better — Here's How

Here is the most important news for all that Google maps could be about to get much better. Yeah, you heard it right.

By Tanya Verma

Updated on 09-05-2022

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Google Maps may be getting an upgrade that makes things simpler to select your preferred mode of transportation. That was according to screenshots shared to 9to5Google from the current beta (v11.28). It shows the added transportation options alongside a new version of the Maps UI that was previously tested last year. Specifically, a floating panel above the map has been added to it. Also, modifications to the transport tab at the bottom of the map interface. Additionally, it looks that the tab will now make it easier to delete specific modes of transportation, with your selections affecting what Maps shows you next. For example, if you don't have a car, you can leave that option unchecked, and the transport tab will completely ignore driving choices. As well as, you must know that many Google account users are getting an email that your Google account will be marked inactive, which has become a major concern.  

How to change preferred transport in Google Maps

Google Maps Although, changing your favourite transport method in Google Maps is already possible, the process is a little odd. Like first heading to Settings > Google Assistant > Account > Preferences > Transport. Henceforth, this involves a number of steps. Though, it also applies to requests from Google Assistant, which only makes it half useful. As well as, this update should allow you to set your choices simply in the Google Maps app. It saves you time and effort while also (theoretically) applying the settings across all Google Maps navigation. However, even for those using the most recent version of Google Maps beta, the new feature isn't available to everyone. Therefore, if you're one of the happy ones with access, you'll find it in the Trip Options menu. That is also where you tell Maps if you want to avoid fees, highways, or bridges. Besides the new selection method, the tab now has more transportation options: driving, walking, train, cycling, bus, ride-hailing services, and bike/scooter share services are all shown in the screenshot. Since, this change has not shown for all Google Maps beta testers. In addition, it's unclear when or if the new UI and transportation options will be pushed out to the public at large.

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