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Garmin Fenix 7 Review

Our top pick for best smartwatch. Garmin Fenix 7. Find the GPS smartwatch that's right for you - compare reviews, specs and more.

By Dhruv Kapoor

Updated on 17-02-2022

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Garmin always delivers the buzz they create with their new product. Similarly, the Garmin Fenix 7, is an aesthetic smartwatch with a total performance orientation. The Fenix 7 series is for anyone who loves the rush of serotonin and sensation. The new series is perfect wearables to completely support you in everything. The new-age Garmin Fenix 7 is to set realistic goals for fitness enthusiasts. Following the footsteps of the Garmin Fenix 6, Fenix 7 is also the best multi-sport watch. It offers tools that will help you understand your current fitness level along with several physical health tracking features. The addition of a touchscreen is the most evident upgrade in Garmin Fenix 7. The watch retains the five physical buttons found on prior Fenix watches. But it has tremendous assistance when it comes to panning through maps. However, for caution; the screen locks itself by default during workouts to prevent accidental button presses. Also, Fenix users may turn off touch entirely if they choose.   Well, we would like to walk you through all the things that Fenix 7 offers. This review blog has everything you need to know before getting your hands on the new fitness charmer. SUGGESTED READ - Noise ColorFit Icon Buzz 

GARMIN FENIX 7: Release, Price, and Availability

latest smart watch Finally, the Garmin Fenix 7 is in the market for everyone to savor the cause. The smart fitness gear launched on January 18, 2022. Furthermore, you can buy it from Amazon. You can purchase the Garmin tech gears directly from the official website. The watch with a new real-time stamina meter reveals how your energy levels fluctuate during a workout. Therefore, allowing you to gauge your efforts accordingly. This is the first time that you can see the stamina variations in a chart.
STANDARD Fenix 7- $699 Fenix 7s - $699  
SOLAR Fenix Solar 7- $799 Fenix Solar 7s - $799 Fenix Solar 7x - $899
SAPPHIRE SOLAR Fenix Sapphire Solar 7 - $899 Fenix Sapphire Solar 7S - $899 Fenix Sapphire Solar 7X - $999


Garmin Fenix 7 It's self-evident that with the release of every new product, the first selling feature is the product's graphics. The Garmin Fenix has a thin and fashionable appearance, like the Garmin Fenix users. The Garmin Fenix series is also famous for its toughness, and the Fenix 7 takes it a step further. Henceforth, by adding protective button shields and metal-reinforced lugs to the robust chassis. The new material in the case makes it more durable while keeping the watch stylish. Garmin is eminent for creating striking looks with efficient functionality. Both the Fenix 7S and 7 have a base and solar charging-supported models. The 7X comes with supplementary solar charging as standard. All three models are a premium Sapphire Solar variant that includes solar-supported charging. In addition, has a titanium casing and a toughened sapphire crystal cover glass. The watch material is sturdy but lightweight titanium and sapphire, with metal button guards and reinforced lugs for extra durability. The company uses Garmin's QuickFit bands on the watch.  As they are easy to remove from the case by pressing down on a plastic clip. They are pretty simple to swap out. However, they are not compatible with the old-style fast-release bands, which are removable by moving a pin to the side. The rumors before launch are true that the Garmin Fenix 7 has an AMOLED display. An AMOLED display is a charming addition to Garmin Fenix 7. It may, however, affect the smartwatch's battery life in the long run. The material of the watch is sturdy but lightweight titanium and sapphire. Also, it has extra durability with metal button guards and reinforced lugs.

GARMIN FENIX 7: Solar Charging

smart wearables The Fenix series from Garmin is popular for its long battery life. It also boasts battery-saving and power-management capabilities. The new Power Glass in the Fenix 7 has improved the solar harvesting capability up to a significant percent. Solar charging is a standard feature of the flagship watches by Garmin. As a result, you can witness efficient battery life. Moreover, Garmin Fenix 7 can operate for up to 24 days without recharging.  Garmin introduced Power Glass into the Fenix 7 Sapphire Solar. Therefore, it harvests energy throughout the day to keep the watch's battery charged. However, you'll still need to charge the watch from time to time under typical conditions. 

GARMIN FENIX 7: Features

Garmin pondered every corner of their tech inventory, to sum up, the new Fenix 7 series. Being an intelligent fitness wearable, it has some mind-boggling features to assist you in every step of your life. Garmin Fenix 7

1. Real-Time Endeavor Tracking –

The Fenix 7 is a new intelligent fitness wearable. It has a new cutting-edge stamina tracker giving on time and precise readings. Therefore, it is an excellent feature for athletes and triathletes. As it monitors exertions level while they train, ride, and race. It shows live results of how much physical energy you are exerting while working out. Therefore, allowing you to gauge and decide to push harder or tone it down a bit.

2. Excellent GPS Navigation –

Highlighting the GPS, Fenix 7's mapping and navigation are brilliant. Therefore, you don't have to continuously peek into your phone while looking for a specific destination. Furthermore, this decreases the possibility of your phone robbery in any unheard place. The USP of the Garmin Navigation is that it provides exact locations, upcoming trails, pivots, further distance, and elevation. You can also design it to display performance data at predetermined checkpoints. Along with a recap of the previous split and rest duration, to keep track of your progress and manage your time.

3. A Mini Phone –

The Fenix 7 is a flagship model with just about every function Garmin could think of. Also, many of which are present in other Garmin watch models. However, you will get Pulse Ox (blood oxygen monitoring), wrist-based heart rate, breathing, and stress tracking. The Fenix 7 also has Body Battery, Fitness Age, and Sleep Score with Advanced Sleep Monitoring. These are based on a patented algorithm developed by Firstbeat Analytics and are becoming increasingly precise over time. On the Fenix 7, you receive all the standard smart features. Features include notifications, Garmin Pay contactless payments, offline music, Bluetooth connectivity to headphones, and more.

Our Word

new smart watches Presently, smart fitness gear is an investment for introspection and self-transformation. Therefore, you can opt for Garmin Fenix 7, which offers the best training tool with 100 percent accurate observations. You can know how much you are burning yourself and the recovery time you need with Garmin Fenix 7. Furthermore, the excellent battery life and flawless navigation can be your travel partner on any trip. You will be able to wander through beautiful places for days. The Garmin Fenix 7 is for everyone to wear, but some features cater to the needs of athletes with dedication. To put it simply, we would say it's actually something you won't regret buying.

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