This Strange Show Just Crashed The Netflix Top 10 List

Since the beginning of time and humankind, millions of mysteries have been unsolved and unanswered. Furthermore, many unexplained mysteries have become pressing concerns for researchers and theorists. And some of these mystifying subjects don’t really have an answer. However, the curiosity of the human mind is what encouraged William Shatner-narrated Netflix series to attempt to explain these strange happenings.

The UnXplained with Willian Shatner makes an effort to address some of the most bizarre and baffling issues ever. Furthermore, the document series entails topics like the construction of the pyramids and their intended use in the existence of an afterlife. Moreover, the show looks at some of the world’s most eerie locations and wonders. Along with that, it tries to unfurl the perplexing practices of voodoo and exorcism, whether they are more than just the stuff of scary movies.

The documentary series also looks into the world of deadly cults, terrible prophecies, extinct civilizations, and strange animals. But they are just some initial warmups for what comes next. William Shatner’s The UnXplained covers a lot of stuff and mysteries. Hence, you should absolutely watch this show if you enjoy dispelling conspiracies. The first season of The UnXplained debuted on the History Channel back in 2019 and is now available on Netflix. Furthermore, the show quickly climbed to the top of the most-watched series and successfully crashed to the top 10 list. It is presently ranked number six. However, the addition of more episodes will make it go up the ladder soon on the streaming platform. Netflix will likely try to get more episodes available to subscribers as quickly as possible, given the show’s early success on the platform.

The first 16 episodes of The UnXplained are well enjoyed and binge-watched by Netflix users. At present, the fourth season of The UnXplained on the History Channel has ended this month. Furthermore, the last episode features the subject of the hunt for King Arthur. Although there are 53 episodes in total, there are still countless mysteries in the actual world and puzzling phenomena to try to explain. The likelihood of renewal appears to be very high. Additionally, the interest that Netflix has sparked will almost surely increase the possibility of the show returning.

Therefore, The UnXplained might be what you’ve been looking for if you’re seeking something new to watch that is a little bit different. Fair warning: the show doesn’t actually provide any specific solutions. Although if you can just appreciate the air of mystery, you’ll probably become addicted to this oddly watchable show.

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