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Dolphin Attacks Trainer And Drags Her Under Water During Show At Controversial Miami Seaquarium, Video Shows

Dolphin Attacks Trainer And Drags Her Under Water During Show At Controversial Miami Seaquarium. Video goes viral of the tragic incident.

By Dhruv Kapoor

Updated on 13-05-2022

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Recently a video of Miami Seaquarium is going viral with the tag of dolphin attacks trainer. Last weekend at Miami Seaquarium, an audience member captured a visually disturbing video on their camera. Furthermore, the moment was of a dolphin going violent and attacking a trainer.

The trainer struggled and battled to keep afloat as Sundance the dolphin attacked the trainer. Also, the dolphin dragged the trainer beneath the ocean in video footage published on various social media platforms. Furthermore, in this video of the dolphin attacks trainer, you can see Sundance ramming the trainer to the pool’s edge.

Sundance is a captive dolphin trained for aquarium animal shows at Miami Seaquarium. As per the reports and local news, the trainer was immediately taken to a local hospital by ambulance. Furthermore, following the information, the Miami-Dade safety officials were alerted as a precaution, but the trainer wasn’t severely harmed.

Shannon Carpenter, a photographer from Kentucky who videotaped the episode, was at the show with her family when the dolphin became hostile. “The kids were ecstatic and thought it was fantastic. However, the parents were aware that something was wrong, she stated to the New York Post.

The Miami Seaquarium didn’t say anything to the press officially. Still, an inquiry found that the trainer had accidentally scratched the dolphin, according to a statement released to CBS News.

“A dolphin and its trainer collided in the water on Saturday while performing a routine activity as part of the Flipper Show. The dolphin reacted by breaking away from the pattern and assaulting the trainer, causing both of them discomfort,” CBS News said.

Jenna Wallace, a veterinarian who used to work at the Miami Seaquarium, told a local media house that she believes the occurrence was not isolated. Furthermore, she added, “previous veterinarians and staff have told me that this animal rammed another trainer in the abdomen.” “There’s always something underlying when dolphins become hostile like this,” she continued.

PETA, an animal rights organization, issued a statement on Tuesday condemning the “exploitation of dolphins” at Miami Seaquarium. “The Miami Seaquarium’s time is up, where long-suffering dolphins need protection and workers are in danger,” said Jared Goodman, the organization’s general attorney for animal law.

“PETA asks this abuser park to stop exploiting dolphins by transferring them to sanctuaries as soon as possible,” the statement said, “so that they are never used in tawdry acts again, and no one else is harmed.” Furthermore, a report by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) released last June punished Miami Seaquarium for many animal welfare violations. The report cited bad seafood being fed to animals, dolphins drowning, and pools in disrepair.

Share your thoughts and this whole incident of dolphin attack trainers at the Miami Seaquarium. Do you think animal-cruelty shoes are suitable for entertainment? Tell us in the comments.

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