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Doctor Strange 2 Is The Shortest Marvel Movie For Three Years

If you are a fan of Marvel movies then you must watch Doctor Strange 2. Also it is the shortest Marvel movie for three years.

By Tanya Verma

Updated on 11-04-2022

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The story lined up after the events of Avengers: Endgame; Dr. Stephen keeps up his research on the Time Stone. But an old friend turned enemy finds to demolish every sorcerer on Earth. Messing with Strange's plan, causing him to lose an incommunicable evil. However, Strange will face an oncoming storm, where he will meet with old enemies and new foes. We will see Strange mixed with heroes from different worlds. Therefore, will Strange be able to stop Wanda, and he's an evil variant, or will the world collapse around him. 

Duration of the movie

Doctor Strange 2 Furthermore, Fandango, the cinema ticketing site, lists the duration of Doctor Strange 2 as two hours and six minutes (126 minutes). Moreover, that is almost half an hour shorter than previously rumored and the shortest runtime of any Marvel movie since 2019s, Captain Marvel (124 minutes). Although, for sure, a 126-minute movie is not really a fast watch. But it's a lot less time than the nearly three-hour runtimes in new Marvel films like Avengers: Eternals, Endgame, and Spider-Man: No Way Home. Meanwhile, Doctor Strange 2, which will release on May 4. Although, it is almost the same length as Spider-Man: Far From Home, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Iron Man 2. As well as, it's worth noting that neither Marvel nor a rating board has certify the movie's 126-minute runtime just yet. But given Fandango's standing as a respectable ticketing site and one already selling tickets for Doctor Strange 2. We are confident of its genuineness. Besides, the difference with the equivalently longer Marvel movies released in theatres in current years. As, Doctor Strange 2 is not just any ordinary movie. Its title is enough to tell its presence.  In other words, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness seems fit to give all kinds of parallel universe-prompt surprises that had us expecting a much longer runtime. Above all, Benedict Cumberbatch himself has teased the movie's scope and scale. Similarly, we are surprise by the reviving absorbable 126 minutes figure. And, it's wonderful to see that Raimi and the company plan to deliver a summary story that focuses on quality over quantity.

Analysis: prepare for the craziness

Doctor Strange 2 Capable spoilers follow for Doctor Strange 2. Proceed further only if you have seen all the movie trailers released so far.  Doctor Strange 2 is the eleventh entry in Marvel's Phase 4 plans. It's also the first of the studio's feature-length releases since Spider-Man: 'No Way Home'. In short, a movie that kicked off Marvel's universe-bending hijinks on the big screen. According to, even if its title didn't already suggest so. The movie necessarily has more than a few tricks that we expect. That will surprise, shock, and entertain comic book fans equally. Like, Doctor Strange 2's recent Super Bowl trailer teased the return of Sir Patrick Stewart's Professor Charles Xavier. Suggests we may see 20th Century Studios' X-Men characters finally make their Marvel Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) debut in the upcoming film.  However, the same trailer also revealed the return of Wanda Maximoff. The appearance of an alternate Captain Marvel. And, a host of Doctor Strange variants that the Sorcerer Supreme will necessarily have to overcome in one way or another. Therefore, that's all before mentioning the gossip surrounding Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool. Who may or may not be popping up at some point in the movie (Reynolds himself has refused any abetment in the project, but our spidey senses suggest otherwise).  Furthermore, Doctor Strange 2 can be an even weirder MCU movie than we find. Moreover, we are greatly focus on seeing how director Sam Raimi plans to use his amazingly humble two hours and six minutes. 

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