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Best USB Charging Cables for Mobiles and other Gadgets

Get the best USB charging cables from this list of top selection to charge your device the most efficient way.

By Shivangi Mehra

Updated on 11-03-2022

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In the contemporary age of rapid modernization, everybody owns various new gadgets. Furthermore, gadgets like smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, laptops, etc., have become a vital part of our lives. From professional to personal lives, gadgets have taken a hold on our lives. Moreover, these gadgets consist of chargeable batteries. However, we always have to make sure that our devices' batteries won't run out because of these chargeable devices. We understand that sometimes due to a few technical issues, we need to switch to a new one in no time. Therefore, we have brought a whole list of USB Charging Cables for you in order to charge your devices efficiently. Furthermore, in this guide, you can get the gist of the best USB charging cables for iPhones, Type-C charging cables, and magic charging cables. Hence, let's check these various USB charging cables without further ado.


There are numerous USB charging cables that you can rely on. Furthermore, these are some of the best charging cables for your devices. These charging cables charge your gadgets at a fast speed and efficiently, saving extra power. Hence, let's take a look at those charging cables. 


USB Charging Cables Mivi provides an authentic Type C cable built with bulletproof material in order to safeguard your device while charging. Furthermore, in Mivi charging cable, you get a 1.8 m long cable that is entirely durable, flexible, and strong. Moreover, it has nylon braiding, which holds the cable's threads tight to maintain durability. The best part of this cable is that it is one of the best USB charging cables with USB IF certification and is compatible with all android devices. In addition, the cable has copper conductors that support current up to 2.4 Å, which makes sure that the device is quickly and safely charging. The cable does not tangle easily, making it easy to store and use. Besides, it has a 10.5 mm aluminum casing that lets you plug the charging cable into different phone cases without facing any difficulties. Moreover, it has a reversible design that makes it easy for you to insert the connector into your devices anytime you want. Therefore, you also get AWG twisted cable that provides a high signaling rate and anti-interference to your device.  PRICE: ₹ 449


USB Charging Cables BOAT A 350 is a Type-C charging cable, another quick and safe charging medium for your devices. This BOAT Type-C charging cable is few of the authentic for charging devices, including smartphones, tablets, PC peripherals, speakers, and power banks, safely and quickly. This charging cable supports 3 Å fast charging and is built of sturdy PVC for long life and minimal damage from harsh handling and everyday wear and tear. Furthermore, the cable has been tested to withstand over 7,000 bends during its lifetime and can transmit data at speeds up to approx 480 Mbps. When it comes to appearance and style, the superior cotton braided skin contributes to the cable's quirky yet casual aesthetic while also providing strength. Therefore, BOAT A350 is one of the most reliable USB Charging Cables with a metallic aluminum tip that lets the user connect devices effortlessly and efficiently.  PRICE: ₹ 299


Given the speed with which Mi is growing its client base in India, it's no surprise that the firm has released such a high-quality device. The Mi 2-in-1 USB cable has a unique design that allows you to charge your gadgets quickly. It can be used as a Micro USB or Type-C charging cable, and it also supports Quick Charge (up to 2.4 A). The 250D Nylon casing and copper wire are strengthened with it; the cable can deliver up to 480 Mbps and is exceptionally sturdy. Moreover, the cable is 100 cm long, so you won't be stuck in uncomfortable positions while charging your phone. In addition, it is equipped with 16 conductors that are wrapped in premium quality copper braids that allow it to handle depreciation without getting any damages. Therefore, this multi-functional cable can come in handy if you need a USB Type-C charger or a Micro USB to charge different devices. Henceforth, MI 2-in-1 is one of the most durable USB charging cables that you can find under budget.  PRICE: ₹ 269


apple cable Apple USB Charging cables might get difficult to find in the market. However, if you are looking for an authentic charging cable to charge your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, this product would be best for you. Furthermore, they comes with a USB 2.0 Type-A and a lightning connector that upgrades your charging quality and speed. Moreover, your cable length is approximately 100cm long, making it durable and flexible to use. Besides, the 100cm lightning cable provides speed quality up to 480 Mbps and can also connect to cameras, smartphones, etc., devices. Moreover, the significant point about this charging cable is that it has a reversible design. Hence, the reversible design lets you perform your plugin effortlessly. Therefore, it can fold easily and does not have that much weight, making it extremely portable.  PRICE: ₹1500

5. Zebronics Zeb UCC101 Type C Cable

zebronics The Zebronics Zeb UCC101 is a Type C charging cable. Furthermore, it is one of the most robust USB Charging Cables, which supports up to 2A. Moreover, it charges and syncs up with other devices with long-lasting and robust power quality. Zebronics cable is a 1-meter long cable that is durable and reliable to use. In addition, it provides better connectivity and is ideal for mobile phones or tablets. Therefore, now you can fast-charge your smartphones with Zeb-UCC101, which supports 2 amperes of current. Therefore, use this heavy-duty cable with a reinforced collar, rigorous collar. Hence, it is well-known for its rough-tough quality with a budget-friendly price.  PRICE: ₹ 299

6. AmazonBasics Micro USB

amazonbasics AmazonBasics is prominent for its charging quality at an affordable price. Furthermore, the charging cable has multiple uses; hence, you can use it to transfer data back and forth from your device. Moreover, its sending speed is 480Mbps, which makes it pretty robust to use. Furthermore, you can use it to charge smartphones tablets connecting hard drives, printers, gaming controllers, etc., to your PCs. In addition, it has gold-plated compact connectors that resist corrosion. AmazonBasics cable ensures that it delivers data in no time without taking up much space. However, the charging cable is 3 feet long, which makes it easily usable with no tangling mess.  PRICE: ₹ 229

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