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Best IP Address Tools Of 2022

The Best IP Address Tools Of 2022. The Best IP address monitoring, tracking and locating tools that you can find today.

By Dhruv Kapoor

Updated on 01-07-2022

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The best IP address tools are the need of the hour to make digital networking secure and more accessible. Computer networking has come a long way in enabling devices to connect over large distances. Even devices in faraway locations can now transmit data quickly and smoothly. Therefore, IP address tools are required for safe networking and making it uncomplicated by allocating, managing, and filtering IP addresses.  Furthermore, there are several professions and professionals that operate an extensive network of computers and other devices. Hence, it is natural that they have to manage a lot of IP addresses to keep track of. Therefore, having some reliable and robust IP address tools is necessary. Consequently, you will be able to administer all the addresses on your network with such IP tools. Thus, ensuring that all of your devices can connect to each other properly and troubleshoot any problems with it.

What are IP address tools, and how to use them?

IP Address Tools Before jumping to the best IP address tools and their utilities, let's take a quick look at what they are. An IP address utility aids in the management and tracking of several IP addresses. Furthermore, if you work on/ are in charge of an extensive network of computers and other devices, you will require this. IP address tools are useful to check and troubleshoot network issues in the IP address space, in addition to tracking. Moreover, these tools and IP address managers give a database of your IP addresses. IP address trackers inform you which IP addresses are actually configured for specific devices rather than which IP addresses are available on the network. Plus, IP address scanners allow you to scan a range of IP addresses to see which ones respond.

Our pick for the best IP address tools of 2022

1. Advanced IP Scanner

web equipment One of the best and free IP address tools is the Advance IP scanner by the Famatech Corporation. Furthermore, it is the finest IP address tool that's easy to use for Windows. Also, don't go on the name as this tool is a hassle-free program that one can optimize. For its functionality, you first have to enter the IP address range you'd want to search – which you can type or submit by copy/paste. After that, you can press the enter or go tab to proceed with your search. When the scan is complete, you'll get a report with the responses from each device and other details like the hostname, MAC address, and network interface vendor. This report can then be saved as a CSV file. In addition, Advanced IP Scanner allows you to control devices remotely, including turning them on and off, using the remote desktop protocol (RDP). On top of that, it comes with a slew of features such as cloud asset inventory, compliance and licensing management, and capacity monitoring. Also, this software has over 60 million users. Therefore, nothing could go wrong in giving this one a try. 

2. BlueCat

IP Address Tools BlueCat is one of the result-oriented IP address tools among all to handle your DDI data. DDI is an abbreviation for domain name system, dynamic host configuration protocol, and IP address management. Furthermore, this program provides a web-based interface for controlling all of your network's IP addresses. In addition to displaying them in a table with a variety of information such as hostname, MAC address, IP range, and device. Moreover, it has built-in IP modeling tools and network templates, plus it attempts to make network management more effortless. Network administrators in various professional divisions can use these to combine data from both on-premises and cloud-based devices. However, BlueCat is not a free service, so you would have to pay for them. Plus, you can tailor your plans according to your requirements by contacting the service provider.

3. Angry IP Scanner

networking equipments Angry IP Scanner is a cross-platform IP scanning tool that is free and open source. However, a minor prerequisite must have Java in your system to employ it. It can search both your local network and the internet. Furthermore, you can select to scan the entire network or specific subnets or IP ranges while scanning locally. It can collect hostnames, MAC addresses, ports, NetBIOS information, and currently logged-in user information. You can use plugins to expand the data if more information is required. Also, if you know Java coding, then you can create your own plugins. For cross-platform IP scanning, it is one of the finest IP address tools to use.  Although Angry IP Scanner is a graphical user interface application, it also includes a command-line version. Thus, allowing system administrators to incorporate its features into custom scripts. Also, scan results can be stored in a number of file formats, including CSV, TXT, and XML.

4. Solarwinds IP Control Bundle

secure digital network The IP Control Bundle software from Solarwinds is to help network administrators identify IP conflicts. Along with that, the systems affected by conflicts then modify IP settings to resolve the problems. Using this IP tool, you'll be able to alter the status, type, hostname, and MAC address. Also, you'll be able to access complete information on IPs and linked devices and users. Furthermore, this bundle consists of the SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) and the SolarWinds User Device Tracker (UDT), allowing for quick and easy resolution of IP disputes. Moreover, this program contains a robust reporting system that will notify you if there are any IP conflicts. Plus, it will alert you if any subnets are approaching their maximum capacity. Also Read;  Follow What’s New Dawg for the Computing, Hosting, How to, tech guide and more, also keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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