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Best Coding Blogs 2022

Looking to enhance your coding skill set this year? Here's a list of top and the best coding blogs of 2022 that can help you.

By Himanshi Gupta

Updated on 18-01-2022

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Coding is an intriguing process to learn as it empowers us to create new computer programs. Furthermore, the interest to learn computer programming languages is on fire these days. If you are new to the world of coding and want to explore more about coding programs, then you are on the right path. This blog is a collection of some best programming blogs, coding blogs, and best sites to learn coding from. Furthermore, it will give you updates on the field of coding. Plus, you can check your programming standards and protocols following these blogs and websites.

The best coding blogs enlists top-notch bloggers and websites who have made a reputed name for themselves. Following them, you can learn tips and tricks for coding and programming languages. If you are all in to grasp every ounce of coding, then dive right in.

Best Coding Blogs And Programming Websites To Enhance Your Coding Skill Set

Better Programming

Better Programming is a monthly newsletter that covers the content on coding topics and programming languages published on Medium. It features various articles and write-ups from distinguished authors every day. In addition, it posts categorized and polished material providing an excellent reading experience.

They cover an impressive range of programming languages delivering content for beginners and experienced readers. One can easily generate and boost your skills if you read Better Programming daily. It's a programming blog flowing with abundant information to learn and start your own blog.

best coding

Real Python

Real Python is the ultimate kickstart to your programming language journey. You can learn all the fundamentals you need to develop smartphone apps, games, and embedded computer software. Real Python is a super passionate digital academy and a dedicated website that offers Python programming language courses and tutorials. It focuses on making programming languages more feasible. To all beginners, it's a solid recommendation to conquer their geeky dreams.

real python



It's an online community guiding the tech geeks to code. Forty-nine million learners around the world are learning to code. This platform offers courses like Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C++, Java, PHP, SQL, Ruby, JQuery, C#, Swift, etc., through which you can learn significant coding and programming languages. You can hone your skills and connect with other coders in their forum. 

solo learn coding blogs

My Programming Blog

A student created this blog solely for the purpose of navigating the complicated world of programming and development tools. My Programming blog features exciting facts about C, Java, PHP, Python, and Ruby on Rails. In addition, it posts regularly about tips, techniques, and shortcuts regarding programming. In addition, it has a few best coding blogs and informative reads, which will escalate your coding and programming knowledge.

my programming blog

CSS Tricks

It's an esteemed educational blog post site. CSS Trick is renowned for its programming development and coding blogs founded by Chirs Coyier in 2007. Its initial launch days focused on CSS language for developing web pages. However, this blog site broadened its tricks panel over time. It now also covers JavaScript, Frontend, and Backend.

This programming and coding blog has a prospective side for its readers. Well, after sharpening your coding skills, you can use their employment board and find placements in programming and coding. Furthermore, you can access their web forum and exchange your coding stories with others.

css tricks

Reddit Coding

Reddit Coding is a famed subreddit with a family of 300k. Members put up their coding queries on the platform. For all the beginners, Reddit Coding is absolute heaven. Why? Because it offers free learning in coding and other programming courses. In addition, on Reddit Programming, you can learn programming language philosophy, design, and syntax.

Reddit Coding and Programming forum have a surplus of subjects to learn from, including: 

  • Python programming
  • C+
  • Ruby on Rails
  • PERL
  • Java

However, it's one of the best sites to learn coding and programming as it has all the resources in one place. Since it's a humongous community, you get to experience new stuff every day.

reddit coding blogs


This prominent online portal is an insightful destination for all coding and programming enthusiasts. It's a global shop that offers superior knowledge. A hub of 175k courses and still adding. If you are browsing for the best sites to learn coding, then Udemy can check the box. Anyone can develop and enrich their coding abilities and gain practical knowledge in the sphere of coding and programming languages.

udemy blogs

David Walsh Blog

David Walsh is a software developer for the tech colossus Mozilla. He is a well-versed blogger as well. Moreover, he is a torch-bearer for Mozilla Developer Network, a program to learn web creation. We don't want to take more of your time, so you must go and check out David Walsh Blog and learn from his experience and expertise in the field. You will find an array of informative coding blogs to widen your knowledge quotient.

david walsh blog best coding blogs

The Last Word

To all the beginners and geeks, these are a few top-notch places where you can forge your skills in coding and programming. The last word is to let you all know that we will be back soon with more trendy and prodigious suggestions. If you are new to the coding and programming realm, you can learn to adapt from the above-high-lighted coding blogs and programming websites. And to those who are known, can ace their efficiency.

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