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Apple Watch Ultra Review: Big, Tough And Made For Adventure

This Apple watch ultra review helps in guiding you regarding this watch features, price range, battery life, and other important things.

By Radhika

Updated on 07-10-2022

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Once again, Apple has come out on the market with a new cool and exciting gadget named Apple Watch Ultra. People know this Apple Watch Ultra best for its immense size, toughness, and adventurous and sporty features. This time, Apple introduced this watch from the athletes' and sporty perspectives. Moreover, one of the best features that distinguish the Apple Watch Ultra from the other Apple watches is its outstanding battery life. Apart from this, you can get an added action button, emergency siren, and precision start options in this Apple Watch Ultra.

But the downside features can bother and disappoint you while buying Apple Watch Ultra. Including its too large size for petite wrists and the battery life that does not match the expectation as compared to its competitors. Another lack is that it has no offline maps feature and provides no recovery metrics feature. Furthermore, ignoring this new gadget is less expected and a little harder for Apple lovers. That’s why it suggested going through the entire downward review based on this Apple Watch Ultra.  

Apple Watch Ultra: Price And Release Date

Apple price

The Apple Watch Ultra got released on September 23, with a price range of $799, which you will find a little higher. Moreover, $799 is the only price range that you have to pay for a singular model. But, you have to pay extra for the cellular support as well, which is $399, for the GPS-only version. Besides, cellular connectivity is not optional like the previous Apple Watch 8. Furthermore, you can easily buy this at the Apple Store and on Amazon.   

Apple Watch: Design And Display

The first and foremost thing you will notice after buying Apple Watch Ultra is its size. Yes, you will find its size huge on your wrist, measuring 49mm, and it also feels heavy or bulky. Moreover, it comes with a display with a brightness of 2,000 units, making it easy to read in bright sunlight. Moreover, its bigger screen allows for seven data fields when it comes to its workout modes. As per the perspective of outdoor activities, its bezel is made from titanium, with a lip around its screen that gives it more protection. 

On the other hand, it comes with an inbuilt sapphire glass with an increased water resistance of 100m. Apart from this, it has an added action button, which you can see on the left side of the Apple Watch Ultra. Plus, you will see an action button on the left-hand side of the Apple Watch Ultra, which can be purposely used as a quick launcher. Also, a visible speaker grille above the new button can excite you more with its features. And these are, improving sound quality and an emergency siren of 86 decibels that you can listen to more than 180 meters far away. The emergency siren mode is exceptionally soft with two different patterns, alternate and repeat. 

And also, the emergency siren can run up to several hours, depending on your battery life. Furthermore, if you are a fitness freak, then buying this Apple Watch Ultra proves to be worth it for you as its Action Button straight takes you to the workout function. The Action Button does not exist until the workout function. Still, you can use it for other functions via workout modes, such as swimming, hiking, bike rides, etc. Last, you can press the mid-run button to pause the activity. 

Apple Watch Ultra: Features

AWU- Features

This time Apple has introduced a maximum range of features in the Apple Watch Ultra that can enhance your user experience. And all these are mentioned below in points:

  • Skin Temperature: Basically, it is called a skin temperature sensor and crash detection feature that you can use while traveling and seeking adventure. 
  • Compass App: The Compass App makes this Apple watch Ultra a more capable navigation device. Also, it allows you to save waypoints or specific markers while wandering somewhere. 
  • TrackBack: Using this tack-back feature, you can retrace your steps when you are lost.  
  • Precision Start: The precision start feature lets you start the countdown sequence, i.e.3..2…1. Also, people probably require this precision start feature while starting an activity. Moreover, once you start this feature, you can wait until you know the watch has found the GPS signal. 
  • Wayfinder watch face: The Wayfinder watch face is an exceptional feature that combines all your outdoor sports stuff compilation into a single face. Moreover, you can fully customize the entire face. Also, your face turns red once you rotate the crown to get better visibility in the dark.
  • New Depth App: With the help of this new depth app, you can measure your diving depth while swimming. But, the only missing fitness feature that you will find is its ability to upload offline maps onto the watch.     

Apple Watch Ultra: GPS

GPS ultra

GPS is the most relevant point of this Apple Watch Ultra for fulfilling the navigation purpose. Besides, this time, Apple has added a dual-frequency GPS feature to the watch that integrates L1 and L5 algorithms. Moreover, this feature enables the watch to deliver an accurate GPS of any Apple Watch to date, indeed. As per the information, it reads the same distance as Google Maps regarding tracking. Furthermore, you can consider it helpful and trustworthy on race days by getting 100% accurate data on your watch.    

Apple Watch Ultra: Health And Sleep Tracking

Sleep n Health

From the health perspective, Apple has upgraded and added its features to Apple Watch Ultra this time. The very first is the skin temperature sensor which helps you inform in two ways. And these are, first, sleep tracking and second, cycle track. Besides, using the skin temperature sensor will be able to read the skin's temperature every five seconds overnight. The Apple Watch Ultra also takes care of privacy and security. And it is possible, due to the Touch ID or Face ID feature, that you can access your cycle tracking data encoded on your device only via passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID. Moreover, in the future, Apple may make the Skin temperature feature more advanced to understand stress and fever. But the downside is it does not tell about the needed resting hours as other gadgets do.

Apple Watch Ultra: Battery Life

Batt Life

Basically, the Apple Watch Ultra possesses the capability to run for 12 hours, which you can find less as compared to other watches available on the market. Moreover, suppose you are using it in the new low-power mode. In that case, its battery life will only be able to run for 15/16 hours, along with GPS and heart rate capabilities. As per rumors, the new upcoming feature associated with battery life enables it to run extended to 60 hours. Furthermore, you can trust its battery life if you indulge in running or marathons, as it can smoothly work for 12 hours with GPS.   

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