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9 Tips To Make Your Guestroom Feel Like A Hotel

Need help giving your room a hotel worthy feeling? We found 9 of the many ways to make your guestroom to feel like a hotel instantly.

By Dhruv Kapoor

Updated on 24-05-2022

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Having a warm and welcoming atmosphere at your home makes guests feel comfortable and relaxed. Furthermore, the break novel coronavirus and pandemic makes enough reason for people to spend time together outside and at each other's places. Going out is less of a hassle when you just have to get ready and get going with your buddies or family. On the other hand, inviting people gets you on the track of working all day and attending to their needs. Which can be bothersome; however, it feels much more lively to have some great company around. Moreover, while tending to your friends and family, the concerns center on how to make your guestroom feel like a hotel. Some people know a few tips and tricks on making a guestroom feel like a hotel. But now everyone has expertise in this hospitality subject. Furthermore, people do make changes and maintain a clean place to establish a welcoming environment for visitors to feel at ease. Prepping a regular guestroom for a hotel room can surely give the person using the room a luxurious feel like a real hotel. Moreover, it simply shows that you care enough for your guests to provide suitable staying accommodation. It only takes a few innovative, elegant solutions that are simple to implement and do not cost a fortune. So, here are our pointers on making your guestroom feel like a hotel and treating guests like royalty.

1. Clean Up

A clean and tidy place does gather alacrity and allows the flow of positive air. Therefore, first, begin with cleaning up and getting rid of clutter taking up space. Generally, people's guestrooms get converted into home offices, mini gyms, or storage spaces. Henceforth, clean up all the settings that you have made and make sure everything is removed. Also, don't add too much stuff or furniture, and keep the space minimal to make your guestroom feel like a hotel. In addition, only use things like bed, nightstand, storage space, table, and a chair/seating area. Wipe and vacuum the whole room to make it safer and more secure for living.

2. Create Storage Space

To make your guestroom feel like a hotel, you must provide sufficient storage space for your guests. Furthermore, many hotels have enough space to fit a seasonal wardrobe. Therefore, you should follow this by including an empty wardrobe or drawer space for guests' apparel and useful blanket boxes or ottomans that can also serve as a seat. Moreover, add some good hangers and laundry bags for extra care. However, if your room doesn't have the space for a closet, you can install garment racks and shelves.

3. Premium Bedding

You can be in a pickle when it comes to bedding as hotels provide different sizes and types of bedding in their rooms. Also, when having guests for an overnight stay, a bed is a crucial element. In such cases, you can only ensure that you have excellent mattress quality. Here, top memory foam or premium foam mattress would be of great help in having a relaxed sleep. Apart from the mattress, it would help if you also worked on the presentation of the bed as it is the focal point of the room. Therefore, stick to pristine, white linen as a general guideline for a posh hotel vibe.

4. Makeover The Nightstands

Nightstands or side tables alongside the bed in hotel rooms add more vibe of being surrounded by luxe. Therefore, look for these details and decorate your's with attractive lamps, vases, candles, or even a water carafe. Furthermore, these elements will instantly alleviate your overall aesthetics, making your guestroom feel like a hotel. Add some exciting reads if the guest stays for longer than a day to top it off. However, make sure to selectively choose these things and not use them all to create clutter.

5. Mirror, Mirror In The Room

Mirrors and light colors create an excellent deception that this room is bigger. Hence, adding one like a full-length mirror in the room would be a great addition. Furthermore, it is helpful, especially when your visitors are getting ready for the day. Full-length or huge mirrors are an excellent way to open up a small guest room and reflect natural light. If you don't have one, then it's totally fine as long as you have a wall-mounted mirror or a regular dressing-table mirror.

6. Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

Clean and odor-free bathrooms are a necessity in general. Furthermore, to make your guestroom feel like a hotel, you have to turn your standard bathroom into a spa. A spa is a relaxing and comforting place to visit. Make sure there are clean, fluffy towels, a variety of toiletries, and a hairdryer on hand. In addition, it's preferable to have matching towels and blankets rather than mismatched ones. Moreover, add aromas like essential oil diffusers or scented candles to keep it smelling fresh.

7. Choose The Appropriate Window Treatments

Depending on how much light your room receives, blackout curtains or blinds may be necessary to provide privacy and darkness for your guests. If you have a small or dark space, choose light and neutral-colored blinds to lighten it up. If your room is dark because of a lack of natural light, read how to brighten a dark room for helpful hints.

8. Some Leisure Activity

Considering a hotel as an infrastructure filled with things and activities for leisure pursuits and to kill time, it won't be easy to fit all of that in a single room. Therefore, you can do your maximum by adding TVs, WiFi, a bluetooth speaker, and small exercise equipment. This way, you can somewhere make your guestroom feel like a hotel.

9. Concentrate On Finishing Details

Even when it comes to guestroom styling, the devil is in the details. Bringing the outdoors in with lush green plants or a vase of fresh flowers is a terrific way to do so. To add character, hang bright artwork or framed images on the walls. If you really want to wow your visitors, add a mini fridge to treat that guest who is most important to them.  Those were our 9 tips to make your guestroom feel like a hotel that one can trust. Also, if you have something of yours, do share it with us and everyone in the comments. Plus follow What’s New Dawg for more How to, tech guide, and reviews. Also keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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