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7 Best Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow This Year

Here, get information regarding the best seven fashion-driven influenzers. Those are popular on social media for their different motivating fashion and style.

By Radhika

Updated on 02-12-2022

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No wonder keeping yourself updated with the ongoing fashion trend and activities is today’s necessity. And to know you can make it possible, there is no need to check out a pile of fashion magazines and websites on your PC/laptop is not needed. The reason behind this is today's most preferable best fashion bloggers and their blogs. By providing these fashion blogs, these bloggers try to update people about the latest and upcoming accessories and handbags. Things are not just restricted to accessories and handbags; you can get fresh ideas about new clothing styles and brands. 

Suppose you are fond of styling and fashion but need more time for fashion updates regarding available accessories and handbags online. Also, to make yourself aware of accessories handbags online sale, it is relevant to add following these fashion bloggers to the list of your daily habits. These fashion influencers have a fan following of millions on their social media handles, which keeps them motivated and engaged with people. Furthermore, to know more about these fashion bloggers and their blogs based on accessories and handbags, availability of accessories handbags online, and upcoming accessories handbags online sale, straight jump onto the downward information. 

Top 7 Famous Fashion Bloggers- 

  • Gabi Gregg - Og Fat Girl 

Gabi Gregg started her fashion journey to support and encourage plus-size women in this fashion world. In order to dig more, Gabi Gregg started everything with a blog approximately a decade ago. And from there, her fashion journey towards promoting body positivity and a new way to represent fashion in a stylish, vibrant, and colorful way. Apart from its blogs on accessories and handbags, if you see its clothing lines, such as “Premme,” dedicated to plus sizes. Another is “fatkini,” where you can find swimwear for every body type. That’s how she motivates and inspires people. To learn more about her clothing line, you can follow her blogs on

  • Lisa Gachet - Make My Lemonade

Lisa Gachet is a Parisian fashion blogger and a DIY queen who started blogging a few years ago. If you see her progress, she recently launched her brand that represents the true version of her fashion sense. And the name of her fashion brand is “Do It Yourself Fashion,” which provides only limited editions and shows the true reflection of her personality in her fashion line. Moreover, you can find her fashion line, accessories, and handbags affordable, unique, and in color. Furthermore, to update yourself regarding accessories handbags' online availability and accessories handbags online sale, follow her fashion blogs on website. 

  • Wendy Nguyen - Wendyslookbook 

If you want to see a complete blend of people, culture, art, and music, then Wendy Nguyen is the one you must look at. Besides inspiring people with her fashion blogger, she is also a content creator and a juvenile justice advocate. Moreover, Wendy Nguyen believes and passionately works for underprivileged people and foster children. The well-known behind this is her own struggle story that motivates her to do so. In her words, her fashion sense is something that replicates her inspiration and learning from real life. Furthermore, if you are keen to know about her fashion tastes, accessories, and handbag collection, follow her blog site, 

  • Kat Farmer - Does My Bum Look 40 

You will find Kat Farmer, 43, one of the oldest fashion bloggers, who keeps awareness regarding accessories and handbags. Plus, she keeps her followers updated about ongoing clothing, accessories handbags worth purchasing online. Apart from being a fashion blogger, she is also a personal stylist and also a wardrobe consultant. As she said, her dedication is towards tackling the 40s without being old-fashioned or dowdy. And this is exactly what she is implementing in her real life, along with providing her true fashion statement. Furthermore, if the above-given glimpses of information inspired you somewhere and at some point. It is suggested to check out her fashion theme at Here, you can find a perfect balance of femininity, redefining style, fashionable pieces, and floral inspiration. 

  • Lyn Slater - Accidental Icon 

The story behind starting “Accidental Icon” by Lyn Slater is the inadequacy of fashion blogs nourishing the need of women, those crossed their 50s. Undoubtedly, the fashion world needs more revolutionary and unconventional influencers like her. You can consider Lyn Slater a stereo breaker of this fashion society as she is sixty years old and living her own life following the right reasons. Moreover, with her truly inspiring fashion sense, Lyn proves every time that age is just a number. Now, if you want to sneak-peek what’s hiding in her fashion sense, make yourself a member of her 400,000 fan club at Here you can find her most preferred clothing, accessories and handbag updates.   

  • Akanksha Redhu 

At her blog page, you can get a complete package of fashion & other updates for different occasions and opportunities. You can get updates on every category, from travel update posts to fashion, lifestyle, beauty tips, and event coverages. Apart from this, you can get the best fashion updates from Akanksha Redhu on the latest and most affordable accessories and handbags. Plus, posts on accessories handbags online availability along with accessories handbags online sale updates. Moreover, her 131k following on Instagram keeps her always dedicated to her work. Most amazingly, she runs India’s top fashion blog by proving her fashion inputs and awareness.

  • Tami Reed- Talking With Tami

Tami Reed is one of the fashion bloggers that doesn’t need any introduction. Although, she is a fascinating personality that everyone wants to reach out to. Besides, her personality, humor, aura, wit, and fashion sense represent her and make big brands drawn toward her. Most amazingly, she was famous even before she started her journey as a fashion blogger on social media. She got mostly noticed during her days as her Red carpet consultant and entrepreneur, where people appreciated her most because of her outfits, accessories and handbags. And that’s how she is carrying her journey of becoming a Hollywood updater and a fashion blogger. Hence, to stay updated and catch up with Tami Reed's ongoing happenings, straight jump on the blog page.

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