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10 Settings To Make Your Android Smartphone More Secure

Are you concerned about the security of your Android smartphone? Read this blog to make your Android smartphone more secure.

By Shivangi Mehra

Updated on 05-03-2022

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With the ongoing modernization and digitalization, technology has become an integral part of our lives. For instance, mobile phones, be it ios or android, have taken over everyone's mind. Furthermore, smartphones now define the digital identity and businesses' presence. Moreover, according to the statistical data, more than 70% of the population use android smartphones. Besides, high technology and net surfing come with significant downfalls too. Therefore, it is essential to secure our Android smartphones. Although, nowadays, people rely more on their smartphones, that adds to their values. However, smartphones come with serious concerns, i.e., viruses and hacking issues which impinge our security and identity. In addition, when you lose or misplace your android smartphone, then a vast amount of our sensitive information is also lost and not just the smartphone. Moreover, highly discreet business, emails, passwords, important files are now running through our android smartphones. Thus, you can evaluate the repercussions of misplacing it or not using secure files. Your data is at constant risk. Hence, protect your credentials and files using more secure settings to your android smartphones. Also, if you are using an Android smartphone right now, you can check out these significant steps to secure your phone immediately.

Steps To Secure Your Android Smartphone

secure your phone If you are not aware of the fact that your android smartphone actually holds a bunch of powerful and practical security attributes. Furthermore, some of those safety features are already active since the day you bought the android smartphone. However, a few security settings are still left behind in your absence. Therefore, check these security tactics to safeguard your android smartphones. 

1. Smartlock

Android Smartphone Using a smart lock is the first and foremost step to secure your android smartphone. Furthermore, it is more likely to lose your files when your smart lock is not enabled. Also, using a smart lock is convenient. For instance, if a thief snatches your phone, the screen lock would buy you some time to block all the running systems before the intruder opens it. Moreover, you can block your debit or credit cards on your android smartphones. Besides, the ideal kind of password that you can use to lock your screens is the 'pin code.' therefore, it is vital to use an android smartphone screen lock in order not to make your android smartphone vulnerable in a room full of people. 

2. Use Device Encryption

device encryption Encryption is essential while safeguarding your android smartphones. Furthermore, encryption is a process of encoding all user data on any Android device using symmetric encryption keys. When the user accomplishes the encryption procedure, all user-created data is automatically encrypted prior to committing it to the disk. Additionally, it reads all decrypted data files prior to restoring them to the calling process. However, follow these steps if you want to turn on your android smartphones' encryption.
  1. Go to settings> then security> Encryption> Screen Lock.
  2. Then, select the PIN option and enter the pin in it. Therefore, the android device is now ready to encrypt.  
  3.  Third, use the settings menu to open the encryption screen below.
  4. Fourth, follow this procedure further i.e. Settings> Security> Encryption> Encrypt tablet or encrypt phone. 
Hence, through this procedure, your encryption will be complete. 

3. Safe Browsing

Android Smartphone We often tend to connect our android smartphones to the free Wifi network available at any place. However, not many people know that free Wifi network connectivity comes with harmful malware. Therefore, it is advisable to browse safely while using any network connectivity. Moreover, the dark web lurks behind the internet, which might try to hack into your device's network. Although most of them don't accomplish hacking, few of them accomplish stealing your private database. Henceforth, it would be best to avoid public wifi or hotspots as much as possible. However, if you are in need of internet connectivity and are using public wifi, then make sure to encrypt your connection with a VPN. in addition, you can find many VPN providers with safe apps available. 

4. Use A VPN

VPN services A VPN is a Virtual Private Network through which the users can add a layer of security shield to the internet connection. Moreover, it is the best way through which you can make your android smartphones secure and safe to use. Various VPN providers provide you safe VPN and its apps to use. However, make sure that you choose a reliable VPN service provider. In addition, the VPN services are reliable, fast speed, and come with excellent customer support. The VPN services provide diligent and dedicated apps for all devices.

5. Google Play Protect

Android Smartphone Enable Google Play Protect to safeguard your android smartphones from any external malware bugging into your device. Furthermore, Google Play Protect continuously scans your phone and detects any apps having malware or caches. Henceforth, it warns you if anything suspicious emerges. In addition, it double checks your android smartphone and updates you about any hindrance to your smartphone. Therefore, to enable Google Play Protect to upgrade your security, follow these steps further. 
  • First, visit the 'Security' section in your Settings. 
  • Second, click on the icon 'Google Play Protect.'
  • Third, click on the gear icon in the upper-right corner and ensure the toggles are activated.

6. Guest Mode

protect your device An incredible feature was introduced in 2014, where you can let someone snoop into your android smartphone in a 'guest mode.' How intriguing, right? Now, you can let someone else use all the parts of your phone without letting them encounter your private files. Therefore, android has this fantastic system, despite no one making use of it. Henceforth, check these steps below to enable the guest mode in your android smartphone.
  • First, swipe down at the top of your screen to open your notifications.
  • Second, at the top right, tap on your avatar.
  • Third, click Add guest, and you'll switch to Guest Mode.
Thus, you will enable the 'Guest Mode' feature procedure with this.

7. Two Factor Authentication

Android Smartphone This is the most crucial factor to safeguard your android smartphone from harmful malware. Moreover, most users skip this feature because it might get tedious to use every time. Furthermore, the feature enhances the security of your device by enabling two shields to enter into your phones. Moreover, two-factor authentication requires the user to authenticate with a password and a unique authentication code. Further, that authentication code is sent via OTP every time. In addition, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Apple, Twitter, Microsoft, Amazon, etc., offer two-factor authentication features to you. Also, you can enable this feature from the 'Settings' of your device. For instance, if someone steals your phone, they will not access your data or files without the authentication key.

8. Enable Find My Device

device protection There is this great feature in android smartphones where you can locate your device if it gets stolen or misplaced. Furthermore, it is one of the most tech-savvy in-built features of android. Moreover, it has its mechanism for finding, ringing, locking, and even erasing a device from afar. Therefore the steps to enable it are as follows:
  • Visit your 'Settings' and move further to the 'security' section in it. 
  • In the 'security' section, you can find the icon "Find My Device." 
  • Please enable it and make sure the toggle on your screen turns on.
However, in Samsung mobile phones, find my device is called 'Find My Mobile, which works the same as the prior one. Similarly, its enabling process also matches. Although if you want to track your phone down, then visit from any browser. In addition, you can do a Google search on 'find my device.' Also, as long as you are able to connect to your Google account, you can track your device and manage it from a distance.

9. Backups Are Vital

Android Smartphone Backups are an essential part of safeguarding if you own a device. Furthermore, you can backup your database in your Google Drive, One Drive, Smartcard, or external hard drive. Moreover, this procedure will enable you to safeguard your private files and keep your identity secure and stored in the right place. Besides, it is always advisable to save your personal data onto any cloud or hard drive. This way, you can keep your database safe from external threats and hackers, etc. in addition, the backing is vital because if at any point you lost your phone, then all your data is stored safely someplace else. Hence, you can retrieve your old previous files anytime you want quickly.

10. Use An Antivirus Protection Software

best antivirus It is essential to use antivirus protection software for your android smartphone. Furthermore, it is advisable, coming from tech experts, that users should download and install antivirus protection apps. These apps enable upgrading the security and building a safety shield to protect your database. Moreover, you can find many antivirus protection software on the google store to install. Therefore, install this software to safeguard your identity and files from external threats and malware. 

Bottom Line

Android smartphones are often an easy target for hackers to hack. Therefore, without sparing any minute, you should upgrade your security. Hence, through these few steps, you can enhance your smartphones and will be able to protect your data from harmful threats.

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