Hotstar Party: What It Is And How To Use It

Shouting out to all the Hotstar fanatics, here’s a thing for you to cheer at. Now, not only can you stream all your desired Hotstar shows and movies with a cinematic experience, but also you can stream in sync with anyone who is distant and living too far physically. Thus, here’s a way for you to connect virtually with everyone around the world for free. Hotstar Party is a free extension that lets you host and join virtual watch parties on Hotstar and stream in sync with everyone else. Therefore, now you can feel your loved ones close to you despite the distance. However, that’s not all. The Hotstar party extension has many features that can level up your experience of Hotstar streaming forever. Moreover, you can enjoy a cinematic experience from the comfort of your home.

With an unlimited number of people at your watch party, you’re guaranteed to have a blasting experience. Furthermore, to use this extension, you need to install it first. Thus, let’s move forward and know all about how you can throw a Hotstar party.

What Is Hotstar Party?

hotstar party

Hotstar party is a simple and uncomplicated extension that lets you host and join an enjoyable virtual Hotstar watch party. However, the best part is that it enables you to make a virtual watch party anywhere in the world. Therefore, it doesn’t matter where your loved ones are. Now you can connect with them with fun. Furthermore, you can seamlessly sync and stream anything together, which feels like you’re together in a room even with so much distance between you. The extension has many features that will help you amplify your streaming spree. In addition to this, you can control the Hotstar party and change the settings according to yourself. You can also talk while you chat with your friends and send reactions to particular scenes to maximize the fun.

We know what you’re thinking! That it can’t get any better than this. However, with Hotstar party extension, it can get a lot better than this. Therefore, hold your horses and keep reading about all the things you need to install and how to use it. Also check out – NETFLIX PARTY, HBO MAX WATCH PARTY

What You Need To Install Hotstar Party?

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As we mentioned earlier, this is a very unchallenging and uncomplicated extension and requires significantly less. Thus, if you want to create a Hotstar watch party, you need to have your separate Hotstar account. Please remember that you can’t use a Hotstar account that has been used by more than one person. Therefore, all the watch party members need to have their own Hotstar account. Apart from this, the extension supports Chromebooks, macOS, Windows, Laptops, and PCs. Therefore, you can not use a mobile or iPad. Please note that you need either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser to install the extension. Hence, these are the only things you require to proceed along with a stable internet connection. Now, let’s move forward and see how to install the Hotstar party extension.

How To Install The Hotstar Party Extension?

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Downloading the Hotstar party extension is very simple and just a matter of minutes. Now, just follow these steps and start enjoying this extension.

  • Visit the official Chrome Web Store and search for Hotstar party extension there. Moreover, you can click here.
  • Thereafter, hit on the “ADD TO CHROME” button.
  • Now, a small window will pop up asking to confirm if you want to install the extension. Therefore, you must click on the “ADD EXTENSION” button to proceed.
  • Furthermore, you need to pin the extension to the toolbar. However, if you don’t see the extension icon there, then click on the puzzle icon on the top-right corner of your browser, and you’ll find it there.

These were the simple steps to install the Hotstar party extension. Hence, if you follow them carefully, you’ll be able to download the extension successfully and sync your watch parties with everyone worldwide. Moreover, you still need to know how to use the extension. Therefore, look down below to know how to use this extension.

How To Use The Hotstar Party Extension?

how to use the watch party extension

Let’s move forward, hoping that you’ve installed the extension to your device. Follow the steps mentioned below and be the best host of virtual parties. Thus, get your popcorn and soda ready.

  • Initially, you need to install and pin the Hotstar party extension.
  • Further, you need to visit the Hotstar website and log in to your separate account. Make sure that you log in to your individual account.
  • Now, search for a video on Hotstar that you desire to enjoy at your watch party. Moreover, you need to search and then play the video.
  • Next, click on the extension icon you pinned earlier to drop a small window. In addition to this, the window will be named “CREATE A WATCH PARTY,” and it will have a “START A PARTY” button. Thus, you need to click on that button to generate an invitation link.
  • Finally, all you have to do now is share that watch party URL with your friends and invite them over for the party of your life.

How To Join A Hotstar Watch Party?

Joining a Hotstar party is as simple as hosting a Hotstar party. You just need to follow the same initial procedure of downloading the extension, pinning it, and logging into your Hotstar account. Thereafter, all you have to do is click on the invitation link sent to you by your friend. Thus, you will reach the most amazing and mood-altering virtual party with just a click.

Why Use Hotstar Party Extension?

features of hotstar watch party
  • All watch parties have seamless and smooth synchronization to keep everyone on the same page. As a result, even if the host makes modifications to the video, the video will remain intact, and the changes will appear on all screens.
  • There are no limits to the number of people you can invite to your Hulu viewing party. Thus, you can enjoy being with everyone simultaneously, even if they are far away.
  • The live group chat box gives you the impression of being in the same room as everyone else. You can communicate with everyone in real-time and feel everyone around you while watching your movie.
  • It’s more enjoyable because the user profile can be customized. Therefore, you can choose a colorful avatar as your user icon and a unique nickname as your user name. Furthermore, both of these items will be visible at your watch party and in the group conversation.
  • Thanks to the HD video quality, all of your videos will have great clarity and a theatrical feel. Hence, you can have a movie-like experience from the comfort of your own home.
  • You can virtually connect with someone on the other side of the world.
  • By enabling the “ONLY I HAVE CONTROL” feature button in settings, you can control the entire watch party. Thus, if you want to take charge of the viewing party, you’ll be able to pause, play, fast forward, and rewind the video while keeping everyone in sync.
  • The Hulu watch party has no buffering or slow loading issues. Hence, you may watch uninterrupted videos without the discomfort of buffering.

What Can You Watch At A Hotstar Party?

Hotstar has something for every type of binge-watcher. Thus, it makes no difference who you’re streaming with. There’s something for everyone. You’ll be able to enjoy something appropriate with your family and friends, whether you’re viewing it with kids, teenagers, adults, or anybody else. Furthermore, the extension is legitimate and applicable across the whole Hotstar library. Therefore, you can use the Hotstar party to watch any Hotstar show or movie. Moreover, we know how difficult it could get to decide on one movie or show. So here are some recommendations on what you can watch on Hotstar. Thus, you can enjoy all-time popular movies and shows like Euphoria, Eternals, Hawkeye, Encanto, Star wars series, Pirates of the Caribbean, Iron man, and much more.

Which Countries You Can Enjoy Hotstar Party In?

In places where Hotstar is available, the Hotstar party extension is available. Therefore, before inviting everyone to a virtual watch party, double-check which countries they are from and whether Hotstar is available. Although the extension prefers everyone to be from the same country, someone from another region can utilize VPN services to modify their location. Hence, it makes no difference where you are. You can host and join the Hotstar party if Hotstar is available in your country.


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