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This Simple Iphone Tip Fixes Your Selfies Immediately — Try It Now

If you are a iPhone user and are facing problems while clicking selfies. Here is this simple iPhone tip fixes your selfies immediately.

By Tanya Verma

Updated on 30-04-2022

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The mirror front camera iPhone feature only requires some seconds to turn on and off and can make a big difference to your pictures and fix your selfies. However, if you are thinking about what we talking about, have you ever noticed your selfies looking slightly different? Like after taking them from how they looked in the camera preview and wanting to fix your selfies? Therefore, unless you get an ideally symmetrical face and are standing in perfectly balanced surroundings, it often is different what you see in the preview and what you see in your final selfie. 

Furthermore, it is because without a mirror front camera turned on, your iPhone's Camera really flips the picture you see in the preview after clicking the shutter. Also, if you notice the picture in the photos, you will see it's different from how it looked in the Camera preview. As well as, here are 9 hidden iOS tricks that iphone user must know. 

fix your selfies

Moreover, to explain, the picture above is what we saw in my Camera app's preview when clicking a selfie. If you notice, the tree is on the left of the picture.

Whereas, above was the resulting image after we took it, as it appeared in my photos app. Do observe that now the tree is on the right. The picture has been overturned.  

The overturned picture will be an actual representation of what you look like to others, but it is not what you will look when you see in the mirror; that's why you need to fix your selfies. And, not it is what you look at in the camera preview or the selfies you click on social apps like Instagram. In case, just like me, you like the image you look in the mirror or if you want to keep your social content consistent. Though, having pictures overturned makes a huge difference to the look of your selfies. Thankfully, there's a super easy hack to turn your iPhone's front Camera into mirror mode. 

How to turn on Mirror Front Camera on iPhone

fix your selfies
  • First, open up the Settings app 
  • Then, go to the Camera 
  • Now, scroll down to Mirror Front Camera, toggle it to the on position

That's all; it's really to the point, right? But it can make a massive difference to the look of your selfies like you have to fix your selfies. Especially if you're used to how your selfies seem when you take them from within the Snapchat and Instagram apps or if you've spent time intentionally composing your shots. 

This is my picture reshot with the setting toggled on. You will see the tree is on the left of the picture again, just like the Camera preview; that is how you know it's working.   

Ensure you follow Tom's Guide on TikTok for more iPhone hacks, tricks, and covered features just like this one. Also, check out our guide to the hidden iPhone features everyone must know. As well as, this iPhone trick allows you to cast Harry Potter spells with Siri.

And if you're in the market to buy one of the best camera phones, have a look at our iPhone 13 Pro review and iPhone 13 Pro Max review. Moreover, there are a number of apps to fix your selfies; you can also download them. 

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