5 HBO Max Shows That Warner Bros. Discovery Shouldn’t Cancel

HBO Max is one of the leading streaming platforms and is loved by audiences very much. When the content catalog is as incredible as HBO Max’s, it is hard to resist the binge-watch cravings. Furthermore, the platform has classic and everyone’s favorite Friends shows. However, the content library does get brushed up routinely; thus, several HBO Max shows and movies leave the platform. This happens because of the negotiation of the streaming platform with production houses, studios, and makers. Although this content fading away is also necessary for new content to air on the service. Moreover, many shows get canceled for cost-cutting and lack of resources.

However, there are a few suggestions that Warner Bros. Discovery must not cancel and continue to have a solid audience. The following HBO Max shows are all an amalgamation of several genres that one would love to stream.

HBO Max Shows That Warner Bros. Discovery Shouldn't Stop

1. The Rehearsal

HBO Max show

Thanks to Nathan Fielder, people get a chance to rehearse their own lives in a world where nothing ever happens as planned. In this HBO Max show, Nathan Fielder gives people the opportunity to prepare for their own lives in a world where nothing ever appears to happen as planned. HBO wouldn’t reveal if it were scripted or more in the Nathan For You vein.

Nathan Fielder explores the lengths to which one guy will go in a new television series to minimize daily life’s uncertainties. Thanks to a construction team, a legion of actors, and what seems like an unlimited supply of resources, Fielder offers ordinary people the chance to “rehearse” life’s most significant moments in expertly crafted simulations of his own design. Why gamble?

2. Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn, who is a casual killer, happily immoral, and psychologically disturbed, is the most well-known female comic book character. She used to work in mental health but broke her Hippocratic Oath when she jumped into bed with a homicidal, deranged patient and began a crime spree that would make Bonnie and Clyde wince. Although she occasionally makes the world a better place, it has always been by accident and never for the purpose of truth, justice, or the American Way. She first entered our world 22 years ago as a one-off character in a Batman cartoon. But these unseen traits of Harley Quinn in the HBO Max show is something Warner Bros. Discovery must continue to serve the audiences.

3. Hacks

HBO Max show

In Hacks, a renowned Las Vegas comic named Deborah Vance mentors a 25-year-old entitled outcast who is a social outsider. The well-known and successful comedian Deborah Vance knows her career is beginning to decline. On the other hand, the young comedy writer Ava had already suffered a significant setback in her career when she was fired due to an insensitive post. Despite their differences, the two collaborate to edit Deborah’s writing, creating an unconventional mentorship in the process. Additionally, this HBO Max show has a fresh plot with loaded comical twists. 

4. The Sex Lives of College Girls

Housemates in Vermont’s Essex College, aged 18 of all four, the plot line of The Sex Lives of College Girls. These sexually active college females are a jumble of contradictions and hormones that are endearing and annoying. Four college roommates are followed in “The Sex Lives of College Girls” as they enroll at the esteemed Essex College in New England. The girls, a jumble of emotions and paradoxes, are both endearing and exasperating as they adjust to their new, liberated lifestyles on campus.

5. Our Flag Means Death

Warner Bros. Discovery

It is the year 1717. Stede Bonnet, a wealthy landowner, suffers a midlife crisis and resolves to abandon his comfortable life to become a pirate. Things don’t go well based on a real account. Based on the real exploits of would-be pirate Stede Bonnet from the 18th century (Rhys Darby). Steve takes command of the pirate ship Revenge after trading in the seemingly carefree life of a gentleman for a daring pirate. After a fateful encounter with the notorious Captain Blackbeard, Stede’s fortunes alter as he struggles to win the respect of his possibly mutinous crew. However, his hustle and this HBO Max show, Our Flag Means Death, are all binge-worthy. 

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