Types Of Link That Will Boost Your Site’s Search Ranking

We mentioned the anatomy of hyperlinks and link building in our first blog of this series. This series will explain all aspects of link-building techniques to you. Therefore, if you’re a beginner in SEO, you must follow this series. In addition to this, we discussed all hyperlinks and link-building techniques in our previous blog. Furthermore, it’s time to talk about the type of links you can build in this chapter. Thus, this blog will enlighten you on the value of different types of links and how to know which one works best for you. Hence, let’s start with types of links that will boost your website’s search ranking.

Links Created By Users

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This is not very often or frequent, but links generated by users themselves are primarily of low quality and hence are counted as lousy quality links by Google. Moreover, this is because you are creating those links and basically validating and promoting yourself. However, when deciphering which websites deserve to be on better ranks, google isn’t looking for that. Therefore, it can’t consider links created by you to a great extent. Since these links are not given to you by other users, they have less impact on Google than the ones given to you by others.

In addition to this, these types of links were helpful for some websites for some SEOs in the past. However, this type of link building must be implemented with great caution now. As we mentioned in our previous blog, Google filters out websites regularly according to their updates. Similarly, these types of techniques often get targeted by Google for overusing and over-optimization and hence lead to penalization of that website by Google. For instance, when you create links yourself that have – blog commenting, over-optimized hyperlinks in press releases, guest posts, profile creation, directories, and more such activities.

Editorial Links

  1. The ones you didn’t ask for.
  2. The ones you asked for.
editorial types of link

The Links You Don't Ask For

Remember how we talked about internal and external linking and how it’s crucial for bringing the Google crawler to our website? Can you imagine that most links online are made without the user having to ask for a link? Let us tell you why! Since these links are created by third-party websites, they have a bigger impact on Google. They make these types of links because they like your website, its products, or the content so much that they can’t help but share your service with other people by endorsing your website link on their website.

This is precisely what you should aim to achieve in the long run. Therefore, getting these links where you don’t ask for them brings you the biggest quality link for SEO strategy. Now you must be thinking how one must do that, right? It’s pretty easy for popular brands to get these types of links since they’re already famous and people are aware of their brand. For instance, Samsung doesn’t need to ask for links since it’s a big brand. Therefore, whenever Samsung launches a new product, bloggers and different people will talk about it on their websites and link to it to help their audience. And that right there is the type of link you need. However, you’re not yet a big brand, right? So, it’s almost impossible for you to get a link from someone else without asking.

Your approach must be to create a website with such excellent services and products that are just hard to ignore. Therefore, if your website has worthy content, then sooner or later, you’ll get there. Hence, you have to grab your audience’s attention by creating content on your website with an undivided focus, which will lead to an immense number of links eventually. Moreover, this linking technique is beneficial for an extended period and gets your website the best type of promotion. Thus, don’t be under the impression that it’s impossible to achieve this goal.

The Links You Ask For

These types of editorial links, which we like to call third-party links, are as important and impactful as the links you didn’t ask for. Why? Because someone else is endorsing your product service via your website link. However, here you’re asking them to give you a link, but still, it’s the same type. What matters here is how you are going to approach them. You have to present something so thoughtful and meaningful that benefits them. Thus, you have to work very hard for it and in a way that your content grabs their attention, and they find it worthy enough to promote it. In addition to this, you must target relevant audiences to approach so that they find your website and its content valuable.

Nofollow Links

You might or might not have heard of this attribute called nofollow and dofollow in links. However, it will look like a regular hyperlink if you notice it as a user, but the anatomy is slightly different if you look at its code. Therefore, the main motive of the addition rel=” nofollow” in this link is to indicate that Google does not index the respective link and pass over it. Basically, this nofollow code tells Google not to consider the target URL and react as if this link doesn’t exist. Thus, that link exists only for users and their help. Furthermore, some websites use this nofollow attribute when they’re not confident about the links they are mentioning but need to mention for the users.

Sometimes when a website has an excellent PageRank and DA, spammers deem it fit to leave their links on those websites. For instance, if a guest post website has good PageRank on Google, people are most likely to link their websites to that guest post website. Therefore, the guest post website will mark all the links posted by the users as nofollow so that they can’t benefit because of their website’s rank. Similarly, nofollow links are used on paid links. Therefore, if you buy a link on a website via advertisement or an advertising website, it will be a nofollow link since Google itself says so. It says that if there is an advertisement link, then google must know not to index or pass it. The whole agenda is not to benefit your organic search results from paid advertisements or links on high PageRank websites.

There are two more types of links that Google introduced to know which links to include or exclude when measuring the organic search growth. Consequently, rel = “sponsored” would signal google that the link placed there is paid or an advert. Similarly, rel= “ugc” is used for attributes like forums or when you need to mention a note within a blog. In addition to this, Google has effectively mentioned that these links will not count for organic search rankings. However, you mustn’t think that they aren’t helpful at all. Thus, leaving a link to a highly relevant and high PageRank website will help you attract traffic.

Always Follow The Webmaster Guidelines

Some types of links can get you in trouble for not following the guidelines. Since search engines like Google and Bing always keep their eyes on websites following the guidelines, you can get into trouble for choosing manipulative tactics and link building. Therefore, you must always opt for safe link building techniques that fall within the Google guidelines. By doing so, you make sure that you never have problems with them and can avoid getting your website penalized. Some suggestions for safe and risk-free link-building techniques are creating relevant and valuable content, building a genuine community, promoting relevantly, and reaching the target audience instead of spamming people.

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Furthermore, if you follow the guidelines, you will not get into trouble with the search engines and avoid penalties, which leads to losing traffic. Moreover, these tactics last long and work as an asset. In addition to this, the downside is that these link building techniques take a lot of time, and hence the results are also late. This tactic might take more time and patience, but they stay longer and don’t just disappear because of penalties. Some risky linking techniques exploit search engine algorithms and try to rank higher on the search results despite their content value. For instance, the website following techniques like paying for a link, overusing a hyperlink with a keyword, inserting hidden links in websites you don’t own. Therefore, you need to be cautious if you have been using these tactics because your ranking can drop overnight since search engines stop this technique.

Go With The Risk-Free Link Building Techniques

When you’re building your business online, you’re constantly looking for ways to promote and spread awareness about your brand. However, choosing the right way is essential as it can backfire. Every marketing scheme has its pros and cons. Therefore, you must carefully measure the risks and benefits of specific tactics before following them. Remember when we recommended white hat strategies? It’s time you take it into action. White hat strategies get you the type of promotion you really need. It stays and shows results for the long term. Therefore, provide valuable content to your customers and add value by white hat strategy and see how it brings you loyal customers and reaches your target audience.

People mostly worry about google updates because they are following the spam link building techniques. However, if you consider working for the long term, you will follow the tactics you won’t need to worry about. Thus, stay within the webmaster guidelines for better results and watch your website grow. Now, wait for our next blog of the series and get ready to learn link building techniques.


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