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SEO Strategy & Tips For New Websites

Here is the best SEO strategy you can count on. All the best tips and tricks for new websites to rank higher on Google are here.

By Himanshi Gupta

Updated on 18-01-2022

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Before knowing the best SEO strategy, you must know what is SEO, right? SEO refers to Search engine optimization, which, if appropriately followed, enables your website to rank higher in the google search results. Moreover, if you’re starting a new business, you must use an SEO strategy for your new website. Therefore, if you understand and implement SEO in your new website, it becomes easier for your website to reach higher on Google and Bing. Apart from that, your brand gets recognized and reaches your potential customers, which is your ultimate goal.

However, it’s your choice if you want to do it yourself or want outside help. I tell you what, it doesn’t dig a hole in your pocket. Therefore, you don’t have to invest a great deal to follow the Seo strategy for a new website. Moreover, you have to be patient while following the perfect SEO strategy. Although it doesn’t yield results very fast, it’s fantastic and long-lasting when it does.

Furthermore, we hope now you know what is SEO? It’s nothing but means to optimize your website to make it reach everyone who needs the service you’re offering. In addition to this, you need to follow some straightforward but tricky SEO strategy to climb that search engine optimization ladder. Consequently, we are here to give your business the best search engine optimization, aka SEO strategy. Therefore, if you follow each and every step precisely, you might be able to boost traffic on your new website and gain many new customers.

Here is the best SEO strategy to follow for your new website -


keyword analysis and reserach

Now, think like a user. Think about how you search for any information online. Therefore, you type some words related to what you want information on, and then click on the link, which looks credible and informative, right? For instance, if you want to know the best bakery shop near you, what would you type in your google search engine? Best bakeries near me, isn’t it? Therefore, “best bakeries near me” is a keyword for bakery websites. Hence, you want to implement an SEO strategy using the keywords you think one might search for to find websites like yours. Moreover, your aim is to bring your website in the top 5 results on google.

Therefore, if you do perfect keyword research, you will know what words or phrases people search for when searching for businesses like yours. Thus, your job is to find the most relevant and relatable keywords for your website. Furthermore, there are many free keyword research tools like, Moz, and what’s better than a google keyword planner, right? Hence, we suggest you use Google keyword planner. In addition to this, you can also go for paid tools like Ahref by Flikover.


optimize on page elements, seo strategy

It’s crucial that you focus on the on-page SEO elements of your website. Moreover, if you’re wondering what on-page elements are, they are the attributes that lie inside your website's dashboard that only you have access to. Furthermore, they include headers, titles, meta descriptions, slugs, tags, and the main body content. Apart from this, you must also focus on staying within the word limit and using relevant keywords. These appear on the search results when someone searches for the keywords you have used. Hence, by reading the information displayed outside on the google search results, they will decide if your website is informative and worth clicking on.



content writing for seo strategy

The content published on your website matters. Everything on your website must be rich in context, from copywriting to blogs. Moreover, the search engine algorithms trace and crawl the tone, relevancy, and context of the content on your website as well. In addition to that, you need to grab the attention of your customers and users with the quality and information in your content. Therefore, ensure that everything published on your new website has relevant and in-depth information. Apart from that, you need to implement your keywords in your content smartly. Therefore, make sure you are not doing keyword stuffing or over-optimizing the content. Thus, you must read about the keyword density to know how many times you must include your keywords according to the total words in your content. Hence, the greater the value you provide in the content, the higher your website ranks in the google search results.


tips and tricks for seo strategy

Next, you must create a website that supports and responds to every device a user might have. Moreover, we all know that most people prefer mobile over desktop now. However, in 2014, when mobile use surpassed desktop, Google announced that mobile compatibility would start affecting the Google ranks from 2015. Since then, it has become the topmost priority for all business websites to make their new websites mobile-friendly for any user. Therefore, while designing your website, you must ensure that your website responds well to mobiles.


xml sitemap for website

This one is a no-brainer. You have to develop a sitemap that helps the search engine discover your website's content. Moreover, it enables credible information to the users who might be relevant for them. However, this is a tip for new websites because sitemap will give valuable page content to the search engine that might not have been visible due to apparent minimal content. Your main agenda is to bring Google's crawler on your website to notice the content with relevancy.


internal linking seo strategy

Your website must have some pages, if not a lot? And all of them must have content related to one another for your target audience? Therefore, all you need to do is link all these pages of your website internally to one another. This will help your visitors and the search engine spiders navigate through your site. Therefore, internal linking of all the pages is a great way to boost the website’s ranking because it makes a meaningful connection to all the pages. Hence, for one page on your website, you must link it internally to another page by hyperlinking. For instance, on the “ABOUT US” page, you can leave a link to another page like a “SERVICES” page, and vice versa.


seo strategy

You don’t need to pull off an off-page SEO strategy for your website as soon as it’s live. However, off-page SEO is crucial to bringing traffic to your website. Therefore, it’s the most required activity to perform to make your website viral and reach your potential target audience. Moreover, you can start to drive traffic to your website by doing some business listing, business directory, and classified ads for your business. However, once your website is set properly and completely, you can start with main off-page strategies and activities. The off-page activities include bookmarking, article submission, image & video submission, blogging on guest posting websites, blog commenting, influencer marketing, press release, email marketing, profile creation on third-party websites, and much more. Hence, start creating backlinks for your website as much as possible in a meaningful way.


social media presence

Creating social media accounts on reputed and famous social media platforms could go a long way. Moreover, it’s a great way of meeting new customers and building trust with a personal touch. In addition to this, your social media account creates a connection to your website, leading to new traffic. Therefore, you must post relevant and valuable content on social media platforms. To regularly and consistently, giving your users an idea about your business.

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