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Redmi Smart Band Pro Review

Redmi Smart Band Pro Review - Learn all the features and the latest upgrades. Read this blog to know about the coolest fitness wristband.

By Dhruv Kapoor

Updated on 03-03-2022

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Technology gives us humans the ability to be equal irrespective of any barrier. However, the citizens of the world have two different mindsets. One is more supportive of smart and tech-savvy things. In comparison, others incline towards particular things for particular subjects. Therefore, Redmi Smart Band Pro is an incredible wearable to bring the two together. Furthermore, when it comes to smartwatches and fitness gear, Xiaomi always strives for perfection. As far as the budget goes, there are some compromises that every consumer has to make. But not anymore. The Redmi Smart Band Pro is a reliable wrist-holder. Mi Smart Band Pro came into the market alongside the Redmi Note 11 and Redmi Note 11S. The new Redmi Smart Band Pro comes with an impressive array of features. But is it a worthy investment? The company launched the Redmi Smart Band Pro as a 'SportsWatch,' and our thoughts on the device are here. Let's look at the features, prices, visuals, and functionality to decide if it's value for money or not. Also, you can look for best smartphone to buy in 2022, to pair with your Mi smart band pro.   


Launch, Price, and Availability:

cheap smartwatches After releasing the dam of smartphones, Redmi is rolling out a new smart band. This smart band is an amalgamation, balancing both the features of a smartwatch and fitness wearable. The intelligent wearable Redmi Smart Band Pro comes for 53.99 USD. Xiaomi put the smartwatch on the market on February 14, 2022. Furthermore, the improvements and development tweaking are the reasons behind the price hike. You can purchase the smartwatch directly from the website. Also, you can get your hands on the new release from Amazon. Moreover, those looking to get it from a third-party source won't find an authentic product.

Design and Display:

Redmi smart band pro Highlighting the design of the Redmi Smart Band Pro, the smartwatch has a rectangular polycarbonate body. Furthermore, it features a stunning 1.47-inch AMOLED display with 194x368 pixels resolution. Therefore, making the panel spacious enough to read a text without squinting quickly. Moreover, this latest release has an always-on mode, in addition to an ambient light sensor to automatically regulate the brightness. The operation of the Smart Band Pro is completely touch-based as the watch has no buttons. Furthermore, you will get curved TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) straps. Also, these straps are easy to detach as they have a proprietary connector. Thus you won't need any external tools to remove it. The Redmi Smart Band Pro's underside features pill-shaped health sensors. Moreover, the smart gear has contact pins for charging the Smart Band Pro. The charger has magnets, making it effortless to put this fitness band on charging. The watch weighs around 25.5g, which is significantly lighter.


best smartwatch The Redmi Smart Band Pro is comfortable to wear at all times. You will not feel any inconvenience for even a second. The user interface is easy to access and is fluid while operating or scrolling. However, if you find any hindrance, the software update will curb it. The watch has a new raise-to-wake feature, allowing you to light up the display by raising an arm. Furthermore, it goes off when you lower your wrist.  The Redmi Smart Band Pro gives real-time and precise heart rate and SpO2 tracking. Along with that, the watch shows notifications and sleep tracking metrics. Furthermore, you can alter the controls manually with the Xiaomi Wear App. While you are sleeping, the Redmi Smart Band Pro measures your heart rate at one-minute intervals. Also, study oxygen saturation every 30 minutes. By pairing the smart band with your mobile device, you can configure the bracelet settings. Hence put the band on vibrate for incoming notifications and activate resting and calorie tracking alerts. Again the Smart Band Pro is a balanced combination of tech and fitness; therefore, fitness tracking shows accurate readings. Moreover, periodic heart rate monitoring shows useful statistics but negatively influences battery life. You might be thinking that if really the readings are that precise? Well, you can check the metrics along with a medical pulse oximeter. You will know the accuracy the product offers. However, the Mi Smart Band doesn't have an in-built GPS. Therefore you have to rely on the phone for tracking distance. The band itself also requires the support of smartphone devices to show the results. The Redmi Smart Band Pro has three fitness models to track how much energy you exert while doing any physical activity. Furthermore, the band can follow your walking steps count. The smart wearable has a small battery of 200mAh, which is reasonably decent. However, the maximization of the battery depends on how you use your device. All the consumers will have different opinions relative to their smartwatch use. In addition, the intelligent wearable packs in 5ATM water resistance, which is surprisingly viable.

Final Word:

Xiaomi has always been an upfront name for robust technology with budget-friendliness. With the Redmi Smart Band Pro, the company has launched a perfect formula in value for money. The pricing and features complement each other, considering the market competition. Therefore, you can buy the product to add more charm to your style and track your overall fitness simultaneously. Furthermore, the Always-On Display feature is a leading USP, making it a better option to invest in.

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