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Netflix Might Be Getting Into Live Streams To Stop You Unsubscribing

Netflix has been planning a move into streaming live content, so that viewers can’t simply unsubscribe. You may be streaming sports soon.

By Dhruv Kapoor

Updated on 28-05-2022

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No wonder the clouds of despair are on the streaming giant Netflix, with all the incidents of losing subscribers. Furthermore, it rained a little when they had to change the subscription pricing and discontinued the production of some shows and movies. However, the streaming platform owners and the developers are determined not to quit. Hence, they are rapidly making calculative decisions to not budge against their competitors.    According to reports, Netflix has intentions to develop outside its present main business, including live streaming shows. As per the reports from Deadline, Netflix is "exploring" the possibility of live streaming its content. Further, it plans to add shows like stand-up specials and talent competitions for live streams. Thus, it would be more like television but better. Furthermore, according to Deadline, live reunions and talk shows can become a part of this. In addition, there is a chance of live sports to be featured if the live comes on the platform successfully. It would be a unique and entertaining addition as millions of people use Netflix. At present, only Apple TV Plus releases Friday Night Baseball. Also Read: 5 Netflix Tips And Secrets That Every Power Streamer Needs To Know.

Interactive Content

All of this development is still in the "early phases," so don't expect new announcements anytime soon. Furthermore, we don't claim anything about the official release with certainty here. It's just some information about the possibility of what comes next on Netflix. Taking from the sources, Netflix will start with comedy specials with some well-known comics when it has live streaming. Thus, it will include the presence of a live audience. Factually, that is something Netflix has tried before (albeit in a different style) with the film Bandersnatch. Although, Netflix has been a driving force behind the change to on-demand streaming rather than live television. However, executives at the firm understand that the more forms and alternatives it delivers to users, the better.

Netflix Must Change In Order To Survive

Netflix has recently made some changes for damage control. Thus, it appears not to have much of a problem right now. However, this largest and most well-known streaming service has some concerning indications if you research a little deeper. Furthermore, rival platforms such as Prime Video and Disney Plus are constantly gathering new subscribers. Moreover, they are offering content fresh out of the oven.  Netflix subscriber counts have decreased rather than increased for the first time in a decade. Plus, Netflix is well aware that far too many of its members share passwords. With all of this in mind, Netflix understands that it cannot afford to get complacent and requires constant positive changes. Furthermore, the entertainment sector is widening daily with new competitors emerging. Aside from potentially entering the live-streaming market and cracking down on password sharing, Netflix has been experimenting with mobile gaming and canceling a number of shows to save money. We expect the streaming behemoth to introduce a free, ad-supported tier soon. .

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