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Netflix Cancels Several Series Because Of Its Massive Loss Of Subscribers

Netflix cancels several series amid the loss of significant subscribers. Many groundbreaking and critically-acclaimed series to go off air.

By Dhruv Kapoor

Updated on 29-04-2022

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Netflix losing the subscribers is nothing new anymore. Furthermore, many other streaming service cancelations are on the rise as well. However, amid the ongoing crisis, Netflix cancels several series to air. Even after lowering the subscription price, the entertainment giant announced the discontinuation of numerous shows. Moreover, it was necessary as cost-cutting measures to get hold of the situation. In a recent statement, Netflix said that they lost 200,000-subscriber in the previous quarter. The company's CEO, Reed Hastings, now wants only to show consumers the stuff they want to see.

At present, Netflix is looking forward to saving itself from the downfall and is seeking measures to null the situation as quickly as possible. Even after Netflix cancels several series and has lowered the subscription charges, what more objective can it look towards. After months of speculation, it appears that Netflix will soon offer a new, lower-cost membership with a commercial plus policy. Furthermore, it will look into producing more original content as it has evolved over time to be its strength. It's indeed saddening that Netflix cancels several series; in addition, some series would not get renewal in 2022 after their first season.

Today we can witness the presence of anime and other animated content on Netflix, which is a great alternative to gaining more subscribers. Currently, several series airing have been canceled, including Bone, a comic book adaptation, and The Twits. Furthermore, Netflix canceled a children's tale by Roald Dahl; however, the film would go into production. Moreover, Toil and Trouble is another series that will never get between the audience's eyes. In addition to these cancellations, Netflix Animation has undergone a management shake-up.

Furthermore, directors and creators are angry by sudden cancellations and not rectifying the situation appropriately. Moreover, Netflix is accused by Elizabeth Ito, the creator of City of Ghosts, and several of her colleagues of manipulating her statistics to justify the cancellations. In defense, Reed Hastings says he wants to "do what audiences want to see" rather than "presenting one's perspective of favorite content." The amalgamation of every category is making progress, and many individuals are enjoying the content they want. However, several creators have already expressed their disappointment with the time of the promotion window. In addition, they are concerned that limited time will not gather genuine public anticipation.

What are your views on this whole Netflix cancels several series situations. Do share your inputs on your favorite streaming platform in the comments.



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