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iCloud Confusion: I Found How To Delete iPhone Photos But Not Lose Them Forever

What is the iCloud confusion? Will your photos be permanently delated? Learn more about the iCloud and iPhone photo storage.

By Dhruv Kapoor

Updated on 07-05-2022

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If you think you know the a-z of iOS and Apple products, then think again. iPhones, more specifically iCloud is something which you get uncertain about while you explore it more. Furthermore, many have coined it as the iCloud confusion. As people often feel puzzled while checking the data saved on the phone and in iCloud. However, we have severed the link of this iCloud confusion with iPhone to know the technicalities. Although, we are not so sure about our findings. Also read, this simple iPhone tip fixes your selfies immediately — try it now. 

Generally, people fear losing their data; furthermore, many try not to erase or delete things from their iPhones. Moreover, iPhones don't have such infinite storage that they can store everything you want. You do eventually run out of storage space. In addition, the majority of the people are on their phones recording vlogs, TikTok, reels, or random funny things. Thus taking up a ton of storage on the device. However, people lose and wipe off things from their devices and iCloud to keep data of utmost importance.

We conducted an activity to know the relative theory behind iCloud confusion and iPhone data storage. If you delete several images by accident, but your iCloud sharing was on, the photos will stay in the Deleted folder for 40 days. Furthermore, you can quickly restore them when required. However, if the iCloud syncing is not on, then your photos are gone after the span of 40 days. Moreover, it's nearly impossible to recover those photos with some special memories in them. In addition, you won't be able to recover those images even with the best recovery tools and software. This tells that if you have the iCloud syncing on and anything worse happens, you would still be able to have your images.

So the iCloud confusion is that it is unpredictable or less intuitive to gather the images from your phone. Compared to "Google Photos," iCloud lags the promised functionality even after paying for it. Therefore, it is a concern for many Apple users: why can't they just have secure storage even after paying for it. Furthermore, it is a lengthy process when you have to store the data externally. It is a pet peeve for many to go into Photos, choose the files you want to export, decide where you want them to be exported, and then wait for it to finish. On the other hand, it is incredibly effortless to export files to external sources from Android devices.

What are your views on this whole scenario, do share them with us in the comments—shoutout to all the Apple users who face such problems daily.

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