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How To Set Up Your Wifi Router

If you are also seeking for a complete understandable guidance on how to set up your WiFi router then you must read this.

By Tanya Verma

Updated on 30-06-2022

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In today's time, setting up your wifi router has become simple and easy. Furthermore, the steps given below will make the whole procedure more straightforward. Though, you'll not only feel assured that your home network is as secure as it can be, you'll get some networking information that user manuals often gloss over. Therefore, set up your wifi router with the complete guidance given below. Moreover, your router is likely to come with a companion app these days, allowing you to perform your initial setup and future customizing on your smartphone or tablet. Also, some companies have abandoned browser-based user interfaces entirely. Thus, it's best to have both options available so you can select. 

1. Set Up Your Wifi Router By Placing It.

set up your wifi router The ideal location for your wireless router is in an open area in the center of your home. In addition, this will offer the most consistent coverage. It's also impossible for most individuals to do since you need to connect your router to your internet service provider's broadband gateway (ISP). Then, that device is always kept on a perimeter wall. 

2. Configure Your Wireless Router Gateway.

set up your wifi router Most ISPs offer their customers with modem gateways that have routers built-in. Unfortunately, these integrated routers are usually of much lower quality than stand-alone routers. They are unlikely to let you build out mesh networks with various wireless access points (or APs) that enable you to cover your home with wifi. To set up your wifi router, this is one of the important steps. 

3. To Set Up Your WiFi Router, Connect Your Gateway To Your New Router.

Turn off your gateway ( unplug the power supply if there isn't an on/off switch). Additionally, if you have an ethernet cable, plug into the LAN port of your gateway, open it, and plug it into the WAN port of your router (once again, some routers have WAN and LAN ports; others have auto-sensing ports). An ethernet cable must have come with your router if there is no ethernet cable plugged into the gateway's LAN port. It's what you'll utilize to connect the gateway to your router. Here, restart your gateway, and to boot up, give it a minute or two. After that, turn on your router's power supply by plugging it in. Wait a minute or two for it to start up.

4. Change Your Wireless Router's Admin Password.

set up your wifi router For configuring their routers, many router manufacturers offer smartphone apps. Suppose your new router has one use it (in some cases, that may be the only way you can configure the router). Furthermore, using an ethernet connection, connect your PC to the router if there is no application or if you prefer to utilize the router's browser-based user interface. Moreover, in the address window of your web browser, type the router's IP address and press Enter. The router's IP address may be printed on the device; it will appear something like or something similar. Hence, it is one of the necessary steps to set up your wifi router. 

5. Update The Router's Firmware.

After shipping a router, the manufacturer mostly releases fresh firmware. Always ensure you have the most recent firmware because it may contain critical bug fixes and security and performance improvements. Additionally, many routers will check for new firmware, but few of them do this automatically. You typically need to at least click a button on the router's configuration app. Then, take a look at your router's documentation for details. In addition, you'll need to reboot the router after a firmware update. Thus, this is the vital step to set up your wifi router. 

6. Establish A Password For Your Wifi Network.

set up your wifi router With a pre-assigned wifi password, some routers come from the factory password (they may even keep it on the router on a label itself). Furthermore, when you first set up the router, many others will at least prompt you to create one. Then, ensure the router is set to use at least WPA2 encryption (second generation wifi Protected Access). WEP (Wired Equivalent Password), which is much older, is completely insecure and should not be used. Although no modern vintage routers utilize it by default, most still do if you have legacy devices that only support WEP. Moreover, if you're still using wireless devices which come in that department, you must remove them because they're leaving your whole network vulnerable to the most casual hacker.

7. Enjoy Your Wifi Network.

set up your wifi router If everything goes as per the plan, you must be able to log onto your new wifi network using the wifi password you just formed. If there's a guest network in your router, take complete benefit of it. Therefore, these usually allow your guests to access the internet while walking them off from the network and the storage devices and computers connected to it.           Follow What’s New Dawg for the latest, Computing, How toTech Guide and more, also keep up with us on FacebookTwitter & Instagram.

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