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Hostinger Vs Godaddy Which Is Better

If you are looking for the web hosting platform. So here is the all the difference between Hostinger Vs Godaddy.

By Tanya Verma

Updated on 09-03-2022

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The hosting plan that the website will use can be a resolving element in its success. Although, when choosing out the top web hosting provider for your wants, you should consider various factors. Further, that includes the price, speed, security, performance, ease of use, and support. In addition, other benefits include a free SSL certificate, free domain, or free email.  Additionally, after comparing the hosting plans, features and types offer by Godaddy and Hostinger.

Hostinger Vs Godaddy features

Although, based on the type of website you plan on making, Hostinger and GoDaddy both have their own little bonuses to consider. Equally important, several features are based on the type of hosting you sign up for. Hostinger and Godaddy both sell shared cloud, VPS, and other different types of hosting.  However, even in the lowest hosting package, Hostinger holds some of the features together in its three shared hosting plans. Also, it is one of the best hosting providers.  

Below are a few features from the Hostinger shared hosting:

  • Backups for some plans
  • SSH access for a few plans
  • Free domains for a few plans
  • FTP accounts
  • Subdomains
  • MySQL databases
  • An access manager
  • DNS management options
  • Nameservers protect by Cloudflare
  • GitHub integration
  • WordPress acceleration
  • A free SSL certificate for all plans
  • LiteSpeed server/caching
  • Email accounts
  • Unlimited Websites

Godaddy Features

Godaddy Features Furthermore, Godaddy lacks some of the features that you will find with Hostinger. Moreover, it makes up for it with rather unique free integrations and offerings.

Some feature highlights include:

  • Free SSL certificate for a few plans. That, includes limitless SSL certificates for the highest plan. 
  • Many apps to integrate with, which include a WordPress installer. 
  • Several databases. 
  • With all plans, free domain
  • Free year of 365 mails. 
  • For all plans, immeasurable bandwidth
  • For many plans, limitless storage
  • Limitless websites for many plans
In addition, Hostinger did a good job with the necessitous. As, like SSL certificates for all plans, backups for a few, and built-in coaching.  Though, like free Office 365 email, Godaddy provides unique elements. Additionally, it lasts for a year only.  Who is the winner in Hostinger Vs Godaddy performance tests?  Alternatively, for performance, Hosting is most essential than any plugin, theme, or caching tool. For this reason, it's important to figure out whether or not your hosting plan is giving you the needed performance.

Speed of the Page

Hostinger vs Godaddy However, here we have also done a page speed test with Pingdom to access load times. In particular, with WordPress installation on Godaddy and Hostinger both. Therefore, to create an even playing ground, we upload theme unit test data.  We have conduct the test in the US, London, and Sydney. To see who is better in Hostinger Vs Godaddy.   Although, in London and Sydney, the Godaddy load times were fast. Even though, in the New York test Hostinger won it. In this case, the good news is that all of the times are fast and fairly close to each other. As, we will give the edge to Godaddy as it was more rapid in two out of three tests.  On the other hand, for smaller websites, it is a good indicator of load times. Similarly, it's essential to remember the type of hosting, optimization tools, your site content highly affect page load times.

Do Hostinger Vs Godaddy offer better customer service?

As, many big companies tell you that you will be getting 24/7 support. Then, hosting customer support is a mixture of a whole. In the meantime, this can mean that 24/7 email support and an automated and outsourced online.  Also, we are interested in what the customer support actually seems like from each brand and if the online resources are supportive as well.

Hostinger Customer Support

Hostinger Customer Support Furthermore, via live chat or email, Hostinger gives 24/7 customer support. Particularly, Hostinger does not currently give any phone support. Moreover, Hostinger has a database fill with tutorials for online sources. Thus, along with knowledgebase and blog.

Godaddy customer support

Hostinger vs Godaddy However, as it has 24/7 support and a phone line for customers to call. As a matter of fact, Godaddy has the advantage over Hostinger in the customer support game. As well as, you can opt for an online chat box you can also send an email. Therefore, online sources include a detailed help section, a community forum, tutorials, and a blog.

Hostinger Vs Godaddy price comparison?

Though, keep in mind that several hosting companies give introductory promotional rates. Also, we will cover promotional and actual pricing both. In addition, for up to three years, you can frequently lock in the promotional prices. After, that you have to pay the regular price.

Hostinger pricing

Hostinger pricing
  • Single shared hosting- However, from $1.99/mo. promo or $9.49/mo. Thus, regular for one website, one email, 100GB of bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, and more.   
  • Premium shared hosting- Further, from $2.59/mo. promo or $10.29/mo. Hence, regular for unlimited websites, unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, WordPress acceleration, and a free SSL certificate and domain. 
  • Business shared hosting- As, from $4.99/mo. promo or $16.59 per month for all in the previous plan plus daily backups and more allocated resources.

Godaddy pricing

  • Basic- Furthermore, from $2.99/mo. promo or $9.99/mo. regular for one website, 100GB of storage, endless bandwidth, and a free email and domain.
  • Deluxe- Additionally, from $9.99/mo. promo or $14.99/mo. Regular for limitless websites, storage, and bandwidth, along with a free email and domain.
  • Ultimate- Thus, from $12.99/mo. promo or $19.99/mo. Regular or all in the previous plan plus more processing power, a premium DNS, and a free SSL certificate.
  • Ecommerce- Moreover, from $15.99/mo. promo or $24.99/mo. Regular for all in the previous plan, plus improved speeds and unlimited SSL certificates for all the sites.
Compared to, giving a more comprehensive array of options to customers. Hence, GoDaddy has an advantage with more pricing plans than Hostinger. As a result, It’s also a bit cheaper with its lowest plan.

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