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Google Recruiters Say Using the X-Y-Z Formula on Your Resume Will Improve Your Odds of Getting Hired at Google

How to Find the Perfect Job for You: The Google Recruiters say the X-Y-Z Formula on a resume will increase your chances of getting hired.

By Dhruv Kapoor

Updated on 02-06-2022

Getting a job at Google is a dream for millions of people. Furthermore, nearly two million apply for a standard job at Google each year. Factually, that is a more significant number of applications than people applying for other companies. Well, who would want to be a part of Google, the biggest search engine globally? The completion and the eligibility criteria are surreal for many people to meet. Moreover, sending your resume for work at Google must take some excellent skills, education, and attributes. However, what format should one follow to ace the initial rounds of interviews at Google?

The Goggle recruiters themselves have now answered that question. And they are prescribing that using the x-y-z formula on your resume would help. Furthermore, this format will increase your chances of getting a job at Google. Now don't rush to the search engine to look at how to use the x-y-z formula on your resume. The platform has suggested some more tips that require equal attention. Following are the said things by the recruiters at Google, so take a good look and then redo your resume with clarity.

1. Formatting

It would be once in a blue moon that Google will attend to your cover letters. Furthermore, applicants use unnecessary information to showcase their false charm. Therefore, the most important tip to remember regarding format is to keep things basic. Moreover, make sure your resume is easy to read and must contain:

  • First is a pdf version of your resume, which you must do. Never share your professional profile in document form. 
  • Skip the goal because they know that it is only about getting a job there.
  • Keep the typeface and size clean, straightforward, and consistent by using black text.
  • Double-check for errors because you don't want your potential employer to get upset with silly mistakes. 
  • Avoid lengthy descriptions and use bullet points. Think logically, as someone going through your profile, who is reviewing thousands of applications as well, doesn't want to be bored.
  • Make sure to include your contact information. Yes, it may seem self-evident, but make your name and email address visible. Include your Github link if you're applying for technical roles.

2. Customization

Changes are a part of life and time. You learn new things, feel new experiences, and explore new avenues both personally and professionally. Now you can keep your personal ones collectively to yourself. However, categorizing the professional ones is necessary. Thus, if you apply for a new position or a new job, add the relative experience you have of the applied job. Furthermore, try to curate a new resume separately for every job. In addition, go through the job description and add things to look like you are suitable for the job.

Google recruiters recommend keeping it to a single page. Although if you're applying for a technical or engineering post, you can legitimately have many relevant projects to list, which may need you to go to a second page. One page is the rule for practically any other type of position. Additionally, try to find a way to compose shorter bullet points on your resume and write the most in minimum words.

3. Use the X-Y-Z formula on your resume

Using the x-y-z formula on your resume is the primary concern of this writing. Furthermore, the advice of Laszlo Bock, a former Google senior vice president of personnel operations, boils down to this. It would be best if you stick to the bullet-point approach as outlined earlier and describe your experience in this manner. Moreover, Google defines it as "Accomplished [X] as measured by [Y], by doing [Z]."

This means you should concentrate on your achievements — measurable results and the influence you had as a result. The following examples explain this theory the best. They are simple examples from Google recruiters from YouTube videos. Consider a candidate who wishes to emphasize that they are members of a respected organization. According to Google, this is the acceptable or OK, better, and best way to describe this on a resume:

  • "Member of Tomorrow Society Leadership" is acceptable or OK.
  • Better: "One of 240 high-achieving diversified talents selected for this 12-month professional development program."
  • "Selected as one of 240 participants nationwide for this 12-month professional development program for high-achieving diversified talent based on leadership potential and academic accomplishment," says the best.

Stating your achievements, with standing out measurement and how you did it concisely, will leave an impression. Therefore, use the formula in every resume you make and place your accomplishments in every relative field you have.

4. Advanced Formatting

There are some slightly more advanced formatting factors to consider in addition to the basic formatting. Standard formatting goes to confining the resume to one page and adding bullet points. However, you should make sure that everything is organized in the same way recruiters and reviewers see it. 

  • If you're a recent graduate or a student, education comes before experience.
  • If you've been in the professional sphere for more than a job or two, experience comes before education (in reverse chronological order).

Google requires school, degree, major, GPA, and month and year of graduation for recent graduates. However, the farther you are from college, the less college and university information you should provide. Beyond that, concentrate on the most critical aspects of the job. Furthermore, exclude prior positions and accomplishments, especially if they aren't relevant. Suppose your job history is too long to fit on one page. In that case, you can include a short, supplemental section describing other, less relevant experiences without going into great detail.

5. For Technical Applicants

There are a few bits of advice if you're applying for technical or engineering positions. Include your Github link or similar at the top of the page and your contact information. They also want to have your programming languages clearly displayed. Therefore, include the programming languages you used for each project in your list. Even if you aren't planning on applying for a job with Google or any other company, you must know some details to get a job based on a spectacular resume. Also, you can check our complete guide on how to make a resume if you're on a job hunt. 

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