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Google Can Now Remove Your Phone Number, Address From Search Results

Google has announced that from now on, users will no longer see their personal phone number, or address, listed in search results.

By Dhruv Kapoor

Updated on 16-05-2022

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Storing personal information on Google kills many hassles like remembering it every time, minimum time consumption, etc. However, some people do fear letting Google know their personal contact details. Furthermore, the velocity of cyber-attacks and identity theft is not stopping anytime. Hence, reserving important information on Google can be a risky affair. Therefore, Google allows users to remove their personal contact information from its search results.

The new policy of Google would help people erase phone numbers, physical locations, and email addresses. According to the Alphabet-owned search giant, the update will safeguard users from "unwanted direct contact or even bodily injury." Also, Google will kill call recording apps from Android for more safety concerns. 

Google recently stated that it had previously permitted people to request the removal of certain types of information. In addition, Google added that the new policy is part of a more considerable effort to help users protect their data. Furthermore, before releasing the new policy, people can ask to remove more certain information, such as bank account or credit card details.

Again, the adjustment comes at brilliant timings as internet fraud is on the rise. According to the Federal Trade Commission, customers lost $5.8 billion to scammers last year, up 70% from the prior year. Online scams, such as romance swindles and telephone solicitations, and identity theft, account for a large portion of the fraud.

How will Google remove the personal information from Search Results?

As mentioned in its blog post, Google will check all the information as per the availability of removal requests not to hamper any other related information. Furthermore, the company will evaluate the contents if they belong to any government organization or other official sources. In such cases, the company will not proceed with the removal request to not hamper official processes.

How can I have my phone number and other personal information removed from Google?

Many of you would have the same question and are intrigued to know the answer. To get started, go to this Google page. The page will prompt you to enter the URL addresses of the websites that contain the information you wish to have deleted from Google's search results. In addition, one can submit up to 1,000 URLs, according to Google.

Will Google approve all requests?

No. Google stated that it would review all requests to ensure that it is not restricting widely helpful content, such as news items. It will also look to see if the information is part of the public record, such as government documents. In that instance, Google will not remove or erase any material from search results.

Will my personal information vanish from the internet if Google deletes it?

No. Google warns that just because something gets removed from a search result does not imply it is no longer available on the internet. You should also contact any hosting site where your information exists and request that it be removed to guarantee that all material is cleaned.

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