These Exercises Will Save Your Back From Long Hours Of Sitting

Spending your day by sitting for hours can make you feel tired, stiff, or painful throughout. As we spend many hours sitting on laptops or desktops, which can be exhausting. According to Dr. Erin Policelli, sitting for long hours can tighten your hip flexors and lower back pain. In fact, he says, “The hip flexors attach to the forward part of the lumbar spine, pelvis, and femur, so their compress results in a constant strain on your back.”

Besides, it will also affect your genital, rib cage, and diaphragm and will weaken the glute muscles. Additionally, he also said, “An important function of the glutes is to give stability for the abdomen and low back so when they aren’t functioning it creates further back strain as well as increased workload of the hamstrings as they try to help.” “Prolonged sitting generates a situation of myofascial tightness, joint malalignment, muscle weakness and overall instability culminating in pain and dysfunction.”


How Sitting For A Long Time Can Affect Your Posture.

Save Your Back From Long Hours Of Sitting

In the first place, the upper body issues are one of the biggest complaints from people who sit at desks much. And, many people take tension in the upper body, neck, and shoulders when they spend a lot of time typing or hooked to a computer screen or phone. On the other hand, there are some suggestions that you can keep in mind while sitting that will help to save your back from long hours of sitting.


Tips To Save Your Back From Long Hours Of Sitting

Tips To Save Your Back From Long Hours Of Sitting
  • First, try sitting alternatively with a standing desk or use an appropriate chair like a yoga ball. 
  • Then keep your elbows in towards your ribs at a 90- degree angle and relax your shoulders while typing. 
  • While sitting, keep your spine or backbone straight and maintain the length at the back of the neck.
  • Evan Breed suggests keeping your feet flat on the floor and hip-width apart when you sit and avoiding crossing the knees or ankles for better alignment.

Exercises To Keep The Position Correct While Sitting

However, you should know that you should move a lot if you sit the whole day. Further, one way you can make sure that this happens is by taking daily breaks. You should set a timer on your phone to alert you to get up at least one time every hour. Or, you can set the timer on your phone to give you an alert then you will stand up once in an hour. Therefore, Evan Breed suggests taking a 10 minutes break to get up and move after every one hour you spend sitting. To save your back from sitting for a long time.

Alternatively, your glute muscles tend to sleep when you are sitting on the chair the whole day. As well, Erin Policelli says one of the good things you can do is focus on strengthening them while working out. You do not need to hit the gym for these exercises. Of course, she suggests doing glute squeezes in your place to activate the muscles. 

In the same way, Erin Pollicelli says, “while this will not contribute to much strengthening, it will help to boost up your awareness of these muscles, which can go a long way to make sure that the neuro pathways among these muscles and your brain stay well connected.” Again, these neural connections are important to ensure we use our muscles correctly during exercise and regular function.”

  • Chest opener

In this first, sit tall with feet on floor hip-width apart, hands interweave behind head and elbows wide. Then, lift through the spine and look up to the ceiling, taking the weight of the head and elbows wide. In the end, come back, close the elbows, then softly round the upper spine to stretch the back of the neck. Also, repeat it five times. Thus, this exercise will save your back from long hours of sitting.  

  • Downward Dog

This exercise does press into your hands and feet, hands shoulder-width, feet hips-width. A yoga teacher at Y7 studio, Molly says. Bend your knees and lift your hips. Stretch your tailbone up and release the crown of your head downwards. Similarly, this will let your spine lengthen and your vertebrae to decompress after sitting the whole day. Hence, you can do this exercise to save your back from long hours of sitting.

  • Ragdoll fold

In this, stand straight, then bend your knees and hinge forward at your hips. Then, move your weight into the balls of your feet and drop your head heavy to release the muscles that hold up the neck and lower back. As Rice says, It is an amazing way to have fresh blood in the brain and remove contraction and dullness from sitting. Thus, it is a good exercise to save your back from long hours of sitting. 

  • Half- kneel stretch 

First, begin in a half- kneel until your abdomen and inhale. After that, move your body weight forward as you exhale. Although, I tell the patients to imagine an X on the front of the hip of the back leg. Just imagine pushing that X forward while not letting your rear arch, Policelli says. Hence, you can do it to save your back from long hours of sitting.

  • Spinal twists 

Sitting tall with feet on floor hip-width apart, lift through the spine and rotate, keeping your core tight, Reed says. Also, you can use chair arms to softly help the twist. After that, hold for five seconds and repeat on the other side. Do repeat it five times. Thus, it will help to save your back from the long distance of sitting.


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