Prime Party: What it is and how to use it?

A subscription to Prime comes with a fabulous catalog of movies and shows. Prime competes with Netflix to assert its dominance in the entertainment industry. Moreover, with the quarantine lethargy, you would like to shift your taste towards new genres and movies and shows. Therefore, Prime is best for “horses for courses.” With the sheer number of videos and big-budget cinema, Prime has some hidden gems that you might be missing. It consists of A1 movies like The Prestige, Annabelle Creation, Beautiful Boy, Chemical Hearts, Shutter Island, Gone Girl, Her, Wonder Woman, and whatnot. Therefore, watch your favorite videos at a Prime Watch Party with your pals together wherever you want.

Luckily for you, we have brought a way through which you can enjoy watching your favorite videos in sync with your loved ones. Yes, you’ve heard it right! Through Prime Watch Party, you can now watch your chosen videos with your friends anywhere and anytime you want. Hence, get your seatbelts ready, and let’s dive further into knowing what the Prime Watch Party is.


A Prime Watch party is an extension that you can download from your Google browsers. Furthermore, it is compatible with macOS, Laptops, Windows, Chromebooks, and Pcs. Through Prime Watch Party, you can stream any videos of your choice anywhere you want in sync with your dear ones. Also, the best part is that it is free of cost and it is accessible to everyone. Prime Watch Party Extension also comes with more enticing features which will have a gripping effect on you. The installation of the Prime Watch Party is an easy task. Now, LIVE CHAT or send emoticons to your friends using this extension. Therefore, it works as an anchor between your distant friends and family. Now, let’s talk about the spectacular features the Prime Watch Party comes with.


prime party

The Prime watch party is as exclusive as Prime itself. It comes with various gripping features, which might allure you. Therefore, you can connect, chat and watch videos with your friends anywhere and anytime you want.


The watch party gives you an A-class cinema experience on a budget through HD streaming. Thus, you can stream thousands of movies and shows in HD quality without any lagging.


Now, search, stream and sync your favorite videos on Prime using Prime Party. Therefore, enjoy new movies and shows with your distant buddies at the Prime Watch Party.


The best part of using the watch party is that you can LIVE CHAT with your pals anytime you want. Besides, you can send emoticons/emojis to your close ones and connect with them.


As a Watch Party host, you can control your Prime Watch Party. The Watch Party enables you to have a unique feature that keeps your virtual party and its members secure. The “ONLY I HAVE CONTROL” feature will allow the host to control the party altogether. The host can pause and play the video anytime and have access to add or remove the members accordingly.


One of the best features is to personalize your user accounts accordingly. With inbuilt ‘avatars,’ you can change your user icon to a fun avatar. Moreover, you can also put cool nicknames on your usernames. Also, the user icon and nickname will show to other members in the virtual watch party.

Hence, these are all the enticing and quirky features of the Watch Party. And now, let’s see how to install this extension below.


The installation of the Prime Party is an easy-peasy task. Furthermore, you can install this extension for free with a few clicks. It is hassle-free and cost-friendly. Hence, what you have to do is go through these steps diligently. Therefore, start with your installation process with no further ado.

  • Go to the official Chrome Web Store to download the Prime Watch Party extension from there.
  • Also, note that the extension supports only Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browser. Therefore, you need to have either of these to install the extension. 
  • Afterward, click on the blue button, i.e., ‘ADD TO CHROME.’
  • Then, click on the ‘ADD EXTENSION’ button when it appears. The Prime Party extension will automatically start downloading.
  • After that, you have to pin the ‘extension’ icon to your toolbars. Also, note that it is only compatible with macOS, Laptops, Windows, Chromebooks, and Pcs.

Hence, you are now done with the procedure of installing the Watch Party extension to your devices. Therefore, let’s curb the distance between you and your loved ones and start streaming videos on Prime with a sleek flick. In addition, you can also opt for Roku Streaming Stick to enjoy Prime videos at your home. Also, go through the concept and details of the Prime Party below.


What is essential to host or join the Prime Party requires a separate account to host and join the watch party. Also, ensure that no two people are streaming Prime videos on the same account. This means you have to hold a separate account to host or join the party. The best part is that you can invite an unlimited number of people to your virtual party. Also, you can’t use mobile phones or iPad but only laptops or PCs to use the extension. Henceforth, this is all you need to know about the prerequisite. Let’s go further through how to use the extension in the next section.


To use the Prime Party, make sure that you and your friends have installed the extension beforehand. Therefore, using the extension is an effortless task when you’ve fulfilled all the procedures above. Use this pocket-friendly extension and have a blast with your close ones streaming your favorite videos on Prime. Hence, without any hindrances, let’s start with its procedure.

  • First, you have to download and pin the Watch Party extension to your toolbar.
  • Furthermore, go to Prime’s official website and log into your account. Make sure all members have a separate account to use this extension. 
  • You have to search, play, and pause the video on your Prime account. 
  • Next, you must click on the extension icon from the toolbar that you pinned earlier. After that, a small pop-up “CREATE A WATCH PARTY” will emerge. Also, it will entail a button “START A PARTY,” which you have to click and generate an invitation link(URL) to start your virtual party.
  • Lastly, share the URL of the Watch Party with your friends or family and enjoy your movie day or night with them.

Thus, these are a few simple steps to use the Watch Party and watch videos with your loved one together. Now, let’s check out how to join this virtual party in the next section, fellas.


Joining the Watch Party is as easy as pie. Note that to have a subscription to the Prime Watch. Furthermore, follow all the installing and pinning the extension to the toolbar. Hence, following all the protocols, the extension would run seamlessly. Similarly, tap on the URL, aka the invitation link sent by the host to you. After clicking on that URL, it will automatically direct you to the virtual watch party among different members.


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